polyurethane polymer 中文意思是什麼

polyurethane polymer 解釋
  • polyurethane : n. 【化學】聚氨基甲酸脂;聚氨酯(類)。
  • polymer : n. 【化學】聚合體,聚合物,多聚物。 high molecular polymers 高聚物,高分子聚合物。adj. -ic
  1. The standing body of china national adhesives industry association is secretariat, under which there are technology department, information department and the office, as well as six committees of pressure sensitive adhesive ( tape ), polymer emulsion adhesives, rubber adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, hot melt adhesives and engineering adhesives

    中國膠粘劑工業協會的常設機構是秘書處,秘書處下設技術部、信息部和辦公室,並設有壓敏膠粘劑(帶) 、聚合物乳液膠粘劑、橡膠型膠粘劑、聚氨酯膠粘劑、熱熔膠粘劑和工程膠粘劑等六個專業委員會。
  2. Polyurethane ( pu ) pouring sealant was synthesized with polymer h and modified isocyanate k as basic materials

  3. Industrial progresses of heavy - duty coating in this ten years were reviewed in this paper, including fluorocarbon polymer coating, polyurethane coating, epoxy resin coating, chlorinated rubber paint, zinc - riched coating and their modified method and / or application

  4. As an important component in laminated composites, the foamed polymer material ( polyurethane foam, puf ) is also studied in this paper. the viscoelastic property ' s influence on absorption property is studied by fem, and the relationship between the macroscopical physical properties and the absorption property is researched by experiment

    另外對作為層合復合降噪材料重要組份之一的高聚物發泡材料( puf )的吸聲性能進行了探討,通過有限元方法模擬其粘彈性能對吸聲性能的影響,並實驗研究了其宏觀物理表徵與吸聲性能的關系。
  5. Key words : xinfapu, manufactory, polyurethane, elastomer, sieve plate, vibrating screen, pu web, roller xinfa polyurethane co., ltd xinfapu is a professional enterprises engaging in researching, developing, and production of series of high - tech polymer products

    鑫發聚氨酯彈性篩板,又名礦用聚氨酯振動篩板網,開發於1989年, 92年獲得國家專利zl92 2 18879 . 3 ,中國商品交易會金獎。
  6. The development of a two - component elastic polyurethane sealing material for the anti - seepage of channel is described herein, and then the performed polymer structure, the molar ratio of iaocyanate to hydroxide radical and the effects from the components of the compounded curing agent on the performance of the material are discussed as well

  7. Research on application of polymer polyols in microcellular polyurethane elastomer