yankee 中文意思是什麼

yankee 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 楊基佬〈尤指老式作風的新英格蘭人〉。
2. 〈美南部〉(南北戰爭時的)北軍;北部人,北方佬。
3. 〈英口〉美國佬;〈pl. 〉【商業】美國鐵路股份。
adj. 形容詞 1. 美國北方人的。
2. 美國佬式的。

  1. A. e. has been telling some yankee interviewer

  2. His brisk manner branded him a yankee.

  3. New york - - roger clemens is a yankee

    紐約新聞- -火箭人要在洋基升空了!
  4. A connecticut yankee is similarly uneven.

  5. Mark twain poked fun at it in a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court.

  6. After a brief pit stop to change out of jeans and cowboy boots at a manhattan hotel - - hendricks joked that there was no sense in further perpetuating the texas stereotype - - clemens finally arrived at yankee stadium in the sixth inning of sunday ' s game against the mariners

    隨后,克萊門斯一度回到飯店去換下牛仔褲和牛仔靴- -亨德瑞曾笑說以後沒道理再以服飾來代表德州形象了- -然後終于在第六局時回到洋基主場。
  7. We sang these lines to the tune of yankee doodle.

  8. We sang these lines to the tune of yankee doodle

  9. In his "history of new york", irving pictured it as a region of unscrupulous yankee traders.

  10. That ' s one of the reasons why chamberlain was at sloan - kettering. he ' s 22, but already knows the requirements of a yankee of his stature

  11. But that ' s no reason to turn tail and run whenever khomeini shouts yankee, go home

    但這並不構成每當霍梅尼大叫「老美,滾回去! 」時掉頭就跑的理由。
  12. Hey, oakley, don ' t worry, son, them yankee boys keep store hours,

  13. Yesterday ' s 12 - 0 victory over the angels was another yankee doodle slugfest, the latest reminder of how explosive this lineup can be, and it had the stadium buzzing

  14. This was sort of a second opening day for the yankee lineup, as the entire collection of sluggers was together for the first time

  15. And what was it only one of the smutty yankee pictures terry borrows off of corny kelleher

  16. Hi, i ' m melanie, jake ' s snotty yankee - bitch wife,

    你好,我叫melanie , jake邋遢的北方混賬妻子,
  17. Her uncle was a silent, uncommunicative yankee farmer

  18. There was a shrewd yankee in emerson, a blunt fellow who could strip an occasion to its essence.

  19. One yankee business-man had been overheard asking the police why they didn't use tear-gas.

  20. It ' s up to you, yankee doodle. - i don ' t want to do that.

    由你決定, yankee doodle -我不想做這個