vertical machine 中文意思是什麼

vertical machine 解釋
  • vertical : adj 1 垂直的,直立的,豎立的,縱的( opp horizontal )。2 頂上的,頂點的,絕頂的。3 【解剖學】頭...
  • machine : n 1 機(器),機械;機關,機構。2 印刷機器;縫紉機;打字機;汽車;自行車;三輪車;飛機;〈美俚〉...
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  5. Plastic dehydration tablets centrifugal machine is a granulator against wondering when additional cooling water outside of vertical separation, dewatering plate leaf machine, all use stainless steel materials, in particular strip grid, dehydration, and plastics industries is the preferred equipment

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  8. For climbs less than vertical hangerless machine bolts are recommended to reduce visual impact

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  10. The specifications of producible vertical parted core shooter, shell moulding machine and horizontal parted core shooter are complete. we can furnish all kinds of moulding lines which can be satisfied for consumers

  11. The result shows that the quenching inductor with wimble magnet inlaid is adaptable for this technique, and the vertical quenching machine can be used in mass production

  12. At present company product has " in treasure card " table drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, tapper, get milling machine, automatic feed drilling machine, gear drilling machine, auger attack amphibious machine tool, the 8 old series such as radial drilling machine, more than 60 kinds of breed

  13. Haian yuandong nicey machine mold factory is that the specialty is engaged in : the boat is used a roll trigger to the four rollers types roll triggers to the standard adjustement type roll trigger to the three rollers symmetrical type, roll triggers to the next roller standard adjustmettype, rolltrigger to a upward roller standard adjustment type roll rigger, various specialties andnon - mark rolls up the trigger, z50 ' s series vertical drilling machine

    海安遠東精密機模廠是專業從事:上輥水平調整式卷板機,下輥水平調整式卷板機,三輥對稱式卷板機,水平調整式卷板機,四輥式卷板機,船用卷板機,各種專業、非標卷板機, z50系列立式鉆床。
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    玻璃立式鉆孔機slz25 -產品展示億海機械製造有限公司
  16. Glass vertical drilling machine slz25

  17. You are here : home product glass vertical drilling machine slz25

  18. Glass double heads vertical drilling machine slz225 - products show

    玻璃立式雙頭鉆孔機slz225 -產品展示億海機械製造有限公司
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