eads 中文意思是什麼

eads 解釋
n. 名詞 伊茲〈姓氏〉。

  1. Three chief executives have had to leave eads and airbus

  2. In some ways the story of eads has been a one - off

    在某些方面, eads事件是空前絕后的。
  3. The u. s. coast guard employs the eads hh - 65 dolphin in an air - sea rescue

  4. Everyone involved ( not least the taxpayers who still have to lend eads money to develop new aircraft ) should benefit from these changes

  5. And the spanish government is eager to double its 5 % share in eads, in the hope of landing more airbus manufacturing jobs

  6. This push from mr sarzoky led to a more sensible regime, with a frenchman running eads and a german at the controls of airbus

    由法國人管理eads ,由德國人管理空客,來自薩爾科齊先生的這一推動力給空客帶來了更合理的管理體制。
  7. Eads had two chairmen and two chief executives ? one german and one frenchman for each job ? and no way of getting decisions made

    Eads擁有兩位董事會主席和兩位行政總裁? ?每個職位各由一名德國人和一名法國人擔任? ?因此無法做出決議。
  8. And this week eads confirmed rumours that the delay to the a380 had increased to two years and spelled out the financial consequences

  9. Before taking over as co - chief executive of eads earlier this year he was boss for ten years at sncf, the french state - owned railway firm

    今年年初,加洛瓦接任歐航聯席首席執行官之職,在此之前,他擔任法國國營鐵路公司( sncf )的總裁達十年之久。
  10. Politicians in both countries are on their soapboxes howling about job losses and calling for the repayment of subsidies that eads received from local governments

  11. Delays in the airbus a380 superjumbo have forced eads to examine changes to the way it produces large commercial jets, including an overhaul of airbus management

  12. His aim was to broker a deal with angela merkel, germany ' s chancellor, to simplify the odd bicephalic leadership structure at airbus ' s parent company, eads

    他的目的是與德國總理安吉拉?默克爾達成一筆交易,以簡化空客母公司? ?歐洲航空防務和航天公司( eads )內部古怪的雙頭領導結構。
  13. Casgc president li hai and airbus president ( front, first from right ) and chief executive officer, and eads co - ceo, louis gallois ( front, first from left ) sign the agreements and shake hands

  14. Meeting at the airbus head office between angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy on july 16th was due to bring the drama of eads to a climax

    安格拉?默克爾和尼古拉?薩科齊7月16日在空客總部舉行的會議原本會將歐洲航空防務與空間集團( eads )上演的劇情推向高潮。
  15. With its air passenger traffic growing at double - digit rates in recent years, china will need about 2, 650 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years, worth $ 289 billion, according to the latest projections from airbus, a unit of european aerospace group eads

  16. The company ' s failure to provide more timely information about the scale of its problems also triggered investigations into the share dealings of executives and eads board members

  17. Eads, the standard - bearer of the european aerospace and defence industry, was born out of a common european desire to create a competitor to america ' s boeing

  18. The delay will knock a further 4. 8 billion euro dollars ( $ 6 billion ) off profits and 6. 3 billion euro dollars off revenues at eads between 2006 and 2010

  19. Last week the german government organised a special consortium to take up the 7. 5 % of shares in eads, airbus ' s parent, being sold by daimlerchrysler

    上周,德國政府組織了一個特別財團,對戴姆勒-克萊斯勒出售的歐洲航空防務與航天公司( eads ) (空客的母公司) 7 . 5的股份進行認購。
  20. It drummed up two german states with airbus factories and a state - owned bank, as well as several private ones, to ensure parity between french and german shareholdings in eads, presumably in an effort to protect as many of airbus ' s 29, 000 german workers as possible