listening and speaking activities 中文意思是什麼

listening and speaking activities 解釋
  • listening : n. 傾聽。adj. 1. 收聽的,留心的,注意的。2. 助聽的。
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • speaking : adj 1 發言的,交談的,說話的。2 栩栩如生的,活現的,逼真的。3 雄辯的,說明問題的,富於表情的。n ...
  • activities : 各項活動
  1. Chinese teachers should base on the speech form, the teachers should develop the students " speech ability in the activities of writing, listening, reading and speaking. at the same time, the bridge of language leads the students to the world, the history, the tradition and finally to the culture. in order to cultivate the students " independent personality and spirit, the teachers should make the students come into contact with the life, the world and the history

  2. The researcher adopts the scheme of learning strategies given by o ' malley and chamot ( 1990 ) to illustrate the significance of using learning strategies in english learning, mainly in listening and speaking activities which are dominant in english classes at the preliminary stage of primary school. various metacognitive, cognitive, social and affective learning strategies are presented in this chapter

    採用o 』 malley和chamot )的學習策略體系,詳細介紹了各種策略(包括認知策略、元認知策略、社會與情感策略)的內容並結合小學生的心理特點和認知特點論述了在英語學習中運用學習策略的重要性口第五章是實驗報告。
  3. The new edition contains even more listening practice, plus expanded speaking activities, while retaining the effective listening practice and clear, natural language that teachers love, within a student - friendly page design

  4. Useful and engaging listening and speaking activities, learning strategies, cnn videos, and a website effectively provide students with the tools they need to be successful, independent learners

    藉由有趣而生動的聽說活動, cnn新聞報導影片聽力練習,幫助自學者有效率的學習,產品並包含豐富的線上資源。
  5. It contains a variety of interactive listening and speaking activities providing speaking and pronunciation practice for both pair work and groups

  6. This paper thoroughly explores the role orientation and the role shift of the teachers in different listening and speaking activities from the perspectives of the experts, the teachers offering listening and speaking class and the students

  7. Based on the resources, this paper further points out that the role orientation of the teachers and the fulfillment of their role - transformation mechanism in different listening and speaking activities help create the listening and speaking atmosphere in class, motivating the students and shortening the distance between teachers and students so as to improve their english listening and speaking ability

  8. It analyses the relevant factors of teaching affecting college non - english majors ' proficiency in applied learning and speaking and argues that college non - english majors ' proficiency in applied listening and speaking is greatly related to teaching concept, teaching content, how well the students take part in the listening and speaking activities, the students ' psychological factors and even the way of the tests

  9. Children learn chinese through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities