probe gas 中文意思是什麼

probe gas 解釋
  • probe : n 1 【醫學】探針;探示器;取樣器;【物理學】試探電極。2 【醫學】(對傷處等的)針探,探查;刺探;...
  • gas : n (pl gases )1 氣,氣體,氣態 〈cf fluid; solid〉 2 可燃氣,煤氣,沼氣;【礦物】瓦斯。3 【軍事...
  1. The main work and achierement are as following : ( 1 ) by using shock impedance matching technique and electric probe method, 5 shots of impact experiments were conducted to measure the hugoniot equation of state for enstatite ( mg0. 92, fe0. 08 ) sio3 with the average initial density 3. 05g / m3 from shock pressure 50 gpa to 115gpa, using two stage light gas gun

    本文研究取得的認識主要有以下幾點: ( 1 )用阻抗匹配法和電探針技術在80 115gpa壓力范圍內對平均初始密度為3 . 05g / cm ~ 3的頑火輝石樣品進行了5發hugoniot狀態實驗測量。
  2. Probe into features of drilling fluid in coalbed gas well

  3. Baoying county huaming ceramics co. ltdis an enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of fine electronic ceramics such as 95 % alumina ceramics, talcous ceramics, etc and assembling ceramics ignition needle, ceramics probe, ceramics lamp holder of electric light source for all kinds of fuel gas device

    寶應縣華明陶瓷有限公司是一家專業生產95 %氧化鋁瓷、滑石瓷等各類精細電子陶瓷及組裝各類燃氣具點火裝置中陶瓷點火針、探針和電光源陶瓷燈頭、燈座廠家。
  4. Probe into concealed piping technology of town gas pipeline for residential buildings

  5. It will be both practical value and theoretical significance to systematically research the causes of formation, sources of salt, and development regulations of the thick beds of salt rocks in puwei sag, and to probe into the relationship about salt and oil and gas accumulations, under the direction of sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology theorys and metheds, conbined with the analyses of the colligation of structures and strata, geophysics, geochemistry, basin analysis, and oil and gas bearing systems theorys and methods, on the basis of the synthesis analyses and dissections of cores, logs and seismic data

  6. Standard test methods for leaks using the mass spectrometer leak detector or residual gas analyzer in the tracer probe mode

  7. Also, the reliability theory is applied to probe into the current situation of urban gas civil use in wisco. the author recalculates the reasonable stock capacity, analyzes present reserve ability, and proposes a new scheme to change the current production technology

  8. Gas sampling probe

  9. The photochemical properties and the analytical performances of the rtp probe were studied by using a gas flow - injection analysis ( gfia ) system, which incorporated a convenient exponential dilution chamber for gas sample introduction

    結合氣體流動注射分析技術( gfia ) ,利用一指數稀釋瓶引入樣品,研究了該傳感體系的光化學特性和分析特性。
  10. Probe into ring - welding strengthening for gas transmission pipeline without interruption of gas flow

  11. As huygens floats through the orange haze, the probe ' s gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer ( gcms ) will analyze the composition of the atmosphere

    惠更斯號一面在橘色的霾霧中飄移,探測器上的氣相層析質譜分析儀( gcms )將一面分析其大氣組成。
  12. Probe into interpretation on logging informations of coalbed gas

  13. Exhaust gas oxygen sensor ( ego ) which is installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine is a significant component in the electronic fuel injection. it has the ability to probe the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust pipe, and can transfer concentration signal to voltage signal which is passed to electronic control unit ( ecu ). in this way the air - fuel ratio can be controlled to the strait range of stoichiometrical point and the three - way catalytic converter consequently can work better

    車用氧傳感器是電噴系統的關鍵部件,安裝在發動機的排氣管上,能夠探測排氣管中的氧氣的濃度,然後將濃度信號轉變成電壓信號並傳送給電控單元ecu ,從而把空燃比控制在理論空燃比附近,配合三元催化反應器進行后處理凈化。
  14. In order to evaluate resource objectively, it is very important to find out the origin and the main source of co2 and to study the distribution pattern of hydrocarbon, nonhydrocarbon gas and probe the controlling factors, diagenetic evolution of different reservoirs ( rich in co2 or rich in cflo and the relation between diagenetic features and co2 have been studied systematically by using conventional and advanced techniques and the integrated the methods of petrology and geochemistry. based on the petrologic and geochemical data as well as dynamics reactions of carbonate ? lay minerals, the origin and distribution of co2 have been synthetically discussed

    論文中應用常規及先進的測試技術,採用巖石學與地球化學相結合的方法,重點研究本區淺層氣藏富co _ 2儲層與富ch _ 4儲層的成巖演化特徵及其與co _ 2的相互關系,並通過天然氣的地球化學研究以及碳酸鹽礦物與粘土礦物反應形成co _ 2的熱力學分析,對co _ 2來源及分佈進行了初步分析和探討。
  15. The photochemical properties and the analytical performances of the rtp probe have been studied by using a gfia system, which incorporated a convenient exponential dilution chamber for gas sample introduction

  16. The resulting material could be extremely quenched by oxygen and is a useful probe for the measurement of oxygen in gas and liquid samples

    第五章:本章研究了以pd一tspp作為磷光傳感材料, dowexlxz一200陰離子交換樹脂為基質的氧傳感器。