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flood information 解釋
  • flood : n 1 洪水,水災。2 溢流,漲水,潮水最高點,泛濫,洶涌。3 〈詩〉河,湖,海。4 充溢,豐富;大量,一...
  • information : n. 1. 通知,通報,報告。2. 報導,消息,情報。3. 資料,知識,學識。4. 【自動化】信息,數據。5. 【法律】起訴,告發。adj. -al
  1. The main process of regional ecological risk assessment includes 5 stages : regional analysis, risk receptor selection, risk sources analysis, exposure and hazard analysis, and integrated risk assessment. arming at flood, drought, storm tide, petroleum pollution accident and flow breaking in the lower huanghe river, the probability and distribution of each kind of risk sources are evaluated. the authors bring forward indexes and formulas to measure hazarded degree and risk value of ecosystem. by using remote sensing data, historic record, survey data and by means of geographical information system, regional ecological risk assessment is finished. on the basis of assessment result, the environmental risk management countermeasure of the huanghe river delta is advanced

  2. It is based on the above reasons, the leading system of flood, windstorm, drought control and the construction of water conservancy information engineering and the principle of theory and practicality are combined. based on the continuous development the following contents are researched in this paper : 1. the flood occurred law on major rivers and flood problems and flood control measure

    正是基於這種考慮,本論文結合廣州市三防指揮系統工程和廣州市水利信息化工程的建設,本著理論性與實用性相結合的原則,從可持續發展的角度,重點研究以下內容: 1 、廣州市主要河流洪水發生的規律及存在問題與防洪措施; 2 、廣州市現有防洪措施的防洪標準與可靠性; 3 、洪水預報與調度系統的方法與技術路線; 4 、現代防洪管理。
  3. Taking into account weather and flood forecast information ; the forecast operation manner is studied under the condition of without the change of the existing flood control standard to realize the conversion of flood control and benefits. ( 4 ) through analyzing runoff and water utilization information during reservoir operation, design flood, and the existin

  4. Sparedescription : based on the author s research and information from the usa and japan, the development trend of flood control and disaster mitigation in economically developed countries is introduced, including the follow aspects : flood risk management, floodplain management, flood control standard, city rainfall flood storage, levee construction technology, public participation, flood insurance, management of storage and detention zones, flood control investment, study on flood control and disaster mitigation, and formulation of related laws and regulations

  5. The study of ddos and tcp syn flood becomes the hotspot of research about information security. many foreign and home manufactures develop the special products

  6. ( 3 ) anns are often viewed as black box models whose parameters do n ' t have any physical meaning. and the structures of anns are similar in different hydrologic systems, by this mean, the basic information such as distributing of hydrometric stations ca n ' t be utilized. this paper presents a new flood forecast model based on complex ann, which can make the information of hydrologic systems as guidance when constructing the structure of ann

    ( 3 )通過建立復合型型人工神經網路模型的方法,有效的利用給定水文系統的先驗知識為人工神經網路模型的建模提供指導,使得建立出的模型更具合理性,該方法不同於傳統的人工神經網路建立方法,為基於人工神經網路的洪水預報建模提供了一種新的思路。
  7. Forty days later, the flood retreated, and noah sent a crow out for information. the crow never returned

  8. Dynamic control of the limit water level belongs to non - structural measures of reservoir operation. with the analysis of the cause and rule of flood in the catchments and taking advantage of hydrology and metrology information, the operable method can be obtained which not only satisfies the flood prevention but also takes full advantage of flood resources, and the upper and lower limits of the limit water level are determined with serial hydrology calculation. then, the rule of using the upper and lower limits is put forward to reach a beneficial flood operation with small risk

  9. Build gis - based rban flood control and disaster diminishment information system, water resources assessment information system and related management information system in the field of hydrology and water resources

  10. Speciality in fields designed storm, designed flood, hydrological forecast, flood control information system, decision support system, data visualisation. ( 2 ) speciality in techniques globe optimization method, interpolation for scattered data, contouring method, design and development for hydrologic forcast and decision support system

    業務特長領域:設計暴雨、設計洪水、洪水預報、防汛信息系統、決策支持系統、數據可視化; ( 2 )業務特長技術:全局最優化技術、空間散點數據插值技術、等值線勾繪技術、洪水預報系統設計開發、決策支持系統設計開發。
  11. The main results of this paper are as follows : ( 1 ) the operation chart for individual and associated operation of new and old units, is plotted by using series of multiyears flows and the associated charts is advised to direct the reservoir operation. ( 2 ) on the basis of analysis on the characteristics of hydro - information observation system and flood forecasting system, some key problems in flood operation such as dispatching period of time, decision - making method and so on are studied. ( 3 ) the study and development of flood - dispatching simulation model

    論文取得的研究成果如下: ( 1 )採用長系列徑流資料,繪制了新老機組單獨運行和聯合運行調度圖,通過對比分析,建議採用聯合運行調度圖來指導水庫運行; ( 2 )在對石泉水庫水情測報系統和洪水預報系統的特點進行分析的基礎上,研究了洪水調度中的幾個關鍵問題,如調度時段、決策方法等; ( 3 )洪水調度模擬模型研究與開發。
  12. Geography information system, flood progress modeling, flood loss evaluation, plan of city, town and region, design of information system, web site design and management

  13. Thanks to the flood of new information, people like kargel are daring to use the l - word in public when talking about mars

  14. Abstract : the investigation on the evaculation in jingjiang diversion area ( jda ) during the 1998 flood revealed that the traffic - jams and disorders occurred during the evacuation, even under the flood preparedness plan for the diversion. the improvement of the organization and management for safe shift had become the focal point highlighted in the evacuation of 1998. the people living in the jda had poor information on flood. strengthening the dissemination of flood information and upgrading the consciousness of flood preparedness for the families inhabited in the jda is becoming one of the major priorities of flood disaster reduction in the future. it is imperative that appropriate compensation for the losses caused by the flood diversion should be made to insure the diversion area to be used effectively to protect more important regions

  15. To prevent flood, adopting non - project measures is feasible and efficient marching measures in recent years in most of counties, adequately utilizing modern science and technology such as computer, information processing, net and communication, system emulation, artificial intelligence and so on to build system that can automatically survey and forecast water information, now plays a important role in grasping the information of rainfall, water and project, in making and selecting preliminary draft of flood control and dispatch, which can greatly raises the efficiency and flexibility of flood control, and has important realistic significance and social economic benefits in minimizing flood disaster

    充分利用現代科學技術,如計算機、信息處理、網路和通訊、系統模擬、人工智慧等技術,建立水情自動測報系統,對雨、水、工情的掌握,防洪調度預案的制定、選擇和實施都有重要的使用價值,可以大大提高防洪工程措施的防洪效能和防汛調度的靈活性,對減少洪水災害具有重要的現實意義和社會經濟效益。鬱江洪水預報與調度系統內容豐富,主要有: 1 、系統設計; 2 、系統洪水預報模型; 3 、系統實時校正模型; 4 、系統河道洪水演進模型; 5 、系統水庫調度模型。
  16. Gaomi water conservancy geography information system & manager information system is an information supporting system for flood control, emergency decision - making and reasonable allocation of water resources for gaomi city

  17. By using gis, " the flood prevention information system of daqing oil field " played an important role in the management of drainage in daqing oil field

  18. The open and close environment before and after the channel formation makes different sediments deposit in the flood channels. at the same time the various sediments give the important information about the surroundings difference

  19. By introducing and analyzing the functions, the data requirements, the methods for system development and the data processing of the flood information system for shantou city ( stfis ), this dissertation provides a basic thinking in building an object - oriented gis database that can be used as a normal mode for a great gis application. it dissertates from many points of view for a gis database such as data characters, data framework, data model and basic methods for database design in detail, with discussing the applications of fundamentals of traditional database systems and advanced database technologies for building a gis database. meanwhile, it discusses the methods for implementing this thinking in the stfis, with analyzing the relationship of the system database and the construction solutions, together with the main functions of the system and the mechanism of data processing for spatial analysis of the stfis

  20. At the same time, the technology of gis is used in field of water conservancy more and more. some departments use it as a tool for analyzing, decision - making, imitating, and forecasting, which brings much social economic benefit clearly. the technology of gis is mostly used in the flood information system, which includes of geographic environment, social economic and engineering means etc. because there are much information, much emergency, quick decision, it is asked good ability to deal with data and make speed reflect