oeuvre 中文意思是什麼

oeuvre 解釋
n. 名詞 〈法語〉(文藝)作品。

  1. Might his entire oeuvre be a thinly disguised ode to unfettered man love

  2. Soul mountain ) together with other writings as " an oeuvre of universal validity, bitter insights and linguistic ingenuity, which has opened new paths for the chinese novel and drama "

  3. Music is not a sort of hobby only but a demand from the heart. i prefer those chinese and foreign chief - d oeuvre, especially those works with sentimental hue. when playing with flute for those famous works by debussy, schubert, brams and domestic composers i am always convulsed deeply by their doleful and artistic sensation. i like solitude and want to enjoy loneliness it can make the person become adamancy get all kinds of practice. if you want to succeed a specialty the best way is to close down yourself

  4. Une oeuvre de transition, plus sombre, dans laquelle harry, tourment par les forces du mal et les affres de ladolescence, risque d tre renvoy de poudlard pour exercice ill gal de la magie

  5. Also, apart from reinventing bach, loussier expanded his oeuvre to other classical greats such as mozart, ravel, and debussy

    而除了演繹巴哈作品外, jacques loussier也有演繹莫扎特、拉威爾、德布西等古典音樂作曲家的作品。
  6. For farther research in practical status and birth mechanism of information man - oeuvre rent seeking, the thesis usees decision - making and game theory to build gamemodel, linking to character of information manoeuvre rent seeking and adding some hypothesis and parameter. use typical sampling with punish decision from security monitor committee of china, and do positive research, result shows that from those years information manoeuvre rent seekings in china have been in a high frequency state, many prescripts of < security law > have not been enforced well on checking of lawless cases, degree of punish cant hold back the information manoeuvre rent - seek - ing impulsing. at the effective monitor of stock market, not only probability of check is low, but rate of succeed is low too

    實證研究結果表明,近年來,我國證券市場的信息操縱行為處于高頻率狀態, 《證券法》的有關處罰規定在現實中沒有得到嚴格的實施,懲罰力度不足以有效遏止市場的尋租沖動,在市場有效監管上,不僅稽查的概率偏低,而且稽查的成功率也有待提高,合理改進稽查概率、稽查成功率、懲罰力度、中小投資者抗租能力等相關參數,是提高市場效率的有效途徑。
  7. Intimate confessions of a chinese courtesan 1972, knightly romance in the lucrative gu long adaptations - a truly kaleidoscopic oeuvre embracing virtually many genres. adding to the director s recollection of his days from kong ngee to shaws are reviews and his complete filmography

  8. Romantic novelists rarely fail to include in their oeuvre that special moment when two strangers look into each other ' s eyes across a crowded room and feel the tingle of desire

    英語新聞學習http : news . jewelove . net浪漫主義小說家大多善於在作品中描寫這樣的場面:在一間擁擠的房間里,陌生男女隨著目光的交匯,怦然心動。
  9. Hors d ' oeuvre

  10. Besides 12 mukamu and other classic folk music, the performance also includes domestic and international famous music and chef - d ’ oeuvre, making audience find everything new and fresh

  11. Indeed, advocates of p2p file - sharing insist that the option to sample for nothing an artist ' s oeuvre could work in the record company ' s favour as music buyers discover new favourites whose material they will subsequently pay for

    真實的情況是, p2p文檔共享的擁護者堅持不必對一個藝術家的所有產品都進行嘗試的想法會因唱片工的喜好而大行其道,當音樂產品的購買者們發現他們將隨后購買這些新的中意的唱片。
  12. The lingnan school was established by professor chao shao - an, who won worldwide acclaim for his oeuvre that covered a rich variety of subject matter