herold 中文意思是什麼

herold 解釋
  1. Three journalists ? eve herold, seth shulman and cynthia fox ? each suggest that this is a new topic that has been hijacked by a small group of political hotheads in america

    三位記者? ?伊夫?哈羅德、塞思?蘇爾曼、辛西婭?福克斯? ?每個人都認為這是一個被美國一小撮政治莽漢所劫持的新話題。
  2. Herold can not match him in artistic talent

  3. Ms herold argues strongly against such views

  4. Ms herold also points out a number of inconsistencies

  5. I was one of those people who never go anywhere without a thermometer, hot water bottle, raincoat and parachute, wrote author don herold

    「我屬于那種無論到哪兒都得帶上溫度計、熱水瓶、雨衣和傘的人, 」作家唐?赫羅爾德寫道。
  6. In the final chapters of their books ms fox and ms herold chart the undoing of hwang woo - suk, once the global leader in the field, who lied about creating human embryonic stem cells by cloning