historical work 中文意思是什麼

historical work 解釋
  • historical : adj 1 史學的;有關歷史的。2 歷史的,歷史上的;過去的。3 有根據的,真實的,非杜撰的 (opp legendar...
  • work : n 1 工作,操作,勞動,作業;工件;功課;努力;行為,作用。2 (待辦的)事務,業務;職業。3 〈前有...
  1. On compilatory work of archival amp; historical materials by rong meng - yuan

  2. Is having " accepts with criticism " " meeting study poem study " " chinese free verse written in the vernacular school historical treatise " and so on 5 poems study monographs and the prose from the anthology " in family ' s scenery ", chief editor zeng " the all previous dynasties xiangyang famous writer discussed manuscript " " chinese present age xiangfan literature meteorology " 20 centuries china literature course " " " port literature course " and so on the work

    著有《接受與批評》 《接學詩學》 《中國新詩流派史論》等5部詩學專著及散文自選集《家中的風景》 ,曾主編《歷代襄陽名作家論稿》 《中國當代襄樊文學氣象》 《 20世紀中國文學教程》 》 《臺港文學教程》等著作。
  3. The defect of this kind of literary style is that do not there is not close connection between incident and incident, just appeared successively according to the order of time, made the structure of the works seem loose, it is difficult to form the whole effect ; at incident prosily, it narrates scarce to change rhythm static behavior describe have enough and to spare and work up insufficient sense, it was the history living dramas of static historical pictures but not a scene curtain with all linked with one another ring that reproduced out ; regarded incident as the centre, in people s discipline history, dredged and left literature to announce the aim of the question of life

  4. As a valuable historiography heritage, the view and work on historical theories of chinese marxist historiography are playing an unexceptional part in the interpretation of the basic principles of marxist historiography and the promotion of its development

  5. This could be literally on the wrapper of a work - for example, shrink wrapping around an historical book edition, or in the packaging of a shipped painting

  6. Its work traces the history of hong kong film from its inception to the present, reflecting the historical developments of local film companies, studios, theatres, developing outfits, as well as the pattern of overseas distribution

  7. Promoting the work of collecting the historical accounts of past events in p. p. c. c

  8. The cultural construction work in the transition period left a lot of important historical experience for us. they are : ( 1 ) we should establish the directing role of maxism in all ideological fields and using it to criticize various wrong opinions, but we should distinguish the researching problems from the political problems which belong to two contradictions of different quality ; ( 2 ) we must insist the ccp ' s leading role for all cultural and educational work, but the researching dispute, should not be judged by individual but be solved by observing the regularities of the culural development ; ( 3 ) we must determine the cultural construction serve the people and socialism, but we must correctly recognize and estimate the intellectual of our country, and work out correct policies and stick to them ; ( 4 ) we must establish the security of law and system for cultural construction

    認真總結這一時期的文化建設工作,它給我們留下了非常重要的歷史經驗:既要確立馬克思主義在意識形態各領域的指導地位,注意對各種錯誤傾向的批判和糾正,又要嚴格分清學術問題和政治問題的界限,分清人民內部矛盾與敵我矛盾的界限;既要堅持黨對整個文化教育事業的領導,又要尊重文化自身的發展規律,而不能由個人對學術問題作出「裁決」 ;既要堅持文化建設為人民服務、為社會主義服務的方向,又必須正確認識和估價我國的知識分子隊伍,制定和堅持正確的知識分子政策;確立文化建設的法制保障。
  9. A distinguish to four storeroom books abstract, shi shuo xin yu " s notes and commentaries, are his representative works. he was good at using edition and textual criticism etc. knowledge to identify historical events and materials and steive to recover history true feature. because textual research " s object is ancient books, ancient books had different style and easy to cause all kinds of questions which would effect correct understanding. so, in a work of ancient books stylistic rules and layout, he studied ancient books style from the view of true and false, name, compile, appendix, inside section and outside section of book 4 to use story to explain problem. what he said is quote copiously from many sources, and gave a minute description

    余嘉錫在考據學方面亦有重大的成就, 《四庫提要辨證》 、 《世說新語箋疏》等書就是他在這方面的代表作。他擅長運用版本、校勘等知識對史乎、史料進行認真而細致的考據,力求還歷史以本來面目。岡為考據對象多為占書,而且古書體例不一,易出現各種問題,影響人們對書中內容的理解,為此,他寫成了《古書通例》一書,從宏觀的角度研究古書體例,對古侈的真偽、命名、編定、附益以至書分內外篇和諸子書中用故事說明觀點等問題,旁徵博引,詳加解釋,對學術史貢獻極大,這是當肘許多學者所不及的。
  10. The literary mind and the carving dragon, as a theoretic work, studies and expounds the historical development and creative features of various genres while zhaoming wenxuan, as an anthology, aims to include in it the best and most representative works of various genres

  11. In terms of routine, it includes teacher administration, education and instruction, position, praise & punishment and advanced studies, etc. in terms of staff, it includes headmaster, teacher in charge of a class, general state teacher and min - ban teacher, etc. this content not only reveal the historical outlook of the construction of laws and regulations on primary and middle school teachers, but also provides authoritative legislation foundation and guarantee for various period primary and middle school teachers work

  12. The work is one to the life, historical and the life song of praise, is worth us esteeming is not merely its plentiful powerful artistic form, the character inner world which also has who the author to pour into zealously molds the character and thoroughly excavates unceasingly

  13. In the present period of historical change, when problems have piled up and a thousand things wait to be done, it is crucial for us to strengthen the leadership of the party and correct its work style

  14. From the points of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, the writer has analyzed the characteristics of the stratum of intellectuals, studied the objective law of the united front, pointed out the shortcomings, social status and functions of chinese intellectuals in the new era, and concluded that the united front work with chinese intellectuals shall better serve for the objectives and tasks of the party in the new era

  15. We can absorb the historical lesson and the populace mentality will incline to benefit and escape from harm, and it will develop its strongpoint and avoid shortcoming to work positively

  16. Together with the precious donation of sir robert ho tung in 1955, the museum formed the historical pictures collection with a steady growth up to more than 1, 200 pieces of work. our collection ranks among the four most comphrehensive historical pictures collections known to date

  17. Royal dragon hotel, yunnan is the modernized commerce hotel which constructs according to four star classes standards investment, invites the hong kong peaceful park hotel management group to carry on the management, is situated at kunming town center branch and gold and greens lu heyan the waterway in common boundary, hands over with the famous historical scenic spot, golden horse blue chicken work place echoes, is the kunming politics, the economical, the cultural center and the lively commercial land sector, is apart from the airport only to need 15 minutes, the transportation extremely facilitates

  18. There is no agreement whether methodology refers to the concepts peculiar to historical work in general or to the research techniques appropriate to various branches of historical inquiry

  19. 1 there is no agreement whether methodology refers to the concepts peculiar to historical work in general or to the research techniques appropriate to the various branches of historical inquiry

  20. There is no agreement whether methodology refers to the concepts peculiar to historical work in general or to the research techniques appropriate to the various branches of historical inquiry