digit processing 中文意思是什麼

digit processing 解釋
  • digit : n. 1. 手指,足趾。2. 一指之寬〈約3/4英寸〉。3. 【天文學】太陽(或月亮)直徑的1/12〈用作測定日蝕、月蝕的單位〉。4. 阿拉伯數字〈0,1,2,…有時將0除外,僅指1至9〉。
  1. Video compression plays an important role on digit moving picture processing, since it affects the picture ' s quality, comprcssing rate and visual degree in video sequence. adopting the same aphesis on the different objects, this approach which has employed by mpeg - 2 standard has led to a blur image of key objects, especially for those of the human faces

  2. Information processing. cmc 7 printed magnetic characters. specifications. digit, symbol and letter sets

  3. A digit that is generated when a difference in a digit place is arithmetically negative and that is transferred for processing elsewhere

  4. The check digit in brackets is not part of the identity card number. it is only for facilitating computer data processing

  5. Remote sense picture and digit processing

  6. The development of digit reasoning and its relation to processing speed and working memory

  7. One or more digits, produced in connection with an arithmetic operation on one digit place of two or more numerals in positional notation, that are forwarded to another digit place for processing there

  8. Digital beam forming ( dbf ) is a kind of new technique which based on the antenna beam forming and the well - developed digit signal processing. the technique should convenient obtains high resolution and low sub beam by sufficiently utilizing of the space message received by array antenna. and make the technology of beam scanning, self - calibrating and adaptive beam should be realized easily

    數字波束形成( dbf )是在天線波束形成的基礎上,引入先進的數字信號處理方法后建立起來的一門新技術,這種技術可以充分利用陣列天線檢測到的空間信息,並易於獲得超解析度和低副瓣,實現波束掃描,自校準和自適應波束形成等。
  9. Whereas there are factors, a kind neotype dynamic balancer system of crank and connecting rod mechanism is researched & developed. against the feature of the balance of the rigid rotator, and applying theory of balances, microelectronic technique, digit signal processing technique, software programming technique and the greatly processing function of computer, it realizes such the functions as sampling signal, digit processing, balance calculation, result display

  10. In a positional representation system, a borrow digit is transferred to the digit place with the next higher weight for processing there

  11. The ic chip for digit tv receiver through dvb - s channel, is precisely the combination of these advanced technologies. the main work of the paper implements the byte processing part in this chip

    數字電視dvb - s通道接收晶元,正是各種先進技術的結晶,本文完成了dvb - s接收晶元中位元組處理環節的研究和實現。
  12. In contemporary digital times, the research about mandarin digit speech recognition is more and more noticed, since some aspects by digital technique, such as speech intensification, speech transmission, speech recognition, speech synthesis and speech deposit, are the front parts of speech signal processing, of which mandarin digit speech recognition is an important part, and used in many areas

  13. This paper discusses several algorithms of re - fabricating images in synthetic aperture focusing ultrasound imaging. on such a basis, it puts forward the digit quadrature processing method of synthetic aperture to lower sampling rate, reduce operation and storage quantities and presents emulational results