filler well 中文意思是什麼

filler well 解釋
  • filler : n. 1. 裝填者,斟酒人;注入器,漏斗;填充物。2. (雜志的)補白;電影補白短片。3. 雪茄煙心;(自來水筆的)吸墨管。4. 〈pl. 〉【化學】填料。5. (計算機的)進位填充數,填充位。
  • well : n 1 井。2 泉水;源頭,來源。3 坑,穴,凹處;【礦物】礦井,豎坑;【軍事】(地雷的)井坑;【建築】...
  1. In attempt to prepare and investigate the novel high - performance electrically conductive polymer composites, the binary and multicomponent electrically conductive nanocomposites as well as the combined nano and in - situ composites were prepared with polypropylene ( pp ) served as the matrix, expanded graphite ( eg ) as a conductive filler, nylon 66 ( pa66 ) as a modifier, and maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene as an eg intercalater and the compatibilizer of pp - pa66, based on the state - of - art development in the realm of polymer / inorganic nanocomposites and polymer / polymer in - situ composites domestically and overseas. the main outcomes are obtained as follows : 1

    本論文以制備和研究新型高性能聚合物導電復合材料為目的,跟蹤和借鑒國內外在聚合物無機物納米復合、聚合物聚合物原位復合領域的最新研究成果,制備和研究了以聚丙烯( pp )為基體、膨脹石墨( eg )為導電填料、尼龍66 ( pa66 )為改性劑、馬來酸酐接枝聚丙烯( gpp )為eg插層劑和pp ? pa66增容劑的二元及多元導電納米復合材料和納米復合與原位復合組合復合材料,取得了以下主要研究成果: 1
  2. The proper interpass temperature is required to prevent cold and hot cracking as well as the proper selection of welding filler material, to produce the proper creep resistance and toughness

  3. Graphite ) and the special viscoelasticity of polymer, interlayer exfoliation of the filler and its nanocompounding with polymers can be realized in the shearing force field of pan - milling, through the effects such as deformation, dislocation, tension - sliding and shearing exfoliation of graphite, the tension - thinning, pulverization of pp, as well as the imbedding, mixing and dispersion of graphite flakes in pp powder etc. the results show that the interlayer exfoliation of graphite and nano - compounding with pp proceeded stepwise, caused by a combination of friction, squeezing, stretching, and shearing in three - dimension during pan - milling

    石墨片層的受限空間影響i一pp / yep25o復合材料中pp結晶行為,進入石墨片層間的pp分子一部分擇優取向,形成沿( 040 )晶面法線方向擇優生長的a一晶,另一部分相對分子質量較小、運動活性較高的pp分子則受到石墨片層的擠壓和限制而轉化為y -晶,在i一pp廳ep250復合材料中, y -晶相對含童達34 . 8 % 。
  4. And another brake material formula also can be achieved in which the carbon fiber was replaced by the wood fiber based on the researching of the effect of fibre, resin and filler in multi - fibres hybrid composite test result shows that the formula material have a relatively suitable friction coefficient ( ranging around 0. 35 ), good fade resistance and recovery as well as low wear ratio. by comparing the formula material with the product of national and abroad sold in the market, its low cost and excellent properties make a bright prospect

    在研究各種纖維、樹脂和填料對混雜纖維復合摩擦材料摩擦學性能影響的基礎上,本文研製開發出分別適用於中重型車與中小型車用的剎車摩擦材料的最佳配方和一種含木纖維的多種纖維混雜復合摩擦材料的最佳配方。將所選配方的剎車材料與市售的國內外品牌剎車片進行對比,結果表明本課題所開發研製的摩擦材料的摩擦系數都在0 . 35左右,具有很好的摩擦系數穩定性和抗熱衰退性,磨損率也較小,綜合考慮到配方試樣原料成本較低,在性價比上具有一定的優勢。
  5. The study solves engineering problem as follows : ( 1 ) the systematic study on the historical course of xigeda strata deposit and geologic environment includes strata, lithologic characters and constitution et in the liangshan and panzhihua region. the results show that the xichang - panzhihua express way is controlled by the anninghe fault and the xigeda fault, the earthquake frequently happen in the region of pass, the different sedimentation number is more great, they effect the road building, safety in operation and structure belong road ( 2 ) because in some place the xigeda strata is foundation and roadbed, the study on the basic properties of the xigeda strata include density, moisture content plastic and liquid limit graduation. the results show that the xigeda strata is deposition in lake, the main component is mudstone and sandstone, the fine particle is main, it has some viscosity, the moisture content of mudstone is different the it of sandstone, the other property are likeness. the xigeda strata has no dilatation on total, some claystone have low and medium dilatation ; ( 3 ) the study on the basic properties of xigeda filler include the composition of matter the biggest standard dry density, the optimum moisture content the results show that xigeda filler can use as road material, it is well grade filler and admixture filler on essence, its compaction index should change in different place because the property is controlled by mudstone and sandstone that change is great in different place ; ( 4 ) the study on the xigeda filler craft used as express way roadbed, includes suitable thickness, compaction numbers and methods and equipment choice et

  6. Nonpolar filler are used in reversed phase chromatographic system, of which, octadecylsilane chemically bonded silica is most commonly used, sometimes, octyl chemically bonded silica and other types of chemically bonded silica ( such as cyano chemically bonded phase and amino chemically bonded phase, etc ) are also used as well

  7. In attempt to prepare and study the novel electrically conductive nanocomposites, with polyethylene ( pe ) served as the matrix, maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene ( gpe ) served as eg intercalates and expanded graphite ( eg ) served as a conductive filler, prepared gpe / eg, pe / gpe / eg electrically conductive composites via solution intercalation ( si ), direct melt mixing ( dmm ) and master batch melt mixing ( mmm ) methods. by means of testing conductivity and mechanical property, with the measures of tem, sem, om, xrd and dsc, studied the relationship between preparation method, material composition, and electrically conductive as well as mechanical property. the main outcomes never reported at home and abroad literature were obtained as follows : 1 the gpe / eg electrically conductive nanocomposites were prepared via si method

    本論文以制備和研究新型高分子導電納米復合材料為目的,以聚乙烯( pe )為基體,馬來酸酐接枝聚乙烯( gpe )為插層劑,膨脹石墨( eg )為導電填料,採用溶液插層( si )法、直接熔體混合( dmm )法和兩者相結合的熔體母料混合( mmm )法制備了gpe eg 、 pe gpe eg導電復合材料,通過電導率和力學性能測試,運用tem 、 sem 、 om 、 xrd和dsc等手段,研究了制備方法、材料組成、形態結構和導電性能及力學性能之間的關系,得到以下未見國內外文獻報道的研究結果: 1採用si法成功制備了gpe eg導電納米復合材料,其導電逾滲閥值( _ c )為1 . 59vol ,遠低於dmm法制得gpe eg常規復合材料的_ c ( 3 . 13vol ) 。
  8. Properties of filler ( such as carrier ' s shape, particle diameter, pore size, surface area, as well as surface coverage, carbon content and bonded types of the bonded group ) and filling of chromatographic column shall directly affect retention behavior and separation effect of the articles to be tested

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  10. Semi - flexible, moderate viscosity, flame retardant epoxy compound displaying the best thermal shock resistance currently available in an epoxy compound, as well as excellent electrical properties over a wide range of temperature, insulcast 985fr makes use of the latest polymer and filler technology