gabby 中文意思是什麼

gabby 解釋
adj. 形容詞 〈口語〉愛說話的,多嘴的。

  1. " hush now, " gabby said in auris ' voice. " i ' m listening. " he added in llf ' s voice, sounding crestfallen, " caught me again ! " then chuckled nastily

    「安靜, 」饒舌頭用奧瑞絲的聲音說, "我正在聽呢。 "然後它又用里夫的聲音,垂頭喪氣地說, 「我又出醜了。 」接著不懷好意地吃吃笑起來。
  2. Ted observed that her friends were a scream of a bunch-stuck-up gabby four-flushers.

  3. A patient, any patient, is entitled to have confidence respected, to be protected against a gabby doctor.

  4. Mrs. montez : gabby, it ' s new year ' s eve, enough reading

  5. Gabby, you are so right. there are lots of cute guys here

  6. Three - year - old gabby from minnesota, 7 - year - old miriam from norway and 10 - year old jamilah from germany suffer from this rare genetic defect

  7. Gabby, who damaged knee ligaments in united ' s champions league draw with villarreal back in september 2005, says he has a debt of honour to sir alex

  8. Gabby inflated his voice pouch part way, remarked in grandfather riquol ' s strong, rich voice, " my, my ! we ' re not being quite on our best behavior today, are we, llf ?

    饒舌頭把它的聲囊鼓起一部分,用祖父那雄厚的聲音說, 「哎呀,哎呀!這還不是今天我們幹得最棒的呢,是吧,里夫? 」
  9. But i need to keep learning and prove myself in training, ” he told mutv. " i know i have to take my chances when they come because gabby heinze and mikael silvestre are challenging for the same position

    但我得多學學,在訓練中不斷進步, 」他告訴mutv , 「我明白當機會來臨時我必須牢牢抓住它,因為海因茲和希爾都在競爭著同一個位置。 」