happy-go-lucky 中文意思是什麼

happy-go-lucky 解釋
adj. 形容詞 聽天由命的,無憂無慮的。

  • happy : adj 1 幸福的,幸運的。2 快樂的,愉快的。3 感到滿足的。4 巧妙的,恰當的;可喜的。5 〈口語〉有點醉...
  • go : GO = General Orders 【軍事】一般命令;衛兵守則。vi (went; gone; 第二人稱單數現在式〈古語〉 goes...
  • lucky : adj (luckier; iest)1 運氣好的,僥幸的。2 兆頭好的,吉祥的。3 〈俚語〉難得的,碰巧的;順便的。4 ...
  1. His voice could be so soft and happy-go-lucky, it went through her veins like an exhilaration.

  2. She goes through life in a happy go lucky fashion.

  3. Join the happy - go - lucky gondoliers for a refreshing gelato or fresh - brewed coffee

  4. He had at once the impression of organization, very different from the old happy-go-lucky ways under his leadership.

  5. Mendelssohn ' s happy - go - lucky life is reflected in his violin concerto, which imparts an air of freedom and grace

  6. Stowe took one look at the happy - go - lucky string bean ( with the outsize hands, and saw just what he was looking for

    斯托一見這位逍遙自在、無憂無慮的瘦高個兒(有一雙特大的手) ,就覺得這正是自己要找的人。
  7. And don was always a happy spirit and a happy go lucky bouncy kind of a guy and one day he comes to the back of her door and she sees him there in the early morning, because the milkmen always came early in the morning

  8. Skipping school to become a street promoter, her happy - go - lucky demeanour is faced with the reality of the world in a climax that reveals the full depth of the film s title.

    不論如何, b420總是快樂。樂觀爽直活在當下的蕎頭miki與太婆相依為命,偶然遇上頹廢孤獨留戀昨天的阿偉李燦森,成為莫逆之交。
  9. Even if she ' s bankrupt today she ' ll still have a smile on her face because she ' s such a happy - go - lucky girl

  10. I have not made a travel plan because i am fairly happy - go - lucky and like to take my time sightseeing

  11. Because of his casual, happy - go - lucky nature he made friends easily, and drug pushers supplied him everything he desired for nothing

  12. Beals : i don ' t know ! i never get the happy - go - lucky story. but it would be nice to have some really joyous moments

  13. Happy go lucky " is co - starred by gillian chung, kent cheng and lai yiu cheung as visually impaired, mentally handicapped and cerebral palsy persons respectively. some shootings were taken in the society. the story of this movie describes how people with disabilities overcome difficulties and lead a meaningful life

  14. With the help of a happy - go - lucky doctor v richie jen and a shy but talented teenager sing justin lo. bing begins to find new meanings in her turmoil and the will to face her own demons

  15. His only friend, liu chengguang is a jovial and happy - go - lucky person

    家輝唯一的朋友是活潑開朗的劉承光(李創銳飾) 。
  16. So if we are happy - go - lucky persons, we attract more luck and happiness. that s normal

  17. Try to be happy - go - lucky with your work and family life