creative production 中文意思是什麼

creative production 解釋
  • creative : adj. 有創造力的,創造的;造成的。 be creative of 能產生…的。 creative power 創造力;創作力。 creative talent 創作的才能。
  • production : n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...
  1. Our company took the lead in establishing a factory specialinzing in producing inflatable models and balloons in 1995. for the last 10 years, with great support and concern from all circles of society and by a common effort of our staff, the enterprise isadvancing in agreat stride, to be the biggest prodution center in china for producing inflatable models and balloons, with a activeties scope from production, marketing, design and research. the company has full range of products, such as : inflatable models and balloons made by pe, pvc complex film, nylon cloth, oxford, reinforced oxford, euphotic oxford, and also inflatable toys. pop commericials, and swimming articles, etc. the company also has a strong technical force : all the products with a unique creative idea, carefully selected materials, vivid and vast sculpt, also can be equipped with computer controlled lighting and sounding system. the lighteing inflatable model is the first in china and has obtainde a patent. the inflatable products, which have a spectacular and impressive visual effect, can be put on advertisement, celebration ceremony, and business activities, giving a commercial culture atmosphere into the citys sight. they are the best choice of advertisers and business people with insight

    本公司於1995年在國內率先創建氣模氣球生產專業廠家,十年來,在社會各界關心支持和全體員工共同努力下,企業發展突飛猛進,現已成為集生產銷售設計科研為一體的國內同行業最大企業,成為國內最大的氣球氣模生產基地。產品品種全: pe pvc復合膜尼布牛津布增強牛津布透光牛津布等材料的氣球氣模,以及充氣兒童玩具pop廣告物水上泳具等產品應有盡有發光氣模等多項產品屬國內首創並獲專利,其產品一旦充而擴之,投放于廣告慶典商務活動,視覺效果巍為壯觀十分搶眼,不僅為都市空間增添了一道亮麗的商業文化景線,更為現代廣告人商人慧眼所識。
  2. Opencourseware asked various members of this production of the internationalist to comment on the creative process for this project. their responses and dialogue are presented below

  3. Creative cartoon network ( ccn ) is a professional av production house with a special strength in animated cartoon creation

  4. The company is a matter of professional re - produced video product design groups, companies established in 1997, bing on " efficient, pragmatic, self - confidence, i solemnly declare " entrepreneurship, after four years of growth, has mastered the television advertisements taken, recorded, and compiled 3d integration of advanced technology with a moment of the latest industry dynamics, constantly seeking innovative, rich in the spirit of professionals with various professional camera box machines, non - linear editing equipment class digital compression equipment, like high - quality creative, sophisticated quality of the production, enterprises and individuals to strive for excellence fuel

  5. The company is equipped with today ' s printing and box - making machines at world first class in package material sector, such as automatic high - speed four - colors printer, automatic high - speed offset press, high - speed box - applying machine and box - binding machine etc., and a paper mill with a capacity of 5000 tons annually, a production line of five - layers corrugated paper and a team of high quality employees, of which all make the company being able to integrate all box - making processes such as creative design, plate - making, printing, glossing, watermarking, offset printing and etc. into its factory for producing and processing variety of watermarked or offset - printed color package boxes according to clients ' requests

    公司集創意設計、製版印刷、光澤處理以及水印、膠印等紙箱的生產加工於一體,擁有當今包裝材料行業一流的全自動高速四色水印機、全自動高速四色膠印機、高速糊箱機、訂箱機等各種印刷和紙箱加工設備,以及年產5萬噸造紙廠、 5層瓦楞紙板生產線和一支高素質的員工隊伍,可根據用戶需求生產加工各種水印、膠印等彩色包裝紙箱。
  6. A experience and expertise in providing a full range of advertising services including development of creative concepts ; production of tv and radio apis, documentaries, posters, leaflets, print and outdoor advertisements and souvenirs ; media consultancy and placement, and english and chinese copywriting for public service campaigns ; and

  7. A a hong kong degree, or equivalent ; a pass in chinese language and english language syllabus b in the hong kong certificate of education examination, or equivalent ; 4 years hands - on experience in multimedia, web copywriting and event organizing ; solid experience in ms word, ms excel, ms powerpoint ; experience in filming, editing and writing scripts for programme production ; exposure in being a presenter for educational video production and seminars is an advantage ; fluency in putonghua ; and hardworking, creative, independent with good communication skill and ability to work under pressure

    A持有香港頒授的學位,或具同等學歷b于香港中學會考中國語文科及英國語文科課程乙取得及格成績,或具同等學歷c具四年多媒體網頁撰稿及活動籌辦經驗d熟悉微軟word excel powerpoint e曾為節目製作進行拍攝剪接及撰稿f如曾擔任教育錄像製作及研討會主持則更為理想g能操流利普通話及h刻苦耐勞富創意性格獨立溝通技巧良好,並能在壓力下工作。
  8. These awards for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their fields are based on the criteria of commitment to work, compatibility with colleagues, enthusiastic service, creative development of production technology, constant enhancement of work efficiency, excellent professional skills and a thorough commitment to guiding and teaching newcomers

  9. Advanced facilities and sophisticated technology is the precondition for success of zhongtian. since zhongtian company foundation, . we are always striving to keep our facilities. at the same level with the development of world advanced facilities, leading in mold industry, and provide guarantees physically for products production and creative quality in future

  10. Award - winning production company offering voice - over, narration and creative media services including concept, sigs, logos and original music

  11. At dawn 1968, another gmp production. though it was helmed by sung chuen - sau, the overall concept and creative force behind the work no doubt came from li himself

    不要忘記了,另一部入圍的國聯作品破曉時分1968 ,執導的是宋存壽,背後的創作動力和整體構思顯然也是來自李翰祥。
  12. Covering the whole design process from the conceptual stage to the finished product with research works, sketches, drawings, mock - ups, models, final prototypes and production samples on display the exhibits offer visitors a glimpse into the inventive and creative thinking of product designers and how they contribute to the enhancement of our daily life

  13. The film also marked his directorial debut, and was made by a icon productions, a production company he formed himself. although the film was not very successful, he first steps towards autonomy payed off as he proved that he could be a strong creative force in the industry

    1993年他執導了影片無臉人themanwithoutface ,該片講述了一個古代傳奇故事,並且親自主演,他在片中扮演的是一個被嚴重燒傷的教師,在他心中懷有一個不可告人的秘密。
  14. The initial challenge to researchers and advisors is to recognize that crop production, especially at consistently high yield levels, is a complex problem that requires a team effort to unleash creative thinking from various disciplines that can be combined to increase crop yields

  15. We established in 2005, is a planning, creative, design, production, which integrates professional design studio ; gathered in web design, interface design, animation design, illustration, design, graphic design, visual design, interactive design industry professionals for many years, has many years well - known companies at home and abroad with the rich experience of the successful cooperation

  16. Fastmedia ownership in television advertising professionals engaged in various films, feature films, television movies and other creative centers. the kits advanced video, editing, graphics equipment and planned and produced a number of outstanding creative talentwith the breakdown of the market for film and television production business, we can make a more professional service to all customers

  17. In consideration of the developing trends of urban - rural areas programming and training appeals and aims of the special talents, the teaching reform of the major should carry out around the following aspects : pushing up the credit system reforming talents ' training patterns to make up integrated and flexiable course system, strengthening course development, reforming teaching methods, training college students ' creative thinking, enhancing practising education, training students ' creative abilities in the social production, intensifying moral and environmental consiousness education, accelerating to form fine professional ethies

  18. Robert was a ambitious young man who was not satified staying at home with his uncle fung. robery, getting the help from the firl friend of his uncle, worked as a creative assistant in an advertising production house

  19. A glimpse of mp gi s creative production situation : some speculations, some doubts

  20. Since the domain name has the interest of intellectual property, which appears under the network circumstance, it should be regarded as a kind of discriminating earmark influence different from those creative production rights, and it can be collected to a sort of intellectual property in extensive meaning