service entrance 中文意思是什麼

service entrance 解釋

  • service : n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • entrance : n 1 進入;入場;加入,入會;入學。2 開始,著手。3 就業,就職。4 (演員的)出場。5 入場權;入場費...
  1. The sentry box of the activity fully use internal wall panel and one s own intensity of the roof boarding, through draw nail, bolt, connection nailed to make up finalize the design the prefab system. construction swift, being portable, especially suitable for urban municipal administration, entrance guard room, service department, etc

  2. They got him with a taser at the service entrance. he doesn ' t remember a thing

  3. This standard makes the installation of an spd at the electrical service entrance compulsory for all new buildings

  4. You might wonder if the surge protector installed at the service entrance would also protect equipment within the facility

  5. The heavy - duty service entrance protector is too far away, inductance - wise, to be able to limit locally developed transients

  6. However, by the time a lightning strike has traveled through the distribution network, surge arrestors will have dissipated a proportion of the charge, network impedance will have shaped the impulse and the residual energy can be represented in terms of its waveshape, and its peak current which is what will be present at a service entrance

  7. With the coming of the 21 century and the entrance of wto of china the pioneer people will insist on their rinciple " there is no best, we will work hard for better ", and base on the policy of " seek for survival with perfect quality, create brand with honest service ", sincerely welcome the friends in domestic and abroad to consultand cooperate with us to create a splendid future together

  8. Service facilities around the main entrance reentry gate

  9. Firstly, the development condition of the post assessment of highway construction project was introduced in this thesis. the signification, basic content, and assessment procedure of the post assessment were analyzed, and the relationship and difference between the post assessment and feasibility research were elaborated. then the post assessment for operation condition and operation management of chengdu chengbei entrance expressway were studied, some related proposed was put forward, in this thesis, the post assessment for operation condition and operation management was studied emphatically. the main contents of traffic survey were produced, the calculating methods of capacity and service level were studied and analyzed, and the idex system of the post assessment for operation condition was established

  10. Service - entrance cables

  11. When the restaurant is open for service the guest entrance will always be manned by the manager, supervisor or receptionist

  12. Organizers of the show will set up an information counter in the entrance hall, and on - site service counters in each exhibition hall, offering exhibitors and visitors on - site service

    展會主辦方將在注冊大廳設置「咨詢臺」 ,在各個展館設置「現場服務處」 ,為展商和觀眾提供現場幫助
  13. A woman walks past an " exam service station " that provides information and free water for parents whose children are taking the college entrance exams in beijing, china, june 7, 2007

  14. Based on the analysis of the calculation method of traffic lane number for the gate of container terminal, present design criteria and existing problem of the length design for buffer parking area of terminal entrance, this paper studies the arrival characteristics of container trailer and puts forward a calculation method based on random service system ( queuing theory ), for calculating the optimum traffic lane number and length of buffer parking area for the gate of container term ma1, with an explanation of the calculation procedure by an example, to serve as a reference for similar projects

  15. This series can be utilized in a variety of installations, including health hazard cross - connections in plumbing systems or for containment at the service line entrance

  16. To guard against and lessen the violations, it is necessary to reinforce library entrance education to the freshmen, strengthen the construction of regulations, improve the quality of librarians and extend the service function and readers participating the management as well

  17. The stage makeup and costume delights the blowing factory investing new - built cosmetics bottle in peach riverside town between nations producing plastic articles by injection moulding in 2007, 5 japan entrance injection machines, one japan entrance full - automation produces plastic articles by injection moulding blowing molding, integrate and home and abroad cosmetics wrapping material, the manufacturer builds strategy cooperation relation, order for the customer with more than 200 cosmetics wrapping material to wrap up material providing all - direction service

    2007年妝悅國際在桃浦鎮投資新建了化妝品瓶注塑吹塑廠, 5臺日本進口注塑機,一臺日本進口全自動注塑吹塑,並整合國內外化妝品包裝材料,與200多家化妝品包裝材料廠家建立戰略合作關系,為客戶訂購包材提供全方位的服務。
  18. Means are provided to disconnect all conductors from the service - entrance conductors and to indicate whether it is in the open or closed position

  19. On the service business strategies after our entrance into wto

  20. With the entrance of wto in 2002, runan aluminium products co., ltd. will pursue the aim of top quality, top service in order to adapt the global competitive market. through efforts, runan will redound upon every customers consumers for your support