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reading university 解釋
  • reading : n 雷丁〈姓氏〉。n 1 閱讀;讀書;講讀;朗讀,講讀會,讀書會;(議會議案的)宣讀。2 讀物。3 學識;...
  • university : n. 1. (綜合)大學。2. 大學當局。3. 〈集合詞〉大學人員。4. 〈口語〉【體育】大學選手,大學隊。
  1. As it happens, massachusetts is home to hubs of research in linguistics and the psychology of reading ? at the massachusetts institute of technology and the university of massachusetts at amherst

  2. " we try to push adult stuff down on younger and younger kids, and what ' s the point " asked lucy calkins, founding director of the reading and writing project at columbia university ' s teachers college

  3. My residence was more favorable, not only to thought, but to serious reading, than a university ; and though i was beyond the range of the ordinary circulating library, i had more than ever come within the influence of those books which circulate round the world, whose sentences were first written on bark, and are now merely copied from time to time on to linen paper

  4. Paul de man, allegories of reading : figural language in rousseau, nietzsche, rilke, and proust ( new haven : yale university press, 1979 )

    塞爾登: 《文學批評理論- -從柏拉圖到現在》 ,劉象愚等譯(北京大學出版社, 2000 )
  5. Uppsala university scientists have discovered an entirely new process in which short, tiny " antisense rna " competes with the protein - producing ribosomes for starting sites for reading messenger rna

  6. I want to if result studies in shanghai, ask is not very outstanding, family circumstances also is not very bounteous high school is born, how to think of hong kong goes reading an university to should have done

  7. The lecturers of 1996 were prof. a. j. malherbe of yale university and prof. c. k. barrett of durham university ; that of 1997 was prof. kosuke koyama of new york union theological seminary, a famous japanese theologians ; that of 1998 were 17 local scholars, and the theme of the lecture conference was " reading, studying and interpreting the bible ", the focus of which was on the diversity in methods of bible interpretation ; in februrary 2000, prof. gerd theissen of heidelberg university served as the lecturer ; in january 2001, prof. jack m. sasson of the vanderbilt university ; in october 2002, prof. morna hooker of the cambridge university ; in march 2003, prof. james dunn of the durham university ; in march and september 2004, prof. choon leong seow of princeton theological seminary and a renowned old testament scholar, prof. james barr, respectively

    二一年二月講員為美國范德標大學( vanderbilt university )之沙傑克教授( prof . jack m . sasson ) ;二二年十月之講員為英國劍橋大學之何蒙娜教授( prof . morna hooker ) ;二三年三月由英國德倫大學鄧雅各教授( prof . james dunn )主持;而二四年三月之講員為美國普林斯頓神學院蕭俊良教授( prof . c . l . seow )及九月之講員為舊約聖經研究泰斗白雅各教授( prof . james barr ) ,二五年一月之講員為世界著名的婦女聖經學者美國哈佛神學院費許妮莎教授prof . elisabeth schussler fiorenza 。
  8. This innate ability was crucial in prehistoric times, according to steven j. mithen, and archaeologist at the university of reading in the united kingdom

  9. This book is about poverty - stricken new york drug addicts and dealers, whom the anthropologist - author lived with for five years. why are some of us university students and professors, while others of us are drug addicts and criminals ? after reading this book, you will understand the humanity of people who behave in evil ways - how different are they from us ? despite their evil behavior, what can they teach us about our common humanity

  10. Perhaps, i wencai well, reading a lot of articles about university life, and they feel very deeply true, i was attracted reasons : empathy

  11. Of course, home is annual public school student studying abroad is quite finite, it is to study abroad at one ' s own expenses mostly, nevertheless, more chinese student union choose to apply for the fellowship of foreign university first, go reading again this kind of means, especially american university, fellowship is enough of the life of a student and study with, still can send one part to go back to the motherland

  12. Finally, this thesis not only analyses the achievements and disadvantage in university entrance chinese test and senior school entrance chinese test but also takes the issues including chinese knowledge, reading, and composition into systematic consideration, from types of chinese questions to test judgement, with which the writer also takes the aim, content, type, assignment, judgement of chinese test into his own consideration

    論文在分析討論了語文高考、中考改革的成就和存在的問題之後,對中學語文考試,從「語文知識」 、 「閱讀」 、 「作文」試題,題型的使用到試卷的評閱作了系統的思考,在此基礎上,論文最後對語文考試的目的、內容、題型、命題閱卷都提出了自己的設想。
  13. Some of the projects which have been launched include : " chinese literature on the net ", " inter - university multimedia special online project ", " speaking better english online ", " online reading projects ", " web thinking with dr. lee tien - ming ", " online with pai hsien - yung ", " hong kong colloquial expression ", " distinguished lecture series ", " cultural travel ", " healthy living ", " music fantasy " and " one minute s reading " etc

    香港電臺e - learning頻道,為大家提供文學藝術欣賞和語言學習的素材。已推出項目包括文學相對論多媒體創意廊speaking better english online網上讀書樂李天命網上思考我和白先勇的網上約會俗語趣談傑出學人學術講座健美學堂文化旅遊系列音樂的遐思及一分鐘閱讀等。
  14. Born in the 1980s as what our generation : when we read in primary schools, universities not money ; when we at the university of reading, reading primary schools not money ; we had not been able to work when work is assigned ; we can work when they finally find a bump their heads against a wall hungry people in the work done ; when we can not earn money when the house is allocated ; when the time for us to earn money, it has been found that can not afford to buy a house ; when we do not have the time to enter the stock market, idiots are making money ; when we excitedly to enter to the time they found themselves a fool

  15. From music dept. of xiamen university, professional teaching, to be versed in flute, cucurbit flute, chinese xiao, pan - pipe. like swimming, movies and reading

  16. It results in eating cultural snack flourishing and severely affects contemporary people ' s reading habit, including the university students of today

  17. Reading list for university study, with synopses, background and selected texts for works covered

  18. Material composition appears, and reading material in - put makes the chinese test change from two - dimensional construction to three - dimensional construction ( chinese knowledge, reading and composition ). graduation tests departing from entrance tests, exploration of the standardized test, weakening the chinese knowledge, the researches of controlling error of judging composition, pattern set " 3 + x ", judging test papers on net, and experiments of spring and summer university entrance test. all the above, having made remarkable achievements, make the current chinese test more modernizing and scientific

    供料作文的出現,閱讀內容的增加使語文試卷由二維結構到三維結構的轉變,畢業會考與升學考試的分離,標準化考試的探索,語文知識考試的淡化,對語文能力測試的重視,作文評分誤差控制的研究以及高考「 3 + x 」科目設置試驗,網上閱卷和春夏兩季招生考試試驗等都為語文考試現代化、科學化作了有益的嘗試,也取得了顯著的成就。
  19. Back in 1998, brian warwick, a professor of cybernetics at reading university in london, implanted a chip into his arm as an experiment to see if warwick ' s computer could wirelessly track his whereabouts with the university ' s building

  20. Back in 1998, brian warwick, a professor of cybernetics at reading university in london, implanted a chip into his arm as an experiment to see if warwick ' s computer could wirelessly track his whereabouts with the university ' s building. but applied digital solutions, inc. in palm beach, fla., is one of the latest to try and push the experiments beyond the realm of academic research and into the hands - and bodies - of ordinary humans