portress 中文意思是什麼

portress 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 女看門人,女門房。
2. 女雜務工;女幫工。

  1. At that hour of the night the narrow, damp well of a court, with its pestiferous water closets, its fountain, its back view ot the kitchen stove and the collection of plants with which the portress used to litter the place, was drenched in dark mist ; but the two walls, rising pierced with windows on either hand, were flaming with light, since the property room and the firemen s office were situated on the ground floor, with the managerial bureau on the left, and on the right and upstairs the dressing rooms of the company

  2. Asked the portress

  3. At that moment mme bron, the portress of the theater, passed by the door with an immense bouquet in her arms

  4. Bordenave lowered his voice and furiously reproached the portress for having allowed the tricon to come in. that woman

  5. " well now, " continued the portress when she had served the supers, " is it the little dark chap out there you want ?

    「那麼, 」女門房接待完群眾演員后,說道, 「你要找的是那邊那個棕色頭發的矮個子先生嗎? 」
  6. The little business plied by the good portress must have been progressing finely, for the cellarlike hole under the stairs was wet with emptied heeltaps and water

  7. Satin did not go downstairs or put on a petticoat but simply went and leaned over the banisters and shouted her order to the portress s little girl, a chit of ten, who when she brought up the absinthe in a glass would look furtively at the lady s bare legs

  8. There was a set of pigeonholes in the place in which were piled letters and newspapers, while on the table various bouquets lay awaiting their recipients in close proximity to neglected heaps of dirty plates and to an old pair of stays, the eyelets of which the portress was busy mending