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compression stress 解釋
  • compression : n. 1. 壓縮;壓緊;濃縮,緊縮。2. 加壓;壓抑。3. (表現的)簡練。4. 應壓試驗。
  • stress : n 1 壓力,壓迫,緊迫,緊張。2 【語音】重音;重讀;【詩】揚音;語勢,著重點。3 重要(性),重點,...
  1. To the particular case under the small eccentricity compression, the method that the angle irons are strengthened on two - sides, but pre - stress is only put one side, can be adopted firstly

  2. Chagan sag is a secondary tectonic unit in chagandelesu depression, northeastern yingen - eji ' naqi basin, and the basement of the basin is a paleozoic fold belt of continental margin or island arc at the connection region of north china plate * tarim plate and kazakstan plate, with the character of erogenic belt. in working area and its adjacent area, the forming tectonic setting of indosinian intrusion was that orogenic belt pressed strongly, intracontinental subduction ; that of early yanshan movement epoch was the stress field transferred from compression to extension meanwhile the incrassate crust of orogenic zone turned to extensional collapse ; and that of early cretaceous volcanics was that the area structure extensional collapse further more during the post period of orogenic phase

  3. On the base of the analysis of the static fbd under diametric compression, numerical analysis and compare are performed on the dynamic stress field of the brazilian disk and fbd used in the testing tensile strength under shpb

    在對靜態平臺壓縮巴西圓盤( fbd )進行的數值分析的基礎上,本文分析了shpb動態劈裂拉伸實驗中巴西圓盤和平臺巴西圓盤的動態應力場,並對結果進行了比較。
  4. This paper focuses on the problem of semi - infinite elastic body filled with the material which behaves differently in tension and compression. the contents include : ( 1 ) the solution of elasticity theory for the material incapable in tension is established by introducing heaviside function ; ( 2 ) the solution of elasticity theory with different modulus in tension and compression is established based on the solution of elasticity theory for the material incapable in tension and mindlin ' s solution ; ( 3 ) the solution of elasticity theory with different modulus in tension and compression is employed to analyze the stress of pile foundation ; ( 4 ) the solution of elasticity theory with different modulus in tension and compression is employed to analyze the settlement of pile foundation

    本文考慮材料的拉壓性能不同的特點,對半無限空間內部作用豎向集中力問題進行了新的研究,做了如下工作: ( 1 )引入heaviside函數,建立了不能承受拉應力材料的彈性理論解; ( 2 )基於不能承受拉應力材料的彈性理論解和mindlin解,建立了拉壓模量不同材料的彈性理論解; ( 3 )將拉壓模量不同材料的彈性理論解應用於樁基應力分析; ( 4 )將拉壓模量不同材料的彈性理論解應用於樁基沉降分析。
  5. The failure criterions of principal stress, octahedral stress and strain space are established. ( 7 ) the biaxial compression - tension t

  6. Stress control triaxial compression apparatus

  7. Back - analysis method and computing program of damage parameters by the curve of stress - strain by uniaxial tension and compression test was made out. 5. by the damage evolving relation proposed the flexural process of the trisection specimens of wet - sieved and fully - graded concrete was numerically simulation

    5 .根據本文提出的損傷模型和損傷參量演化關系,分別對濕篩混凝土和全級配混凝土試件進行了三分點加載數值模擬。
  8. While cyclic deformation experiment under constant strain control is performed in 400, the material shows the continuous hardening until cyclic invalidation. ( 3 ) back stress attained by kwl " s method is used to analyse the bauschinger effect during an incremental step cyclic test and cyclic deformation test under constant strain control, it is shown that back stress increases with increasing plastic strain and the numbers of cycle, and the back stress is uniform, regardless of tension or compression conditions. ( 4 ) as far as recrystallized zircaloy - 4 plate is concerned, the back stress in transverse direction is higher than that in rolling direction due to the higher schmid factor in rolling direction

    對于再結晶狀態的zr一4合金板材試樣來說, t方向(橫向)試樣的背應力要高於r方向(軋制方向)的背應力,原因在於r方向的schmid因子高於t方向的schmid因子; 400下, zr一4合金的背應力要明顯低於室溫下的背應力;含氫200pg / g的zr一4合金的背應力大小與無滲氫的zr一4合金背應力相比,無明顯區別;固溶處理后, zr一4合金的背應力大小發生了變化,在較高塑性應變下,背應力均高於固溶處理前的背應力。
  9. It is determined that with accurate knowledge of the complete stress - strain curve of concrete in compression, steel in tension, and with an iterative computerized non ? linear method, it is possible to predict the entire moment - curvature, moment - flexural rigidity and axial rigidity relation ship of a cross - section of a structure member

  10. Columns under axial compression and biaxial bending. in the beginning of the paper, it summarized the history and the actuality of the nonlinear analysis of special - shaped columns and the capability of the sliding of reinforcement anchoring. on the basis of related papers, the full path of stress - strain relation of concrete and the sliding of longitudinal reinforcement anchoring are all considered

    本論文主要內容是對鋼筋混凝土異形截面雙向壓彎柱(包括l形、 t形、十字形柱)進行非線形全過程分析,首先綜述了異形柱構件非線性分析以及粘結滑移性能研究的歷史與現狀,在有關文獻基礎上考慮了受拉縱筋和周圍混凝土的粘結滑移和混凝土應力?應變關系曲線的下降段。
  11. The content of the paper is nonlinear analysis of complete response process for t, l - shaped and " + " shaped section r. c. columns under axial compression and biaxial bending. on the basis of related papers, the full path of stress - strain relation of concrete and the sliding of longitudinal reinforcement anchoring are all considered, simultaneously, the restriction effect for concrete by thickening of stirrups is also included

    本論文主要內容是對鋼筋混凝土異形截面雙向壓彎柱(包括l形、 t形、十字形柱)進行非線形全過程分析,在有關文獻基礎上考慮了受拉縱筋和周圍混凝土的錨固滑移和混凝土應力?應變關系曲線的下降段,同時考慮到在箍筋加密區箍筋對混凝土的約束影響。
  12. ( 2 ) from the equilibrium conditions of the isolated segment from a beam - column sub - assemblage, it is clarified for the first time that the bond stress along the beam rebars passing through the joint transfers into the column end to balance shear at this column end at the same ratio as that of the compression force in the compressed concrete at beam ends

  13. A bearing surface transmits the interaction between an arch dam and its foundation, the strength of which directly affects the constraint of the bedrock to the dam, and thus affects the stress and deformation of the dam. the influence is studied in this paper with nonlinear finite element method, as an example, for a high arch dam in design. the results show that the influence on stress is only limited within the local area near the bearing surface, larger on the maximum principal tensile stress than on the principal compression stress, and the decrease of the strength does not cause unlimited increase of the maximum stress. the influence on the displacement of the top of the dam is smaller than that of the bottom of the dam, especially the relative downstream displacement. at the lower strength of the bearing surface, the relative downstream displacement at the bottom of the dam increases with the decrease of the strength

  14. ( 5 ) rock mass stability analysis on dam abutment of xia luo - yu damsite as follows : in left dam abutment, sideslip control structure has been relatively integrate, and low dip angle jointing did n ' t develop, so integrate sliding deformation control structure could n ' t been formed in three - dimensional space and rock mass stability could n ' t been influenced badly ; in right dam abutment, indicate rock mass distortion was caused by the rock mass mechanics condition, such as specific rock mass structure, compression stress concentrate with high strength and especial landform and so on

    ( 5 )對下落魚壩址壩肩巖體穩定問題的分析得出:左壩肩巖體雖然具有相對較完整的側滑控制結構,但由於緩傾角節理不發育,故在三維空間上不能形成完整的滑移變形控制結構,亦不會對壩肩巖體穩定性產生嚴重影響:右壩肩巖體復雜變形,是在特定的巖體結構、高強度的壓應力集中及特殊的地形等不可或缺的巖體力學條件下產生的。
  15. Using the general finite element programming package of ansys10. 0, the study of gabled frames beam - column end - plate connections is made, considering synthetically nonlinear ( material, geometry and contact ), bolt pretension forces and ratio of axial compression stress to strength. elastic - plastic finite element analyses are carried out among 28 species of 3 series under monotonic loads, in order to discuss the influence of parameters including stiffness of end - plate, bolt diameter, friction coefficients and so on

    本文使用通用有限元軟體ansys10 . 0綜合考慮了三重非線性(材料非線性、幾何非線性以及狀態非線性)的影響,同時考慮了螺栓預拉力的影響,對考慮端板厚度、端板加勁肋的設置、螺栓直徑、摩擦系數等參數不同的3個系列(端板系列,螺栓直徑系列,摩擦系數系列) 28個試件進行了有限元數值模擬,對連接節點的性能進行了分析研究。
  16. First of all, the structural characteristic and essential of damages were introduced. secondly the efficiency factor of how much the compression stress perpendicular to grain is more than the design value was calculated. thirdly, the main reason that members were made too large deformation and serious damage was pointed out

  17. Discussion on the compression stress of the huge u - shaped bridge abutment and design suggestions

  18. Rubber, vuicanized or thermoplastic - determination of compression stress relaxation

  19. Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - determination of compression stress - strain properties

  20. Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic ; determination of compression stress - strain properties ; identical with iso 7743 : 1989 status of 1990