t-time 中文意思是什麼

t-time 解釋
n. 名詞 (火箭、導彈等的)試驗發射時間 (= time for test-firing)。

  • t : 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • time : n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  1. Meg wasn't at all agreeable at breakfast time.

  2. Aha, you can 't slip away this time.

  3. North kingstown, r. i. - a message in a bottle found after being hidden in a wall at quonset naval air station for more than 60 years came with a question its authors knew could n ' t be answered unless their makeshift time capsule was discovered

  4. " we don ' t know who sent it to miss tripsack. we can only assume that they must have been of means, as cards were a novelty at the time, " aldridge said

    奧爾德里奇說, "我們不知道是誰將它寄給了瑪麗?切薩克小姐。只能認為,在當時賀卡是富有的一種象徵,因為在那個年代,賀卡是很新奇的事物。
  5. He hadn t time, bairn : he was gone in a minute, was your father

  6. I haven't time to play with the children; i have other fish to fry.

  7. Oh well, there isn't time to go into that.

  8. What sort of games are you up to ? ’ said the water rat severely. ‘ you know it isn ' t time to be thinking of winter quarters yet, by a long way

    「你們在玩什麼游戲呀? 」河鼠繃著臉說。 「你們該懂得,現在還不是考慮過冬住所的時候,早著吶! 」
  9. This isn't time to be fooling around.

  10. ( 2nyith n - a isotherm curves and n - t time curves, the adsorption beboen huinan serum albumin ( hsapo are on sufohases with arerent ph values is also systemahall studied, the result demonsan tha the veboty of adsorption and desorption of hihb and hsa gets to equation after about 1 hour. the collapse pressare and the mean area per molecul of monolayer keeps w aha the dsrption compared with tha prio to the adsorption, whil the hsa originall adsoibed on hihb is foed ou of the ds of m monofayer

    結果表明, hsa在hihb單分子膜面下的吸附解吸平衡在本實驗條件下約二小時達到; hsa在單分子膜二次壓縮的前期可能參與膜的形成,在壓縮的過程中,吸附在hihb上的hsa逐漸被擠出單分子膜面, hsa的存在基本不影響單分子膜的崩潰壓和平均分子占據面積。
  11. The result of shaking culture test indicated that the oil can be degraded by the activated sludge culture in shor t time between 5 and 15 mg / l

    搖床試驗說明馴化活性污泥在油濃度5 15mg l范圍內,均可以在較短的時間內降解。
  12. Let ' s answer the question in general : we haven ' t time to consider all the niceties

  13. Too bad, for there probably isn ' t time to go back to re - read your lifetime ' s allotment of five thousand or so books

  14. The buyer should guarantee the discharging rate of 12, 000mt pwwd shinc with 12 hours t / time upon tendering n. o. r. demurrage / despatch at usd12, 000 pdpr / hd

    買方需保證卸貨率為每十二小時12 , 000公噸否則要交納滯期費12 , 000美元這樣翻譯可以嗎? ?還有誰能告訴我那些縮寫是什麼意思呢
  15. The egg is hard ; you didn ' t time it properly

  16. I haven ' t time to see the film besides, it ' s had dreadful reviews

    我沒有時間去看這部影片- -再說,影評也諸多貶斥
  17. But if you could heal a broken heart, would ' t time be out to charm you

  18. There isn't time to go into it all now.

  19. Using linear regression model, we also tested the relations between d ( declining degree of underpricing between ipos and seos ) and t ( time interval between ipos and seos ). contrary to our hypothesis, the data demonstrates that the correlation is weak

  20. It isn't time yet for you to have your own little boy.