點固焊 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diǎnhàn]
點固焊 英文
tack weld
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (液體的小滴) drop (of liquid) 2 (細小的痕跡) spot; dot; speck 3 (漢字的筆畫「、」)...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(結實; 牢固; 堅硬) firm; hard; solid Ⅱ副詞1 (堅決地; 堅定地) firmly; resolutely 2 [書...
  • : 動詞(用熔化的金屬修補金屬器物或使金屬工件連接起來) weld; solder
  1. Stationary spot welding machines and projection welding machines

  2. Stationary type single phase ac spot welding machines

  3. Resistance spot welding. electrode holders. part 1 : tapper fixing 1 : 10

    電阻.電極夾頭.第1部分:定錐度為1 : 10
  4. Bpec handrail, a new type compositive handrailing which hollow ball, metal stucture, its stanchion is set up with several metal hollow balls and pipc through welding, the composition at worksite is very simple and easy without any welding, economic & fine outlook, stable, convenient for installing and separaing

  5. 1. strong, lightwight : bdi gratings consist of a latticework of bearing bars and cross bars joined to each other in a fixed configuration by projection welding

  6. However, the disadvantage of laser welding is the so - called post - weld - shift ( pws ). the end result is a reduction in light coupling efficiency. the shrinkage force generated by the solidification process is so great that no known mechanical structure can counteract the shrinkage from shifting the joint ? at least at the micron level

    這種封裝技術最大的缺是會使激光二極體的封裝產生後偏移( pws ) ,很少有一種機械的方法可以校正這種後偏移到亞微米級別,目前激光錘被證明是一種很有效的校正方法,激光錘校正作用過程就是利用金屬熔化凝冷卻產生的內應力來恢復後偏移的過程。
  7. Wrkd - jz type thermocouple on the wall of boiler takes 4 sheathed thermocouple as measuring element. the thermal junction is fastened in stainless steel gathering heat clump with different curved surface of bearing treble points welded or m8 screw fixed to measure surface temperature of the wall of boiler, furnace and other equipments. wrkd - hg surface sandwich thermocoupleon the wall of boiler is specialized in measuring surface temperature of round column

    Wrkd - jz型鍋爐爐壁熱電偶採用4的鎧裝熱電偶做測溫元件,熱接在帶有不同曲面的不銹鋼,集熱塊上採用三接或m8螺釘定,用於鍋爐管壁,爐壁及其它設備的表面溫度。
  8. But there are some technical difficults for the welding of aluminium alloy such as some broken bits being easily found, a large welding distortion can happen easily, hard to distinguish the difference between the solid metal and liquid metal colour, hard to control the temperature, a lot of air holes can be seen in the welding line and so on

  9. Feature : wide suitability, firm welding spot, easy operation, stable function, safety & stability and so on

  10. Friction stir welding ( fsw ) is a solid - phase welding operated under the melting point of workpiece materials ; it ' s a technology which uses an anti - friction tool to join the sheet or shaped materials in rotary circs, and can be used in the welding of aluminum, magnesium and copper and has good welding quality

    摘要摩擦攪拌( fsw )是在低於工件材料熔情況下操作的接,是在旋轉情況下通過一種耐磨工具將板材或型材材料連接的工藝,可用於鋁、鎂、銅等的接,接質量優良。
  11. This article describes a way of special ultrasonic system which monitors thermal stress in seamless welded rails. this monitoring system is a non destructive testing system, which adopts avr mcu and high - precise time chip processing as the core of it, and adopts the critically refracted longitudinal wave as the object of measuring. my studying focuses on the theory of the monitoring system, which will be listed in this arctile : according to the snell theory, the theory of motivating of critically refracted longitudinal wave is described in details, and the finite element software is used to emulate the propagating course. the formulas of calculating the pts of swr are taken from the acoustoelasticity theory, and the calculating the parameters is introduced. according to assemble materials, three kinds of ways of monitoring the pts of swr using critically refracted longitudinal wave are described, which are measuring the sound - time in changeless distance, ultrasonic critical - angle refractomery and frequency spectrum, the first way of ways is used in this experiment system. the factors, which effect the monitoring system, are assaid in some degree based

  12. Fixing the flange into the duct by various methods, spot welding or riveting. spacing for fastening to be as dw144 table 5

    可用或鍋釘等方法將法蘭架定風喉尾端,而定距離須按dw144 table 5標準。
  13. Different assembly ? welding sequence may result different risidual deformation, we usually take fixup by spot welding first, then take welding symmetrically

  14. Peculiarity : big box - style support, high stability, lower noise, e - machine in one, straighten & send wire automatically, used for welded wire mesh of big wedth & wire dia

  15. Peculiarity : big box - style support, high stability, lower noise e - machine in one, straighten & send wire automatically. used for welded wire mesh of big width & wire dia

  16. Peculiarity : box - style support 、 lower noise 、 e - machine in one 、 straighten & send wire automatically 、 used for welded wire mesh1 / 2 " - 4 "

    用途:採用包裝機架,整體穩定牢,噪音小,機電合一,自動調直送緯。適用於生產1 / 2 " 4 "網目電網。
  17. Peculiarity : box - style support, high stability, lower noise, e - machine in one, straighten & send wire automatically, used for welded wire mesh 1 / 2 " - 4 "

    用途:採用包箱機架,整體穩定牢,噪音小,機電合一,自動調直送緯。適用於生產1 / 2 " - 4 "網目電網。
  18. Resistance spot welding. electrode holders. part 2 : morse taper fixing

  19. Exploring and developing with unremitting efforts for more than a decade, the company has grown strong. it is equipped with 3 large, medium and small punch - pressing production lines made up of 20 20 40t - 2000t pressing machines, 110 fixed spot welders suspended welders, 3 welding - installation production lines made up of 20 co

    經過近十年不懈的努力,公司已擁有40t - 2000t壓力機20臺設備組成的大中小沖壓生產線3條,機及懸掛式機110臺co
  20. The wrapped steel concrete structures have the merits of steel and concrete, and the wrapped angle steels have restrictive action on the core concrete, which make the structures and members have good seismic behavior. this kide of structure has been widely studied and used in the industrial workshops especially in the main buildings of power plants, because it has the simple form, the convenient connection and flexible application, and also because it has the advantages of saving forms, self - suspended forms during the period of construction, and welding the pipelines outside to fix them during the period of service