gabelle 中文意思是什麼

gabelle 解釋
n. 名詞 〈法語〉 〈古語〉1. 稅,國稅。
2. 法國大革命前的鹽稅。

  1. Put him aside, monsieur gabelle

    把他放了,加伯爾先生! 」
  2. And what is the message to the unfortunate gabelle in prison

    要我給關在牢里的不幸的加伯爾帶什麼口信? 」
  3. Help, gabelle ! help, every one

    叫大家來救火呀! 」
  4. Said monsieur gabelle

  5. He handed in the names of two witnesses : th ophile gabelle, and alexandre manette

  6. Citizen gabelle was called to confirm it, and did so. citizen gabelle hinted, with infinite delicacy and

  7. In ming dynasty, the system of the kaizhong of salt was spoke highly of, " kaizhong is the best system of the ming gabelle "

    鹽課開中制度在明代是頗受人稱道的, 「有明鹽法,莫善於開中」 。
  8. Nothing but the production of the afflicted gabelle s letter from his prison of the abbaye would have got him on so far

  9. Lay hands on this stranger if he seeks to lodge in your village to - night, and be sure that his business is honest, gabelle

    「那個外地人今晚要是在這個村裡找地方住,就把他抓起來,查查他有沒有正當職業,加伯爾。 」
  10. Upon those, had followed gabelle s letter : the appeal of an innocent prisoner, in danger of death, to his justice, honour, and good name

  11. Whereupon, monsieur gabelle did heavily bar his door, and retire to hold counsel with himself the result of that conference was, that gabelle again withdrew himself to his house - top behind his stack of chimneys ; this time resolved, if his door was broken in he was a small southern man of retaliative temperament, to pitch himself head foremost over the parapet, and crush a man or two below

  12. Monsieur gabelle was the postmaster, and some other taxing functionary united ; he had come out with great obsequiousness to assist at this examination, and had held the examined by the drapery of his arm in an official manner

  13. As a living commodity, the demand quantum of salt was mortal, and the gabelle became the main source of the governmental financial income of the past dynasties

  14. A trying suspense, to be passing a whole summer night on the brink of the black ocean, ready to take that plunge into it upon which monsieur gabelle had resolved but, the friendly dawn appearing at last, and the rush - candles of the village guttering out, the people happily dispersed, and monsieur gabelle came down bringing his life with him for that while

  15. Probably, monsieur gabelle passed a long night up there, with the distant chateau for fire and candle, and the beating at his door, combined with the joy - ringing, for music ; not to mention his having an ill - omened lamp slung across the road before his posting - house gate, which the village showed a lively inclination to displace in his favour

  16. The past dynasties set down very detailed law of the salt business, especially ming dynasty, the gabelle had a greater chanage and a more perfect system

  17. Monsieur gabelle had held the impoverished and involved estate on written instructions, to spare the people, to give them what little there was to give - such fuel as the heavy creditors would let them have in the winter, and such produce as could be saved from the same grip in the summer - and no doubt he had put the fact in plea and proof, for his own safety, so that it could not but appear now

  18. Not only that ; but the village, light - headed with famine, fire, and bell - ringing, and bethinking itself that monsieur gabelle had to do with the collection of rent and taxes - though it was but a small instalment of taxes, and no rent at all, that gabelle had got in those latter days - became impatient for an interview with him, and, surrounding his house, summoned him to come forth for personal conference

  19. The general scarcity of everything, occasioned candles to be borrowed in a rather peremptory manner of monsieur gabelle ; and in a moment of reluctance and hesitation on that functionary s part, the mender of roads, once so submissive to authority, had remarked that carriages were good to make bonfires with, and that post - horses would roast

    這兒物品普遍匱乏,大家便頗不客氣地去向加伯爾先生借。那位宮員很不情願,稍一猶豫,過去在權威面前十分恭順的補路工這時卻說: 「砸了馬車燒篝火倒也好玩,驛馬也能燒烤了吃呢! 」