back door 中文意思是什麼

back door 解釋
  • back : n 1 背,背部;背脊;背面,反面;背後,後部,後面,裏面。2 (指)甲;(刀)背;(手)背;(書)背...
  • door : n. 1. 門,戶。2. 入口,門口;通道,門徑,門路,關口。3. 一戶,一家。4. 【船、機】蓋,口。adj. -ed 有門的。adj. -less 沒有門的。adv. -wards 向著房門。
  1. Then we started for the house, and i went in the back door - you only have to pull a buckskin latchstring, they don t fasten the doors - but that warn t romantical enough for tom sawyer ; no way would do him but he must climb up the lightning - rod

  2. Either they invade your system with a frontal assault like the huns attacking the romans, or they sneak in a back door like a cat burglar

  3. Charlie bairstow vanished through the back door.

  4. He used his influential friends to help him to get into the civil service by the back door.

  5. Next night we stuck a picture, which tom drawed in blood, of a skull and crossbones on the front door ; and next night another one of a coffin on the back door

  6. As a whole fund is used at paying rescue of be in hospital, emergency call, malignant tumor outpatient service to put ( change ) function of cure, chronic kidney is not complete outpatient service outpatient service of dialytic, cataract is supersonic the medical treatment fee that examine of back door of emulsification and viscera official transplanting uses the medicaments place that fights repellent reaction to happen

  7. There are 500 ton and 315 ton oil pressure, and 176 sets of kinds of machine process and checking equipments in the factory. the mould we designed are economical applied and low making charge short period. we produce back - door level air - spring, jack, brake oil pipe, accelerator pedal for micro car and engine mid - parts, gemel, tri - way air pipe, adiabatic board and other welding parts

  8. A fence in the back yard has been built to keep small animals out, which means that the myriapods have little chance of sneaking in through the back door

  9. The type of middle door, back door, and the top of oil box can be chose to assembly according by the customers requests

  10. Officials say the back door had been padlock ed

  11. Even policeman participated in the back door, i discovered.

  12. " i ll tell you. the back door of that no. 2 is the door that comes out into that little close alley between the tavern and the old rattle trap of a brick store

    想了很久之後,湯姆說: 「聽著,二號后門通著客棧和舊輪窯廠之間的小窄巷子。
  13. She followed him into the scullery, and combed her hair before the handbreadth of mirror by the back door

  14. My father, clad in his underwear, stumbled sleepily to the back door and demanded that we keep quiet.

  15. Faber unlocked the back door-a precaution for fast exit-before entering the hall.

  16. With the fleet development of mobile communication industry, the security and secrecy of information has been becoming more and more vital. nowadays, the security of communication is of great importance to confirm the safety of business information. on the situation that the mobile phone has been diffusely applied, the hidden safety troubles of mobile phone should not be ignored ( such as wire tapping, imitated handset station, blue teeth connection, in exchange with electromagnetic wave, the back door of handset, lost & stolen & lost control of mobile phone, safety of non - tone increment operation of mobile phone and cell phone virus )

    據統計,目前我國gsm網路[ 1 ] [ 13 ]已覆蓋全國絕大部分地區,用戶數已超過2 . 6億,並且還在高速增長;隨著手機應用的普及,手機存在的安全隱患及面臨的威脅日益突出(如主動竊聽、假冒機站、藍牙連接、電磁波交換、手機后門、手機被盜、丟失或短時失控、手機非話增值業務安全以及手機病毒等) ,手機安全問題已成為當前急需解決的重要問題。
  17. In the multitudinous intrusion event, the hacker often gain control of the target computer through exploiting essential system process, and leaves trojan horse or back door in the system after a successful intrusion, which provides a shortcut for next access. therefore the process detection for the exploited system process and the trojan horse is important topics in the intrusion detection field

  18. Burglars broke in through a back door while van der meyde was playing a testimonial match against spain ' s athletic bilbao at everton ' s goodison park, police said

  19. I was going for the back door, but my friend beat me to it

  20. Ethan went through the storeroom, crossed the alley, and knocked on the back door of the bank.