proof room 中文意思是什麼

proof room 解釋
  • proof : n 1 證明;證據;【法律】證件;【法律】(口頭或書面)證詞,證言。2 檢驗,考驗;驗算;檢定的品質[強...
  • room : n 1 室,房間。2 場所,席位,位置,地位,空間。3 餘地,餘裕;機會。4 〈pl 〉一套房間;寄宿舍;出租...
  1. Yuanfeng new building material co., ltd. is one of the biggest thermal insulation material producers in south china with annual output at 2 million square meters. established in 2000, the water - proof roof laminboard, purifying laminboard and other products made by the company are widely used in roof and wall panels for big span structure factory building, exhibition hall, purifying workshop, warehouse, combined house, indoor partition, building top attachment, refrigerator, automobile painting room, refrigeration frame and other buildings

  2. The room provides bureau answer, if housing belongs to the building on state - owned land, house property card is missing, answer to deal with authority to belong to certificate losing to register by the following program : 1, building obligee should hold id to be in charge of to town house bureau, fill in house property card lost property notice ; 2, check file to house property archives and issue room property right to belong to a proof ( collection of house property archives investigates archives charge ) ; 3, authority is published to belong to certificate lost property notice on the newspaper ; 4, after 6 months, room canal branch releases building droit certificate to become invalid announcement ; 5, building obligee is held publish lost property notice and become invalid the data such as declared original newspaper, id and photocopy is dealt with to place of buying operation of city house property lose formalities of card of the hair that register

    房管局答復,若住房屬國有土地上房屋,房產證丟失的,應按以下程序辦理權屬證書遺失登記: 1 、房屋權利人應持身份證到市房管局,填寫房產證遺失聲明; 2 、到房產檔案館查檔並出具房產權屬證實(房產檔案館收取查檔費用) ; 3 、在報上刊登權屬證書遺失聲明; 4 、 6個月後,房管部門發布房屋所有權證書作廢公告; 5 、房屋權利人持刊登遺失聲明和作廢公告的原版報紙、身份證及復印件等資料到市房產交易治理處辦理遺失登記發證手續。
  3. To make your application as far as possible through, offer a few asset of the individual to prove as far as possible please : futures of national debt of foreign currency of fund of the card that be like a room, car card, big deposit receipt, stock kind purchase a proof, conduce to already so through examine and verify, can raise the forehead that give a letter to spend again

  4. Shantou chuangjia carpet factory is a private enterprise which specializes in production of jacquard hand - woven carpet, machine woven carpet and machine - hand - woven carpet. our products are mainly made from imported good - quality pure wool, synthetic wool and chemical fiber wool. the base fabric, frame cloths and wool yarn dye of the carpet are all imported or domestic qualified products. our products enjoy the following advantages : leathery in texture, wear proof, non - deforming after water wash, vermin proof, fireproof, compliant with safety inspection standard. with the recuritment of professional graphic designers to serve customer in aspect of living room designing, we are good at processing various carpets and tapestry with pattern or sample of various styles provided by customer

  5. Abstract : the characteristics of the central control room in the r efinery were analyzed. it was pointed out that the control room should adopt expl osion - proof constructure. rules to determine anti - explosion grade was explored

  6. The room is circular and sound proof once the doors are closed, and with the soft couches, huge projection tv and dimmed lights, residents will find themselves in an exclusive private theatre. other amenities at the harbour green club will include an outdoor crystal swimming pool and indoor heated pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, michelin 3 - star banquet hall, all - inclusive gym and space for table tennis, games, reading, billiard, cards and more

    整個住客會所樓高兩層,其中游戲室安裝了最新最受歡迎的wii游戲機,配備大型lcd電視而" cylinder "電影院則以圓柱形設計,並有隔音設備,配以可調較的燈光效果,以及舒適的軟座,讓觀眾足不出戶,即可享受私人電影院的樂趣。
  7. Acoustics repairs it to include : family down - flow pipe sound insulation wrap, soundproofing suspended ceiling, soundproofing wall plate, soundproofing floor, piano room sound insulation repair, kindergarten sound insulation repair, recording awning sound insulation repair, supplementary class sound - insulated repair and so on, also may carry on the design construction according to owner ' s request, also construction simple, material fire protection, moisture - proof, the environmental protection, the price inferiority is high, and by specialized executes the engineering unit construction guarantee quality

  8. The room is proof against sound.

  9. Building decoration : decorating plate, acoustic board, partition panel, roof insulating panel, water resistant kitchenware, bathing necessity, commercial decorative frame, damp proofing wall of dust free room, and flame retardant / fire - proof sash frame

  10. Equipped with a sound - proof system, sprung floor, mirrors on 3 sides and ballet bars, rehearsal room is suitable for all kinds of activities including training classes and rehearsals

  11. This product adopts the newest equilibrium discharge technology and separate dust electrode design, which break through the two current technical bottlenecks that traditional anion air purifier produces only a few anions and easy to loose efficacy. this product can rapidly produce plentiful anions 3000000 cm3 together with some active oxygen, and the fine effect can be kept for a long time. this product can be used for disinfection, sterilization, mould proof, fresh keeping, deodorization, etc., and thus can improve the quality of room air and improve your living environment

  12. Meeting and function rooms command garden, sea or marina views with seating capacity for up to 50 guests. each room is fitted with sound - proof partitions and suitable for all kinds of meetings, workshops, discussions and functions

  13. Thinking and working with a view to the future the large product range of electric and electronic components for individual room temperature control available today is proof of this continual development work at heimeier

  14. The first - floor banquet room s panoramic sea views can cater to 360 guests. the yacht basin offers 300 typhoon - proof berths for boats measuring up to 200 feet

  15. Not by buying ten blankets or building some sort of cold - proof room

  16. Parental house property is registered in filial under one ' s name, do not belong to this children certainly all, should particular case is particular analysis : ( 1 ) parents is purchased, built house, property right is registered in filial under one ' s name, before if parents is in, be being registered, when perhaps be being registered, express clearly donative, on house property card, or the room concerns donative clear put down in writing in the archives of tubal branch, or the donative book that has the proof via concerning a section, or the notarial proof of donative house property, perhaps have the form that other enough proves to donative fact holds water, the building property right of controversy ought to belong the person that register all ; ( 2 ) parents is purchased, built house, register in filial under one ' s name, although register the reason is unidentified, but, register in the negative without sufficient authentic evidence, the building property right of controversy still ought to belong the person that register all ; ( 3 ) parents is purchased, built house, under one ' s name of the children that register, but building property right still is used by parental administer all the time, below this kind of circumstance, the building property right of controversy still ought to return to be purchased formerly, the parents that builds a house is all

    父母的房產登記在子女名下,不一定就屬于該子女所有,應具體情況具體分析: ( 1 )父母購置、建造的房屋,產權登記在子女名下,假如父母在登記前、或者登記時,明確表示贈與的,房產證上、或房管部門的檔案中有關贈與的明確記載,或有經有關部門的證實的贈與書、或贈與房產的公證證實,或者有其他足以證實贈與事實成立的形式,爭議的房屋產權應當屬于登記人所有; ( 2 )父母購置、建造的房屋,登記在子女名下,雖然登記的原因不明,但是,沒有充分確鑿證據否定登記,爭議的房屋產權仍應當屬于登記人所有; ( 3 )父母購置、建造的房屋,登記子女名下,但是房屋產權仍然一直由父母掌管使用,在這種情況下,爭議的房屋產權應當仍然歸原購置、建造房屋的父母所有。
  17. Go out of the room ; return to the nursery, was her maz ride ; and, only the other day, i had a pleasing proof of my success

  18. As you see, this approach leaves no room for confrontation, attempts to impose anything on partners and unilateral decisions. russia has been and remains a reliable supplier of energy resources to europe. proof of this is uninterrupted mutually beneficial energy cooperation over the last 40 years