corresponding images 中文意思是什麼

corresponding images 解釋
  1. Computational flow imaging ( cfi ) uses theoretical predictions of the interaction and transmission of optical waves through theoretical flowfield to generate digital pictures that simulate real observations. it was used to construct flow visualization corresponding to shadowgraph, schlieren, interferometric and planar laser induced fluorescence ( plif ) images. by providing a better insight into the flow physics and cfd code behavior, cfi is proving to be extremely useful to experimentally validate cfd codes

    計算光學流動顯示技術( computationalflowimaging - cfi )就是把數值計算( cfd )獲得的流場中的物理場,經過與實驗相同的計算光學(全息干涉、紋影、陰影、平面激光誘導熒光)的過程轉換為所需的各個方向與試驗流動顯示圖像相對應的計算流動圖像。
  2. The experimental results indicate the exact and rapid registration of the retinal fluoroscein angiography image with the corresponding retinal red - free image or a series of the retinal fluoroscein angiography images successful uses above methods that prospect well and complement each other in the practical diagnoses

  3. A lot of data of elevation in different places of the shallow water of n antong were obtained by fish - exploring machine and gps determining and tide cor recting. an image which reflects landforms of nantong was obtained by selecting f rom the many noaa images on different channels and in different phases. based on the image, grey scales corresponding to different places were obtained. by using c la ssifying liner regression technique, liner regression equations were established between the elevation and grey scale, and the threshold values of grey scales of the different elevations were determined. according to the threshold values, the a reas of the tidal zone above different elevations of the shallow water of nanton g were estimated

  4. Because of the characters in the alum image : strong disturbances, low contrast and random arrangement of alum grain, in the designing of the system we sort the images collected from digital camera and get the corresponding control of adding alum through three steps : pre - operation, vein analysis and particle processing

  5. Image difference operation is applied to video images taken with image capture device, then statistical computation is performed to judge whether there is vehicle violating the regulations, and corresponding measures are taken

  6. Mutual information algorithm use mutual information as a new matching criterion to measure the statistical dependence between the image intensities of corresponding pixels in both images, which is assumed to be maximal if the images are geometrically aligned

  7. On the basis of such a result, the depth information is computed by using the disparity of corresponding points in two images

  8. On the basis of the chavacteristic that the interferometric fringes have minimum gradient in the tangent direction, this paper employs the spin filtering with curved windows along the fringe tangent direction for interferometric phase images, and its feasibility and efficiency in keeping the fringe information, suppression the noise and improving the unwrapping precision are proved through comparing the different filtering methods and the corresponding phase unwrapping results

  9. Chapter four illustrates the problems of two dimensional phase unwrapping of single and multi - baseline, and again proves the importance of filtering in improving the quality of interferometric phase images and the unwrapping result through comparing the corresponding noisy and filtering phase unwrapping results

  10. It integrates five agents, and uses ontology to describe the semantic features of images and assist users to normalize their queries, and can classify images in corresponding domains

  11. It can provide higher speed and alleviate the spectral degradation which usually goes with the existing algorithms, as well as constrain speckle noise of radar images. in respect of image fusion algorithm, the fusion rules and operators are essential. a new set of fusion rules and corresponding operators are given in this thesis

  12. Right parietal infarction with hyperperfusion there is a subtle, early mr abnormality in the right posterior parietal, with corresponding marked hyperperfusion, so - called luxury hyperperfusion, seen on spect images

  13. Two spatially registered images with different focuses are decomposed into several blocks. then, three features reflecting the clear level of every block, i. e., spatial frequency, visibility, and edge, are calculated. finally, artificial neural networks, i. e., multilayer - perceptron, radial - basis function, probabilistic neural network, are used to recognize the clear level of the corresponding blocks to decide which blocks should be used to construct the fusion result

  14. Matching interpolation of ct faulted images based on corresponding object

  15. Also shown by afm images are the regular features of crystals and ordered crystal domains for the film grown on 200 substrates, the morphologies indicate a phase transition, which is clearly confirmed by contrast between ( 0, 0 ) and ( 0, 1 ) absorption features and the bathoshift of ( 0, 0 ) absorption peak corresponding to the temperature of the substrate

    Afm圖像同時顯示,在200的襯底上生長的薄膜具有規則的晶體外型和有序排列的微疇,說明存在結晶轉變。 f - ptcdi薄膜的吸收光譜的( 0 , 0 )和( 0 , 1 )性狀的強度對比與紅移程度隨襯底溫度的變化清晰地表現出150到200之間存在一個相變, dsc測試說明該轉變是從低有序到高有序度的轉變。
  16. The main work is as follows : 1. firstly, video images are pretreated through segmenting regions corresponding to objects then tracking them after self - adaptive background subtraction and noise wiped

    主要工作如下: 1 .首先,對輸入圖像進行預處理,採用自適應高斯背景模型方法提取出運動的前景區域,對前景圖像進行去噪,分割處理,確定目標區域並對目標進行跟蹤。
  17. Image fusion based on wavelet transform is presented. by decomposing the images and mask signals with wavelet transform, wavelet coefficients and approximation coefficients at different scales are obtained. with the corresponding coefficients of normalized - mask signals as weighting functions, coefficients are combined in different resolution levels to reduce the effect of the seam

  18. The aim of medical image registration is to align the corresponding point in two medical images. then image fusion technique can be used, and a new containing all medical information of both images can be provided to doctor, through which medical information in different modality can reinforce each other. retinal image registration is often required in clinic surgery and laser therapy in order to provide ophthalmologists with new element of diagnosis and surgery planning

  19. According to the concept of linear - fitting correction, the correction factors for correcting the test - piece image are obtained by reference images and their corresponding means captured at fixed tube voltage and different tube current

  20. For another example that replaces textual cell values with corresponding images, see