discount charge 中文意思是什麼

discount charge 解釋
  • discount : n 1 折扣,讓頭。2 【商業】貼現,貼現率,折息,扣息。3 不考慮,不重視,不全信。vt 1 打去(若干)折...
  • charge : vt 1 填;裝(子彈);充(電);使飽和;使充滿;堆積,裝載。2 命令;促;諭示,指令。3 責備;告誡。...
  1. Bill and value added tax, the relation of income tax : you are make out an invoice square, press those who go out not to contain taxes specified number of course, computational value added tax ( if be average taxpayer, still involve those who get bill of replenish onr ' s stock to touch discount a problem ) if be to receive a bill square, bill closes much, mix more with respect to existence charge cost is big, profit decreases relatively

  2. Sauna bath, swimming pool, gymnasium, sand fox s ball, bowling, simulation golf, simulation shooting range, squash, table tennis, billiards. and some are charge for discount 50 %. beauty parlor in the hall first floor

  3. The base rate is the interest rate that we charge licensed banks when they come to the discount window operated by us, with exchange fund paper, at the end of the day when they find themselves short of liquidity

  4. If there is likely to be a delay of any note, you may have to offer some form of incentive to persuade them not to go elsewhere ? retention of the wrong goods free of charge, perhaps, or a discount on their replacements

    如處理可能延期,你必須採取一些鼓勵措施,說明客戶不要到別處購買? ?如無償擁有誤送產品,或對替代品打折等。
  5. Where the applicants booking requires payment of charge based on sales, the applicant will have to pay such charge based on sales but will be granted a discount off the basic hire charge, subject to the exceptional cases in and below

  6. Those who opt for discount charge in the booking must get consent of physical education office in advance

  7. Successful applicant will pay the basic hire charge less a discount of

  8. Where the applicants booking ordinarily requires payment of charge based on sales but the applicant is a non - profit - making arts organization with a clearly stated aim to promote the arts in its constitution, the applicant will enjoy both the discount off the basic hire charge and a waiver of the charge based on sales