lech 中文意思是什麼

lech 解釋
vi. 不及物動詞 〈俚語〉好色;貪求 (for; after)。
n. 名詞 〈俚語〉1. 淫慾,色慾。
2. 淫棍,色鬼。

  1. The nobel peace prize : leszek lech walesa

  2. 1983 leszek lech walesa poland

  3. This manager ' s such a lech

  4. Access network provide ue access platform lech which is indepent from core network

  5. Jaroslaw kaczynski, the prime minister, and his twin brother lech, the president, have disappointed

  6. We have a force, perfectly kept together, of nearly 70, 000 men, in order to attack and defeat the enemy if they should pass the lech

  7. The u. s. defense secretary was holding talks tuesday with polish president lech kaczynski and defense minister aleksander szczyglo - both of whom have voiced support for the missile shield

  8. After invested into a hi - tech company, individual capitals need a safe environment. the author mainly researches the trust - agent relationship among individual investor, investment organization, venture capitalist and hi - lech company, and the exit of vc

  9. As we are masters of ulm, we cannot lose the advantage of remaining masters also of both sides of the danube ; and moreover able, should the enemy not cross the lech, to pass over the danube at any moment, throw ourselves upon their line of communications, recross the danube lower down, and entirely resist the enemys aim if they should attempt to turn their whole force upon our faithful ally