sanitary ware 中文意思是什麼

sanitary ware 解釋
  • sanitary : adj 衛生(上)的。 a sanitary cup 衛生紙杯(用過一次就廢棄)。 a sanitary engineer 衛生技師,衛生...
  • ware : n 1 〈用作復合詞〉製品,成品,器皿,物件〈如 hardware ironware 等〉;〈常冠以產地地名〉陶器。2 〈...
  1. Working knowledge of brass foundry, machining, polishing, chrome plating, assembly, and experiences in sanitary ware are preferred

  2. German rib group, whose headquarter is in stuttgart, was founded in 1961 with business covering software, hansa entire sanitary ware, chemicals, capital operation, etc

    德國rib集團成立於1961年,總部位於斯圖加特,業務涵蓋建築管理軟體、 「漢莎」整體衛浴、化工、資本運作等等。
  3. Our factory produce electric toothbrush series, washing machine fittings, sanitary ware and fittings, mechanic fittings series, plastics one series, punching a series, adopt and import ceramic valve core ensure the quality of products steady, with novel products handsome in appearance, easy to use getting longe - lived characteristic, dark recipient s big users appreciate, the products sell well in all parts of the country and american - european area of southeast asia

  4. Today, bailang sanitary ware invite you talking about mind and sanitary, one have not seen long time, have sapiential life, it will come back our body soon

  5. Guangdong kaiping jiaen sanitary ware co., ltd, lies on the national highway 325, about100km from guangzhou. our company is a manufacturer specialized in high, middle and low grade water faucet, multi - functional copperfaucet, towel rack, die - casting single hand, handwheel and correlationfittings

    鄉水頭生產基地-開平市水口鎮,憑借多年專業水頭研發生產經驗,鑄就了有特色的「 jiaen 」品牌
  6. Jiang days and plumbing - operated plant is located in the beautiful and affluent eastern zhejiang coastal city - taizhou. a professional production overall yugui, countertops, bath mirror, sanitary ware, and leakage, triangle valve, taps and accessory products enterprises

    路橋區峰江天和水暖廠地處美麗富饒的浙東海濱城市- -臺州,是專業生產整體浴櫃、臺面、浴鏡、衛生潔具、地漏、三角閥、水龍頭和配套產品的企業。
  7. Main products are as follows : sanitary ware sprinkler series, alloy sprinkler, stainless steel sprinkler, plastic plating sprinkler, toilet brush series ; paper holder, oil bottle stopper ( stainless steel with natural cork, synthesizing cork and plastic stopper ), sealable tank iron ring, gum ring, plastic cover series, hanging dish holder ( big & small ) series ; alloy, stainless steel, plastic fruit dish hanger series ; alloy jewelry ring series ; wood dinnerware, eggbeater, wood pi, wood spoon series ; coin can castor basal plug, water jar tap and magnet etc fittings that ceramics need

    主要產品:潔具噴頭系列、合金噴頭、不銹鋼噴頭、塑料電鍍噴頭、馬桶刷系列;紙巾架、油瓶塞系列(不銹鋼帶天然軟木塞、合成軟木塞、塑膠塞) 、密封罐鐵圈、膠圈、塑料蓋系列、掛盤架(大小)系列;合金、不銹鋼、塑料水果盤吊架系列;合金首飾圈系列、木餐具、打蛋器、木批、木匙系列;錢簡罐味具底塞系列、冷水瓶水龍頭、磁鐵等陶瓷所需系列配件。
  8. Huayi sanitary ware co., ltd. is a large - size enterprise that specializes in manufacturing and sale sanitary wares, located in gusi industrial park, guxiang, chaozhou, guangdong

  9. Tap, sanitary ware, bath room, integral bathroom, steam room, sauna, surfing, massage, sun - room, bump, valve, pipe, tie - in, accessories, mirror and other hardware in bathroom, porcelain products, tile, glass, mosaic and color pavement brick, etc

  10. In current years, moershu enjoying near hundred patents products, moershu magic sky sanitary is leading products in domestic, compounded materials basin sanitary ware has been going to european market successfully, basin cabinet, shower box, steam box, massage bathtub so on highest quality and newest products is dive into market continuously. new development antibacterial handrail are in the nation lead

  11. Sanitary ware, sensory automatic doors manufacture, processing ; electrical equipment and hardware tools, decorating materials sales. ( the above operating permits covering operating with permits to operate )

    潔具、感應自動門製造、加工;機電設備、五金工具、裝潢材料銷售。 (以上經營范圍涉及許可經營的憑許可證經營) 。
  12. Look forward ! we will offer better service to consumers as usual and try our best to create more elegant & comfortable sanitary ware as our aim is more specific

  13. Series ceramic sanitary ware products on the corrosion resistance using non - radioactive zirconium a - glaze, high temperatures over 1, 200 degrees, fired, glass products are completely dense, high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, good bacteria difficult to generation, dual water - saving 3 liters / 6 liters meet international standards

    採用耐酸堿的無放射性雙a鋯釉,在1200多度高溫下燒制,產品完全緻密玻化,強度高,耐磨性和耐酸堿性好,細菌不易生成,雙節水3升/ 6升,符合國際標準。
  14. Established in 2004, imeiss china sanitary co., ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of superior glass basins, sanitary basins, glass sanitary ware, glass wash bowls, ceramic wash bowls, art border, shower enclosures, mirrors and other modern products. with the support of strong technical force, modernized production equipment and a scientific management structure, our products designs were originated from rome with perfect european simple artistic styles

  15. Yatao ceramics co., ltd. is a ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer, which has producing experience for many years

  16. This paper probed into the composition of sanitary ware refire glazes and the repairing process of the flaw on the surface of sanitary ware glaze. investigated the effect of sanitary ware refiring process to the quantity of product and proposed the firing curves of sanitary ware refiring based on it

  17. Because there is un - know space ' s require, we have mind, have art, have beauty, and have sanitary ware

  18. Days after years of profits sanitary development, and has formed, including the overall yugui, natural stone washbasins, artificial jade washbasins, glass washbasins, glass mirror, copper stent, sanitary ware and accessories, a number of series 100 models of the products, not only can offer customers standardized products, but also in accordance with the special requirements of customers for a reasonable non - standard design and production

  19. Only mind, can give us standing up the sanitary ware space, exceed structure, shape, color, material, think man ' s live and life ' s true

  20. The main products of our company are : complex bag, card head bag, hdpe, pe, pp compound bag, electricity carve plate making color printing bag, nylon vacuum fresh bag, the pvc product, and so on. its suitable for the packing of light industry, engine, chopsticks, sanitary ware, shoes and cap, toy, exquisite article, decoration, culture things, etc. we can provide the packing material according to the customers request

    公司的主要產品有:復合袋卡頭袋hdpe pe pp電雕製版彩印袋以及尼真空保鮮袋和pvc製品等等,適合輕工機械筷子衛浴鞋帽玩具精品裝飾文化用品等行業包裝之用。