leaching reaction 中文意思是什麼

leaching reaction 解釋
  • leaching : 焊散漂出,熔出
  • reaction : n 1 反作用,反應;反沖;反動力。2 【政治學】反動,倒退;復古(運動)。3 【化學】反應,【物理學】...
  1. The results indicate that : 1. the main physical and chemical characteristics vary regularly : with rising of the altitude, there is a transition from silt > sand > clay to sand > silt > clay in the mechanical composition ; the argic horizon emerges below the altitude of 1600 meters ; the content of organic matter is enrichment, the content of organic carbon of epipedon is higher than 20 g / kg, while the content of organic carbon increases with increasing of altitude, and in the altitude of 3500 - 3700meters, the soils under the meadow have the maximum content organic carbon ; the soils appear acid - slightly acid reaction, the ph decreases appreciably and acid strengthen with increasing of altitude ; the soils higher than the altitude of 2500 meters are base unsaturated, indicating the soil leaching is strong, the ph and bs are distinct plus correlated ; the contents of sio2, al2o3, and fe2o3 of the soil body and clay are all relatively stabilization ; in the soil body, the content of sio2 is much high and cao is very little, the total contents of sio2, a12o3 and fe2o3 occupy 92 % of the mineral parts, the sequence of mineral elements is : sio2 > al2o3 > fe2o3 > k2o > mgo > cao > tio2 > mno

    研究結果表明: 1太白山南坡土壤的主要理化性質隨海拔高度的上升呈有規律的變化:隨海拔高度上升,機械組成由粉粒砂粒粘粒逐漸過渡到砂粒粉粒粘粒,海拔1600m以下出現粘化層;土壤有機質豐富,表層有機碳含量一般在20g kg以上,有機碳含量隨海拔高度升高而相應增加,海拔3500 3700m的灌叢草甸植被下有機碳含量最高;土壤呈酸性或微酸性,並隨海拔上升, ph值略微降低,酸性增強,海拔2700m以上的土壤多呈鹽基不飽和狀態,表明土壤淋溶作用較強, ph值和鹽基飽和度呈極顯著正相關;土體與粘粒中的sio _ 2 、 al _ 2o _ 3 、 fe _ 2o _ 3含量相對比較穩定,土體中sio _ 2含量較高, cao含量較少, sio _ 2 、 al _ 2o _ 3和fe _ 2o _ 3含量之和約占土壤礦質部分的92 ,礦質元素含量的順序依次為: sio _ 2 al _ 2o _ 3 fe _ 2o _ 3 k _ 2o mgo cao tio _ 2 mno 。
  2. Seasoning of solution due to usage and leaching out of photographic reaction products and emulsion addenda from the photographic element into the processing solutions also becomes a problem.

  3. Leaching experiments of metakaolin show that the final al extraction rate in a batch reaction is strikingly influnced by the inferior pore struture geometry of the metakaolin pellets

  4. Abstract : combined with fundamental characteristics of in - situ leaching mining, this paper presents primary factors influencing the reation rates, such as lixivant concentration, oxidizer, porosity, permeability, seepage volocity, structure of ore, minerals of competition, etc. the factors which influence the reaction rates of in - situ leaching have been discussed

  5. This paper analyses the result of in - situ mining and dump leaching briefly, using kinetics method of certain low quality copper ore in hunan province, get the reaction speed of this ore, and it offers the gist for leaching this ore

  6. By calcining low humidity pelleted kaolin, a kind of metakaolin pellet, inside which the macroporous structure developed , has been prepared. the structure remarkbly benifits reactant ion transference. so, the variety has high acid leaching reactivity, even coarse as the pellets are, its reaction kinetic is still maintained zero order up to a significant conversion rate

  7. In this dissertation, cellulose acetate was selected as immobilization carrier for cod and the ca membrane was prepared by pump means and salt leaching, the catalytic activity of immobilized cod based in the membrane and some external factors, such as characteristic of membrane, immobilization condition and reaction condition were detailed studied

  8. Study on the optimum reaction parameters of red soil acid - leaching