dimension error 中文意思是什麼

dimension error 解釋
  • dimension : n 1 尺寸。2 【數學】次元,度(數),維(數)。3 【物理學】因次,量網。4 〈pl 〉容積;面積;大小,...
  • error : n. 1. 錯誤;失錯。2. 謬見,誤想;誤信;誤解。3. 罪過。4. 【數學】誤差;【法律】誤審,違法;(棒球中的)錯打。adj. -less 無錯誤的,正確的。
  1. One fault diagnosis model and corresponding algorithm was constructed based on neural network and evidence theory for taking a step forward diagnosis correct rate, which can cut down the imput dimension of neural network 、 improve classification ability 、 decrease the error classify rate of diagnosis system. then, the feasibility and effectiveness of this method was manifested by specific diagnosis example

  2. This paper also points out the consistency that can be generalized more than one dimension. so, we achieve the large sample property - consistency of this class of model on the fixed design. in this paper, for fixed design points xi ; under the assumption that the unknown function g is continuous function and the moment of random error exists and is finity, we discuss and show that the estimators n, gn and n2 for, g and 2 have strong consistency, p th - mean consistency for more general nonparametric weighted fuction

    本論文在x ;是固定設計的情況下,假定未知函數9 ( ? )連續,對非參數權函數的條件更為一般和基本,並對隨機誤差e ;的矩的要求有限,討論並證明了在這些條件下, p ; g ( ? )的估計量札lin ( ? )及誤差方差a 』的估計量枯相合性和叭三2 )階平均相合性
  3. Based on the 3d geometry vision, using java3d, for each of worktable and sine welding seam part of sheet, the ve modeling experiments achieve the construct of macrostructure, security virtual thickness and virtual guide based on error, and accomplish the space restriction of robot running. via the structured laser sensor ’ s getting three - dimension information, the experiments achieve the modeling of sine welding seam part of sheet by using programming

  4. With the increasingly extensive application of the planar enveloping hourglass worm gearing, it becomes more important to rapid detection and high precision of the manufacture error. the surface of the planar enveloping worm gearing is complicate, and current domestic and international examination concerning its form generally is recur to the general three dimension measure apparatus or the special measure apparatus according to " the type of assemble " principle designed

  5. With the thorough research on these and computer ability increasing quickly, people are paying more and more attention to relational numerical study. the mostly discussion is how to numerical simulate, concering error estimate in long - time, the existence of approximate attractor, well - posedness of solution and numerical solution and dimension estimate and so on, now there are much study [ 5 ], [ 15 ]. spectral method is important numerical method, but it is very hard so that research is a less

  6. In order to meet the requirement of phase - error and physical dimension, high - pass / low - pass filter phase shifter and solid - structure are applied in the design of if broad - band five - bit digital phase shifter

  7. Analyze item by item the position of unintact cycle, the running clearance of unintact cycle, locking - deform, datum dimension regulating, repeatly install, power voltage wave and marking running etc. at the same time, we give the calculating formula to calculating the running marking random error, and use it to calculate the system error of big diameter measure instrument - - datum dimension frame error, gyro - wheel diameter error, error caused by circumstance temperature, error caused by backing distance, angle error, delay error of data collecting circuit, lathe main shaft running error, workpiece install partial error

  8. The criterion can reduce the computation of dimension estimation on the basis of the same error probability

  9. It adopts developed predictive model to shorten the predictive time and eliminate the truncation error, adopts range control to avoid the frequent change of inputs, adopts block technology to reduce the dimension of qp, uses performance ratio to make the controller ' s tuning sample and intuitionistic

  10. Except from the above achievements, the paper adopts two kinds of computational methods to analysis and compare, one is the spatial fem, the other is the cross direction supporting frame method. the results are present which the spatial fem can relatively accurately reflect stress of the practical structure, and which in spite of being convenient, the cross direction supporting frame method can lead to error while determining dimension of the cross bending str ess

  11. Especially, the idea of " datum dimension precision back " is being put forward, and this idea is being realized by backing composition composed by outer - diameter micrometer, airproof shafting, microwatch. at the same time, use " non - lock " to replace " lock ", this way make the system compact, eliminate many bigger error and resolve th

    尤其是提出了基準尺調整后精確後退的思想,並通過外徑百分尺、密珠軸系、千分表組成後退機構加以實現。同時以「無鎖」代「鎖」 ,使系統結構緊湊,受力小,消除了多項較大誤差從而解決了測試精度低的關鍵問題。
  12. Carry on a large amount of experiment and analysings, the result of calculation of designing has been verified, the error of designing and computing has been revised, the physical dimension of the rivet has been confirmed finally. combine the real working condition of the factory the difficulties that the rivet stem and the locking collar are difficult to process are solved, a series of feasible technology schemes are made finally. according to the designing and of the test of the blind rivet, consult the relevant standards of u. s. a., the relevant aviation industrial standards which lay the foundation for the popularizaion and application of the rivet are compiled

  13. One dimension river flow roughness parameter inverse analysis kalman filter is introduced into the model to solve stochastic error in observed data. applying kalman filter automatism revising system, dynamic roughness course is obtained. using dynamic roughness course the model result precision is improved, it is more consistent with observed data

  14. In the paper it is required to settle which dimension and figure error of rolled steel can be measured by non - contact and on - line way under high speed and red - hot state

  15. Thirdly, a modified extended chirp scaling ( ecs ) algorithm is presented, which solves the problem of producding fine focused images in the class of chirp scaling ( cs ) algorithm. lt can be used for uwb - sar imaging effectively. the phas e error produced by cs operation are analyzed. a windowed process in two dimension frequency domain before cs operation are proposed. it can improve the quality of image and widen the effectively swath and increase the peak to sidelobe ratio ( pslr )

    然後針對chirpscaling ( cs )類演算法不能對參考點精確聚焦的問題,提出了一種改進的擴展cs ( ecs )演算法,實現了對uwb - sar的高效成像;分析了cs操作產生的相位誤差,提出在cs操作之前在二維頻率域對信號加窗,除有效提高信號的峰值旁瓣比( pslr )外,還可以提高圖像質量,增加有效測繪帶寬度。
  16. Based on the formers, this dissertation efficiently selects the face features abstracting using ica. with no decline of recognition rate, the feature dimension is reduced, so the course of recognition is accelerated. support vector machine pattern recognition method is based on vc dimension theory, adopting the srm principle and considering training error and the generalization ability, which has shown many special advantages in dealing with small samples, non - linear and pattern recognition in high dimension

    本文採用基於矩陣s的人臉表示方法,將ica特徵選擇的概念和演算法用於人臉特徵的提取和優化,在不影響識別率的情況下,降低了特徵維數,提高了識別速度;支持向量機( svm )模式識別方法基於vc維理論,採用結構風險化原理,兼顧訓練誤差和泛化能力,在解決小樣本、非線性及高維模式識別問題中表現出許多特有的優勢;對于多類問題,介紹並採用了「一對一」的策略進行svm分類器設計;對于圖像預處理,詳細介紹了幾何歸一化的演算法步驟。
  17. First, calculating time delay and embedding dimension to reconstruct phase space. second, based on chaos theories, the artificial neural network is used to build one - step and multi - steps predictive model. third, combining with an adaptive filter, predictive error is processed so that weak signal is extracted from strong chaotic noise

    研究的內容分為三個方面: ( 1 )確定嵌入維數和延遲時間重構相空間; ( 2 )將混沌理論與人工神經網路結合,建立混沌時間序列(混沌背景)的一步與多步預測模型; ( 3 )結合自適應信號分離器對預測誤差進行處理達到檢測微弱信號的目的。
  18. Ae testing technology, which is used more and more widely for solving the problems, expensive and long inspecting periods in general testing, is only adopted by the skilled inspector now for behindhand testing system, high orientation error and low quality orientation software. in addition, orientation error is very high in global vessel testing, also the software can not show location picture in three - dimension, all of these restrict the development of the ae technology. in the aspect of testing system, the vallen corp

  19. Based on 5 - axis nc linkage, aocmt can generate freedom - form surface in normal manner, and grinding accuracy is better than 8 m. 4. according to the error component of various wavelength, feeding step length, convergence ratio and anastomotic status, a new method which determines the dimension of the polishing tool is presented

    4 、提出了根據不同成分面形誤差的分佈特徵、進給步距、收斂比和吻合特性要求,確定研拋盤尺寸的新方法;對ccos加工中研拋模運動路徑的規劃進行了深入研究,並給出了相應的工藝流程和技術規范。
  20. After the above work, a universal zero - dimension fault simulation model of diesel engine is built. thirdly, according to the constructed simulation model, a faults simulation software is developed in the environment of visual c + + 6. 0, which can simulate some typical engine malfunctions, such as leakage, block, time - sequence error and have a friendly simulation interface