heavy cut 中文意思是什麼

heavy cut 解釋
  • heavy : adj (馬)患哮喘病的。adj 1 重的 (opp light) 有重量的;重型的;裝備重型武器的。2 大的;大量的,...
  • cut : vt (cut; cutting)1 切,割,截,斬,砍(樹),剪(發等);切斷,割下;採伐;剪下;修剪,刈。 I h...
  1. I remember him as if it were yesterday, as he came plodding to the inn door, his sea - chest following behind him in a handbarrow ; a tall, strong, heavy, nut - brown man ; his tarry pigtail falling over the shoulders of his soiled blue coat ; his hands ragged and scarred, with black, broken nails ; and the sabre cut across one cheek, a dirty, livid white

  2. Half jins of heavy pork liver, cut 34, burn every week 2, 3

  3. The roughing cut, to remove the greater part of the excess material, should be reasonably heavy, that is, all the machine, or cutting tool, or work, or all three, will stand

  4. The heavy wind cut off the wire

  5. As a result of the heavy partisan actions against the german lines in 1943, the slovak 12th engineer battalion was sent to the rear area of army group south where it took part in vital rail repair operations to fix lines cut by the soviet partisans

  6. S went and cut the strongest olive - tree he could find, stripped off its branches, inserted it in the hole, and used it as a lever. but the rock was too heavy, and too firmly wedged, to be moved by any one man, were he hercules himself

  7. 3. cut back on eating foods heavy in salt, fat and sugar

  8. Don t brake quickly or cut in front of a heavy vehicle

  9. The next day in searching the woods i found a tree of that wood, or like it, which, in the brasils they call the iron tree, for its exceeding hardness, of this, with great labour and almost spoiling my axe, i cut a piece, and brought it home too with difficulty enough, for it was exceeding heavy

    十一月十八日第二天,我去樹林里搜尋,發現一種樹,像巴西的"鐵樹" ,因為這種樹的木質特別堅硬。我費了好大的勁才砍下了一塊,幾乎把我的斧頭都砍壞了。又費了不少力氣,才把木塊帶回住所,因為這種木頭實在太重了。
  10. Having got my second cargo on shore, tho i was fain to open the barrels of powder, and bring them by parcels, for they were too heavy, being large casks, i went to work to make me a little tent with the sail and some poles which i cut for that purpose, and into this tent i brought every thing that i knew would spoil, either with rain or sun, and i piled all the empty chests and casks up in a circle round the tent, to fortify it from any sudden attempt, either from man or beast

  11. This product is used to restore and renew the lacquer surface with heavy cut ( paint base not appear ), heavy oxidation, deep corrosion

    本品適用於有重度劃痕(未露底漆) 、嚴重氧化、深度腐蝕等漆面的修復翻新。
  12. Rescuers were once again thwarted by inclement weather on mount hood. heavy snow and fierce winds forced expedition teams to cut short their search for three missing climbers

  13. The newly completed road will cut the time required to pass through this area during hours of heavy congestion by roughly half

  14. The devices have many merits. they can sensitively and reliably cut off all the faults occurring in the power system. even under the critical situation, faulting on the long heavy load transmission lines through high ground resistances, the criterion based on fault components still has considerable sensibility

  15. Acidproof alkali glove series of industry of production of our company, home glove series, industry bring cotton lining acidproof alkali glove series and various kinds of able to bear oil, able to bear and cut glove series odd heavy series of products, dozens of kinds of designs and varieties, with the product quality really up to the mark, price of the bottom the most, find a good sale domestic and international market, favor deeply by consumer, hebei work and protect articles quality control office annual check products, have won trustworthy products of the third consumer in hebei awards

  16. Surely of course, the home - made heavy traffic asphalt must be used extensively in the building of expressway, the cost will be cut down enormously

  17. Conversely, tax rebates were cut down or removed on products featured with heavy energy consumption, heavy pollution and resource - related, such as billet, rolled steel and aluminum not forged or rolled

  18. In the days before mechanization, the aboriginal people cut slabs of slate using large knives, then worked together to carry the extremely heavy, sharp - edged slabs up the mountains. there everyone pitched in to erect the dwellings

  19. Charlie found a ball of heavy cord, cut off a ten-foot length, and stuffed it quickly into his pocket.

  20. China ' s rapidly worsening pollution is being driven by a surge in investment in energy - intensive heavy industry caused by cut - throat competition among cities and provinces, according to a study released tuesday