vertical oriented 中文意思是什麼

vertical oriented 解釋
  • vertical : adj 1 垂直的,直立的,豎立的,縱的( opp horizontal )。2 頂上的,頂點的,絕頂的。3 【解剖學】頭...
  1. It gradually turned into the type of pyramid after the scale of enterprise has been enlarged. the modern cooperation system has introduced radical change in the senior management of a company, and the system of the business departments lowers the centrobaric of the enterprise. but they all retain the organization structure of pyramid, which is oriented by vertical order and assisted by parallel cooperation

  2. The honeycomb cardboard production line we produce mainly consists of honeycomb core making machinery, honeycomb core pulling and molding machine, honeycomb core double - faced pasting machine, complex molding machine and landscape oriented and vertical trimming machine etc

  3. Based on the ornamental characteristics of fruit tree, according to the principles of adapting to local conditions, combining fruit production with sightseeing tourism, showing cultural connotation of fruit tree and people oriented ness, it is discussed that the landscape design of fruit tree of sightseeing orchard should proceed with the plane design, the vertical design, the seasonal design, the sculpt design, the flower, fruit, leaf, branch design of fruit tree and fruit culture design

  4. Numerical simulation of descending - oriented vertical wall jets and atmosphere pool

  5. High - quality construction featuring a magnesium - alloy body ensures the outstanding reliability and durability that experienced slr users demand. the optional vertical control grip provides superior control and comfort for vertically oriented photos, as well as additional power for extended shooting

    高質素的精密相機結構,配上鎂合金外殼,確保相機可靠耐用, ?對能滿足經驗豐富的單鏡反光相機用家的需求。
  6. Reaction to fire tests - spread of flame - intermediate - scale test of vertical spread of flame with vertically oriented specimen

  7. 3 ) market - oriented style technology extension organizations such as " corporations + flower producers ", " cooperative organizations + flower producers ", " specialty markets + flower producers " and " vertical integrated flower enterprise techology extension organizations ", provided services based on the farmer needs and also aimed at obtaining maximal profits from the services. the organization offers technical training, practical guidance to farmers in medium production but also in pre - production and post - production phases that meeting market demands, and are welcomed by flower producers

    3 )市場主導型的「公司+花農」 、 「合作經濟組織+花農」 、 「專業市場+花農」 、垂直一體化的花卉企業等技術推廣組織,各自主要從利潤最大化出發,在產前、產中、產后進行的技術指導、服務等,適應了市場需求,受到花農的普遍歡迎。
  8. A scientific and technological information portal is a domain - oriented and integrated vertical portal. its implementation involves applications of some key technologies associated with topic - specific web information discovery, distributed heterogeneous information integrated retrieval and personalized information dissemination. this thesis focuses on the technologies of topic - specific web information discovery