positive relief 中文意思是什麼

positive relief 解釋
  • positive : adj 1 確實的,明確的;確定的;無條件的 (opp qualified implied inferential); 絕對的,無疑問的,...
  • relief : n 1 (難民、貧民等的)救助,救濟,救護;救濟品。2 (痛苦、憂慮等的)解除,減輕;【化學】減壓。3 ...
  1. Subject, the stock supervising bodies, mecum agencies, news agencies and public investors, etc. should manage together ; methodically, direct measures should be done step by step to strengthen supervisions and check up strictly firstly in prevention, secondarily in self - discipline ; approachfully, we must settle the relationships among the morality discipline, social supervision and legal means paying more attention to the use of legal means, enlarging the investigation of legal responsibility of insider trading. particularly, we should develop the positive ness of investors and give emphasis on the civil rights relief of public investors

  2. Therefore, if both check valves foul, and simultaneous negative supply and positive backpressure develops, the relief valve uses the air - in / water - out principle to stop potential backflow

  3. Sending special envoys to guide disaster relief, a positive and effective system, exercised a positive influence upon the economic recovery and keeping public order after disasters

  4. Better sleep patterns, relief from insomnia, more involvement in positive activities, and better psychological conditioning

  5. Adopting the analysis including comparative law, positive jurisprudence, social jurisprudence, economic jurisprudence and the related theories of economics, this paper introduces and evaluates foreign and the domestic relative legislations on manipulation and gives two explanations against manipulation from the aspects of economics and law. then the paper gives a clear concept of manipulation and divides it into three types according to the objective behavior. meanwhile, based on analysis of particular reasons and characteristics of manipulation of chinese stock exchange market, this article discusses the mechanism of prevention and relief of manipulation

  6. Further, shortly after the handover, the government has actively sought to negotiate with the chinese authorities on double taxation and succeeded in completing specific arrangements on favourable terms, providing a relief form the nightmarish situation that has been bothering those in china trade for years. all these positive measures are good news the accounting profession has been looking forward to for a long time