標準化轉速 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [biāozhǔnhuàzhuǎn]
標準化轉速 英文
normalized rotary speed
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (樹梢) treetop; the tip of a tree2 (枝節或表面) symptom; outside appearance; ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (標準) standard; guideline; criterion; norm 2 (目標) aim; target Ⅱ動詞1 (依據; 依照)...
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(迅速; 快) fast; rapid; quick; speedy Ⅱ名詞1 (速度) speed; velocity 2 (姓氏) a surna...
  • 標準化 : standardization; standardizing; normalizing; unification; standardize
  • 標準 : (衡量事物的準則; 榜樣; 規范) standard; criterion; benchmark; pip; rule; ètalon (衡器); merits
  • 轉速 : speed; revolution; rotation rate; speed of revolution; rotating speed; rotational speed轉速指示器...
  1. The timing - and - quantitation precision injection of lpg was realized with high - speed lpg solenoid valve and a set of electronic control system, which was designed by the author and can flexibly control the gas supply system of lpg. based on the analysis of experimental data got by comparing the performances before and after the application of the set of equipment on lr6105q12 diesel engine, the effects of load, speed and replace ratio, etc on the emissions of smoke, hc and co of dual fuel engine were expounded. through optimization, the smoke emission was utmostly reduced and the emissions of hc and co were within the government restriction

    為此,本文通過對各個方案進行詳細比較,選擇了電控多點順序噴射的供氣方案;利用高lpg噴射閥和自己獨立開發出一套電子控制系統對lpg供氣進行靈活地控制,實現了lpg的定時定量噴射,並把這套裝置應用到中國一拖生產的lr6105q12柴油機上,在對改裝前後的發動機進行大量試驗和分析的基礎上,闡明了負荷、、摻燒比等因素對雙燃料發動機的煙度、 hc 、 co等排放的影響情況,並且通過優,最大限度地降低了發動機的煙度排放,同時使hc 、 co排放限制在國家規定的范圍之內。
  2. The common map is scanned into grid map, and then vectored in mapinfo. after vectoring, vector data are matched and the spatial coordinate data of resident points, water system and other data are gained. the coordinate of reference points in the freeway are gathered by gps, then after data processing, coordinate transition, data inputting, it turn into the freeway graph, which composes the freeway electronic map with the materials subsidiary to the freeway

  3. Since 1960s, the mechanical strength reliability and structural system reliability, whose main failure modes are fatigue and service life, has achieved a great deal of development and been applied to engineering machine, aeronautical and astronautical engineering, electric apparatus, bridges, ship, civil engineering etc. with the developing of space technology and tendency of machine towards high speed, precision, automation, one realizes the importance of mechanism reliability based on the accuracy of motion, for the errors of mechanism occurred more often than that of structure, especially in the field of aeronautical and astronautical engineering and operate system of weapon

  4. Modeling and simulating the adc system by adopting standard cmos technologies can provide the theoretical supports for design and optimization of ultrahigh speed adcs

    基於cmos工藝,從a / d換器系統開始建模研究,可以為設計和優超高模數換器提供必要的理論基礎。
  5. As various kinds of technology including computer, communication, control and cathode ray tube ( crt ) developing quickly, measurement & control network ( mcn ) tends towards networking, distributing, opening and interoperating, which is widely applied in many fields such as industry automation, intelligent building, processing control, etc. firstly, this paper makes a detailed study on the prevalent field control systems ( fcs ), including the characteristics of structure & technology and advantage, introduces several popular field buses, designs the model of field control system, and puts forward three effective methods to integrate between the mcn & information network under different situations

    計算機技術、控制技術、通信技術、圖形顯示技術和計算機網路的迅發展,推動著測控技術向網路、分散式、開放性和互操作性的方向發展,它被廣泛應用於工業自動、智能大廈、過程式控制制等領域,大大提高了生產效率與經濟效益。本文首先分析了當前流行的fcs網路的結構特點、技術特點和優勢,介紹了幾種較為流行的現場總線,構建了企業生產的。 fcs網路模型,並提出了在控制網路和信息網路之間加入換介面、採用dde技術和使用統一的協議三種集成方式。
  6. With the increasing advance of economic globalization, many multinationals have planned or plans to move production, procurement center to china, more and more domestic enterprises have also begun to manufacture and manage on the condition of globalization, as a world production center, the standing of china is increasingly important, the advance of state economic development and flourish of business activities stimulated the demand for logistics service : on the one hand, total amount of social material circulation is increasing rapidly, the more optimum express logistics solution and professional logistics consultancy service ; on the other hand, more and more internationalized business operation demands logistics service must keep abreast of the world standard, it demands high speed, more safety and personality

  7. The paper concluded that it was helpful to enhance the efficiency of monitoring the changes of the land types using the modern land information technology, and a lot of factors must be considered in the process of the land reclamation, such as the technology, planning, the foundation and to establish a successive mineral environment

  8. Aiming at some problems like standardization and turnover unit in medicinal logistics centres, deformity of bar code, and the technical puzzle in automation choose, classifying drugs and logistics turnover speed, the author bring out some practical schemes

  9. Thirdly dct is implemented using chen fast dct algorithm. we transform float - point arithmetic into fixed - point arithmetic, which meeting the precision requirements of the ieee 1180 standard, to accord with fixed - point c6201 dsps

  10. The moon group technology center was listed as the key province supported enterprise technology development center, and it is a team assembled by 300 specialists to have strong ability for refrigeration designing automatic control designing computer assist designing large complete set of engineering designing and technical information, technical standard and technical management, which promoted the rapid transfer and application of domestic newest technology and patent fruits

  11. Then, the phase - space equations is presented based on the two - mass - oscillator dynamic equations, taking the relative velocity as the factors, to get the criterion as how to distinguish the stick phase and slip phase, which give a great convenience to optimize the design, and stability and control strategy. the response is studied following