babu 中文意思是什麼

babu 解釋
babu = baboo.
  1. Mr. babu has been working in taiwan for three years

    Mr . babu已來臺工作三年。
  2. Study on in vitro percutaneous adsorption of huayu babu sticking plaster

  3. English task - based teaching of the seventh grade of rural areas in babu district

  4. Harms of biologic invasion to farming and proposed countermeasures in babu district

  5. Mr. babu is currently working as a software engineer, with responsibility for embedded software design

    目前mr . babu是負責軟體工程的工作,從事embedded software方面的設計。
  6. Babu sundaram has been actively involved with grid computing research since the early days of globus toolkit

    Babu sundaram從globus toolkit早期就開始積極地參與網格計算的研究工作。
  7. Babu fictions, his study of contemporary indian english fiction, was published in 2001. khair won the all india poetry competition

    是德里大學扎其胡珊學院英文系副教授,愛荷華大學文學創作名譽學人( 2002 )
  8. Unable to resist the persuasion of mathur babu, sri ramakrishna at last entered the temple service, on condition that hriday should be asked to assist him

  9. Although ascenvision is smaller, it is more focused, concentrating on the development of networking equipment and software. mr. babu believes that ascenvision has a bright future ahead of it, while he himself was interested in moving into r d work ; he was therefore delighted to accept ascenvision s invitation to join the company

    相較之下,亞盛科技雖然規模較小,是一家以網路相關設備及軟體為主要產品,專精於網路設計的公司, mr . babu十分看好亞盛科技的前景,並且希望將來能從軟體設計,再朝研發工作發展,所以接受該公司的邀約。
  10. Before starting work at ascenvision, mr. babu had worked at a large company in the hsinchu science - based industrial park for a period of one year. this company, which mr. babu joined on a friend s recommendation, produced a wide range of products, and had a large workforce ; mr. babu was mainly involved in voip voice over internet protocol product development and testing

    在工作環境方面,到亞盛科技股份有限公司工作之前, mr . babu曾經由來臺工作的印度朋友介紹,進入新竹科學園區中較具規模產品種類和員工數都較多的另一家企業工作一年,主要作的是voip的開發測試。