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  • laser : n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...
  • vision : n 1 視力,視覺。2 〈不用冠詞〉先見,洞察;想像力。3 景象,光景;姿態;美景;極美的人〈尤指婦女〉...
  • correction : n 修正,改正;校正;矯正;〈古語〉懲罰;勘誤表,補正。 a copy disfigured by numerous corrections ...
  1. 5. using these mathematic models discussed in the paper, the homemade excimer laser aberration correction system has been manufactured with cooperation of su zhou 66 vision tech co., ltd. now the system has been applied to clinical practice. clinical results showed that : the excimer laser aberration correction system can remarkably improve visual performance when treating ametropia ; the system can

    5 .根據論文中的關鍵模型,與有關單位合作,研製出了準分子激光人眼像差矯正系統,該系統目前已投入臨床應用;臨床報告表明,系統在矯正屈光不正時效果顯著且安全,在像差矯正時有效、安全。
  2. The laser surgery for vision correction that replaced radial keratotomy ( e. g., lasik and other procedures ) is not associated with visual disturbances at high altitudes

  3. Excimer laser corneal refractive surgery and wavefront technology have developed rapidly these yeas. now, wavefront - guided laser vision correction becomes the hotspot in corneal refractive surgery. applying the technology of cad / cam, this paper has studied modeling technologies in excimer laser vision correction

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  6. The schema of the excimer laser aberration correction system was provided. according to this paper ' s research result. we developed the ophthalmic excimer laser system. ( aov - fb system ) with cooperation of su zhou 66 vision tech co., ltd. during animal and clinic practices, it has achieved satisfied outcomes

  7. 3. key models in traditional laser vision correction are presented

    3 .研究了準分子激光矯正屈光不正的關鍵模型。
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  9. One of the challenges in laser vision correction is that your eyes are never perfectly still