position of bone 中文意思是什麼

position of bone 解釋
  • position : n 1 位置;方位;地點。2 處境,情況;狀態,形勢,局面。3 姿態,姿勢。4 地位,身份;職位;職務。5 ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • bone : n 1 骨(頭);骨狀物〈象牙等〉;骨製品;(食用的)肉骨頭。2 〈pl 〉 遺骸,屍體;骨骼;身體。3 〈p...
  1. For an orthodontic case with the discrepancy of the discoordination between the length of palate bone and tooth size or for a case with skeletal discrepancy of the unsymmetry upper and lower jaw in their size and position, the most common treatment is to extract the upper ahd lower first or the second premolar

  2. Methods : fifty paired embalmed cadaveric humeri ( twenty - five pairs : fourteen from male donors and eleven from female donors ) were scanned in medial - lateral ( ml ) and anterior - posterior ( ap ) position according to the humeral retroversion by ct. images of the humeri in the transverse planes at the lowest border of neck ( lbn ), 20mm and 40mm distal of lbn ( lbn - 20 、 lbn - 40 ), isthmus, head - neck anterior - posterior ( hn - ap ) were obtained. sixty - one extracortical and intracortical parameters were measured exactly by image analytic computer software that included offset, head position, head - shaft angle, head to tuberosity height ( ht ), head thickness, curvature radius, articular surface arc ( sa ), neck diameter, isthmus position, proximal and distal border of isthmus, maximum coronal and sagittal diameter of medullary canal and thickness of cortical bone in four planes, including lbn, lbn - 20, lbn - 40 and isthmus

    方法: 50根成對防腐肱骨(男14對,女11對)按肱骨頭扭轉角置於冠狀位和矢狀位,行肱骨全長,頭頸矢狀面,解剖頸下緣及其下20mm 、 40mm ,髓腔狹窄部四平面ct掃描,由ct軟體測量冠、矢狀位髓腔內外參數共61項,包括頭心?干軸距,頭位置,頭干角,頭?結節高度差,頭厚度,頭半徑,關節面張角,解剖頸直徑,髓腔狹窄部位置,解剖頸下緣及其下20mm 、 40mm和狹窄部四個平面髓腔的最大冠、矢狀徑,皮質骨厚度等。
  3. Pseudo - static force testing of 1 : 2 scale models of a steel frame with dog - bone connections is first carried out in china in order to obtain elastic - plastic behavior of dog - bone connections steel frames under cyclic loading as well as to analyze collapse characteristic after structural ultimate strength has lost. the influence of dog - bone connection on the coming order of plastic hinges and failure characteristic of steel frame, and the influence of dog - bone ' s shape and position on the behavior of structure is obtained

  4. For lumbar vertebrae disease : the focus is located at the position 4 fingers wideth from the bone of trail vertebrae

    八、腰椎病患者:腰部疼痛的病灶在? ?人體尾椎骨以上4指寬,下圖手指所指向的位置。
  5. Result eleven cases were applied successfully , the repaired bone and joint showed normal position and bone union without narrowing of joint space by the x - ray films. the average range of motion of the joints was almost normal after the operation for 1 to 3 months , all transplanted tisssues survived

    結果治療2 - 5掌指關節缺損11例獲得成功,修復后的掌指關節對位對線好,關節間隙存在,術后1 - 3個月關節活動接近正常,皮瓣全部成活。
  6. Conclusions the internal fixator must meet the needs of maintaining bone - healing and keeping fracture position stable when operation was made about femoral trochanteric fractures in the elderly, meanwhile the general conditions of the aged must be paid attention to

  7. Clinical analysis on treatment of 50 cases with cervical vertigo by the positive bone skill at the particular position

  8. For neck vertebrae disease : seek right position of the disease first, i. e. the position above the biggest bone in the neck vertebrae, pointed out by finger in the following left picture

  9. Ik ( inverse kinematics ), contrary to forward kinematics, computes the position and orientation of each articulated figure when given the position of character ’ s end bone

    反向運動學( ik )與正運動學相反,它是在給定角色模型的末端骨骼的位置和方向後,計算出各關節的位置與方向。