jingles 中文意思是什麼

jingles 解釋
  1. Miacles happen in unexpected places, even in the death - row cellblock at cold mountain penitentiary, there john coffey, a gentle giant of a prisoner with supernatural powers, brings a sense of spirit and humanity to his guards and fellow inmates. tom hanks leads a stellar ensemble including michael clarke duncan as coffey in this emotional, uplifting story of guards and captives ; husbands and wives ; prisoners and a remarkable mouse named mr. jingles ; and, on another level, of a moviemaker and his source. that filmmaker is frank darabont, who returns after his 1994 directorial debut the shawshank redemption to adapt another tale by stephen king into a stirring, crow - pleasing entertainment nominated for 4 academy awards, including best picture

  2. Part five introduces the subjects and the procedure used in the author ' s this experiment, the methods used are also described carefully, which falls into twelve ways : to improve the students " background knowledge by means of singing english songs, by holding english parties, by vocabulary teaching, by english learning field, by school english broadcasting by reading background knowledge materials, by english competition on background knowledge, by establishing english corners, by giving warm - up of each class, by main grammar explaining in verse, by listening to english programs on tv and radio, and by telling english jokes, riddles doggerels and jingles

    第五部分論述了本實驗中的被試、實驗步驟以及實驗方法等情況。方法共分為十二種:通過英文歌曲、英語晚會、詞匯學習、英語學習園地、校園英語廣播、閱讀背景知識材料、就背景知識進行的英語競賽、英語角、每節課剛開始時的熱身練習、運用英語知識歌訣解釋重點語法、通過電視和廣播收看或者收聽英語節目和通過英語笑話,順口溜和腦筋急轉彎等等。第六部分用統計軟體spss報告了數據統計分析的結果及相關討論… … 。
  3. Candor compells me to admit that i have no conclusive research to support my view that jingles are less persuasive than the spoken word

  4. In the narrow shell are openings where pairs of thin brass discs, called " jingles ", are set on wires

  5. Jingles features 6 superb conditioners specifically formulated for different conditioning needs

  6. He often botched up jingles to produce what he fondly thought a poem

  7. Love is to share a house of tranquility, or make it full of jingles and tinkles

  8. Poker machines are a major cause of misery in this state, causing marital breakdown, family dislocation and destroying the lives of those addicted to the flashing lights and robotic jingles

  9. They preach man who say that as soon as the penny jingles into the money - box, the soul flies out [ of purgatory ]

  10. It is based on the difficulty i always experience in hearing the wordsin jingles, and on my experience as a door - to - door salesman ; i never sang to my prospects