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  1. Transportation and based on chemical professing factory. we had a set of product line of annual productive sulfur bearing acerbity 100 thousand tons and a set of cysteamine hydrochloride line of annual productive dimethyl

  2. Hygienic standard for dimethyl acetamide in the air of workplace

  3. Workplace air. determination of dimethyl acetamide. gas chromatographic method

  4. Synthesis of dimethyl dially ammonium chloride

  5. Basic dimethyl hqlogenated arsine

  6. Separation of binary methanol - dimethyl carbonate azeotrope

  7. Separations of the binary methanol - dimethyl carbonate azeotrope

  8. Development in separation of dimethyl carbonate - methanol azeotrope

  9. Separation of dimethyl carbonate from methanol - dimethyl carbonate azeotrope

  10. Progress in separation of dimethyl carbonate from methanol - dimethyl carbonate azeotrope

  11. Separation of dimethyl carbonate from its azeotrope with methanol using trichloroethylene

  12. Preparation of cobalt pyridine - 2 - carboxylate and its catalytic activity on oxidative carbonylation of methanol to dimethyl carbonate

  13. Abstract : the anti - inflammatory effect of n - butanol extract of xanthocerassorbifolia bunge ( bex ) was studied in this paper. the ear edema resulted from dimethyl benzene, paw edema induced by carrageenin, the increase of vascular permeability caused by acetic acid, the chemotaxis of wbc induced by cmc and the weight of cotton granuloma in mice and hind paw edema induced by fresh egg white in rats were inhibited significantly by ig bex daily for 7 days, respectively. the carrageenin - induced paw edema was also inhibited markedly in adrenal - ectomiced mice. no changes in weight of adrenal and the concentration of vitamin c were observed, indicating that the anti - inflammatory effect of bex was not related to pituitary - adrenal system

  14. Cinnamic aldehyde dimethyl acetal

  15. Chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance of alumina determination of cupric oxide content - 2, 9 - dimethyl - 1, 10phenanthroline photometric method

  16. Theoretical study on the 1, 3 - dipolar cycloaddition reaction of c, n - dimethyl nitrone and acrylonitrile

  17. Water quality. determination of asymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine. amino ferrocyanide sodium spectrophotometric method

  18. The thermodynamic free energy on mixing and the spinodal equation in ternary homopolymer blends were obtained by making plausible approximation based on flory ' s equation of state theory. because of the non - linear behavior of the spinodal equation, a numerical solution approach was used and succeeded in solving the problem. spinodal of polystyrene ( ps ) / poly ( vinyl methyl ether ) ( pvme ) / poly ( 2, 6 - dimethyl - 1, 4 - phenylene oxide ) ( ppe ) were simulated over a wide temperature range and the calculated result was coincidence with that of the literature

    將上述方法用於已知狀態方程參數的二元均聚共混體系聚苯乙烯( ps ) /聚甲基乙烯基醚( pvme ) ,三元均聚共混體系聚苯乙烯( ps ) /聚甲基乙烯基醚( pvme ) /聚2 , 6 -二甲基1 , 4 -苯撐氧( ppe ) ,得到一系列不同溫度下的spinodal相圖,預測結果與文獻報道吻合,在此基礎上進一步研究了聚合物的分子量對體系相行為的影響。
  19. Synthesis of carboxy methyl cellulose - dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride - acrylamide graft copolymer

  20. The protein accounting for the total was approximately 11. 80 %. the peptide was synthesized according to the sequence of grb - ast7. since ast7 is a hapten, it was conjugated to the carrier proteins bovine serum albumin ( bsa ) using l - ethyl - 3 - ( dimethyl - aminopropyl ) carbodiimide ( edc )

    根據ast _ 7氨基酸序列合成小肽,用edc做偶聯劑把合成的半抗原小肽與載體bsa偶聯成完全抗原,免疫家兔三次后,采血收集抗血清,用elisa測定效價為1 400 。