seepage velocity 中文意思是什麼

seepage velocity 解釋
  • seepage : n. 〈美 Scot. 〉1. 漏水;滲流。2. 滲漏;滲出(現象)。3. 【礦物】油苗。
  • velocity : n. 1. 迅速;快速。2. 速度,速率。3. 周轉率。
  1. Darcy's law can be applied to unsaturated flow subject to certain restrictions on seepage velocity.

  2. In the following derivation, instead of using pore velocity it is advantageous to use seepage or darcian velocity.

  3. It is suggested that in the regions of aqueous soil with faster seepage velocity, either the tube - wells can be spaced adequately closer or for the same spacing the number of tube - wells and length of tubes can be reduced under the condition of assuring regular heat transfer effect

  4. Based on the nonlinear relationship of permeability velocity and hydraulic gradient, four non - darcy seepage models were summarized to investigate the permeability behavior of soft soil under consolidation pressure

  5. Based on the results of testing site, some problems of vacuum preloading was analyzed by plane strain finite element method. the relative stable seepage velocity field can be produced with the pumping time. the depth of negative pore - water pressure transferring increases with the pvds length

  6. In this paper, the temperature fields during liquid infiltration extrusion of composites are simulated with the fem, the seepage fields of liquid metal are simulated with the fdm. both the temperature fields and the seepage fields are coupled, the temperature variation curves, infiltration front process curves and velocity variation curves with time are obtained