damping 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['dæmpiŋ]
damping 解釋
n. 名詞 【物理學】阻尼,減幅,衰減。
damping resistance 阻尼電阻。

  1. The thermal damping is maximum for frequencies corresponding to pulsations that are somewhere between isothermal and adiabatic.

  2. General analog type madc with adjustable damping

    普通模擬型4 20ma dc帶可調阻尼
  3. Gas - filled shock absorber injected with pure n2, which not only keeps stability of damping force, but also reduce aerification and foaming, meanwhile, extend the effective life

  4. People now pay much attention at porous aerostatic bearing which has obviously higher load capacity and better damping characteristic and stability. there are two kinds of porous aerostatic bearing : the whole porous and partial porous

  5. A discussion on the damping constant of air cushion slideway

  6. Research on nanometer modified damping and amortization rubber nanometer modified

  7. Damping wakes possible finite steady-state vibration amplitude at resonance.

  8. The damping derivatives can only be determined experimentally in the wind tunnel or ballistic range.

  9. Numerical simulation on damping effect of impacted roof and its analysis with chaotic dynamics theory

  10. So this base isolation technique has profound prospects. unfortunately there exist definite difficulties in the calculation because of the nonlinear of the base friction force. now, both the equivalent damping method and the numerical calculatin of the vibration response of the base - isolated buildings are frequently used in the calculation of the seismic response of the base - isolated building. however both of them have certain drawbacks. in this paper, the response of the building with base - isolation system is derived by the method of fourier expansion for the friction force and the earthquake response. at the same time, the sliding vibration character of inertia of a single mass structure and the sliding vibration response of a muti - mass structure are discussed. the stable condition of the sliding base isolation system of a structure is given. in the end, two circes of base fixation and base sliding are analyzed by adopting ansys

  11. In this paper, 6013al / sicp / gr metal matrix composite ( mmc ) was produced by spray codeposition, by means of changing the medium of quenching, influence of five types of heat treatment system ( furnace cooling, air cooling, water quenching, dry ice quenching, liquid nitrogen quenching ) and different aging temperature on the damping was studied systematically

    本文採用噴射共沉積方法制備了6013al sicp gr金屬基復合材料( mmc ) ,通過改變淬火介質,較為系統地研究了五種熱處理制度(爐冷、空冷、水冷、乾冰冷及液氮冷)以及不同時效溫度( 120 、 150 、 170 、 190及210 )對6013al sicp grmmc阻尼性能影響。
  12. Especially, we implement " concavity " methods in the linear damping case, m = 2

    特別地,利用凹方法考慮線性阻尼情形即m = 2 。
  13. The viscous damping material developed in the paper can be compared to the international congeneric production in the performances and can be used in practical engineering

  14. Adaptive modal damping control experiment for piezoelectric structures

  15. On the basis of the hamilton ' s principle, the element mass matrix, stiffness matrix, and damping matrix caused by coriolis force of the finite method for the conveying fluid tubes were educed in the paper

  16. The method proposed in this thesis do well in solving the problems of multi - damping - ratio - spectra simulation. it is convenient to obtain the pareto optimal solution set of the multi - object question by using implicit parallel genetic algorithms and the method can meet the practical needs for simulating ground motions coinciding with multi - damping - ratio - spectra in seismic design. the crossing rate and variance rate are important parameters of genetic algorithms which affect the rate of convergence, the adapting rate of cross and variation in this paper can auto - adapt and according to stand or fall of current sample, it assures the sample approach to the pareto optimal solution set in fast convergent speed

  17. Based on the situation of demand exceeds supply in the market, the author would like to find out the constraints of the water chestnut development by use of pra ( participatory rural appraisal ) in a survey to carry out stakeholder analysis including the water chestnut farmers, government and processing companies. also, the author applied a tool of system theory to analyze the constraints of water chestnut plant production development. the results are as following : the study shows that a main factor that restricts the plant yield ( per unit yield ) and quality ( product quality ) of water chestnut is the low level of prevention and control of water chestnut culms damping - off ; a disease of the water chestnut

    針對賀州市荸薺產業發展中的「銷大於產」的突出矛盾,筆者通過運用pra (參與式農村評估)方法,對荸薺種植區的農戶、政府機構、加工流通企業等進行了調查研究,並運用系統科學的方法對荸薺種植系統的不同組成因子的制約因素進行分析,得出研究結論如下:農戶對荸薺稈枯病害的綜合防治水平偏低,制約其荸薺種植的產量(單產)和質量(商品質量) 。
  18. As a result, the electromagnetic field intensity is changed accordingly and fluctuating current in the damper coil is created. damping force is mostly produced because of the phase difference between fluctuating current and displacement of rotor. the formulas of fluctuating current and damping coefficient are deduced theoretically, and the calculated results are consistent with the experimental results

  19. Research on application of kht cushioning damping synchronous decking plate swing deck

  20. Establishing an human spine dynamic model is an significan event to study spine injured biomechanics of pilot " s ejective injury, parachute opening, landing and study the endurance to impact loading on human spine. in this paper, the huston " s method of kane " s equations is developed so that it can be applied to the multibodysystem including translation between the bodyies. the dynamic model of human spine is provided basing on these theories, while the big movement of spine is considered. the deformation of vetebra is far smaller comparing with the intervetebra disc, so the spine is considered into multibodysystem including rigid bodies ( vetebra ) and the flexible bodies ( intervetebra disc ). the computer solution correspond with the results of the large scale human impact test. the rigid coefficient factors and the damping factor of intervetebra joints are obtained