solution curve 中文意思是什麼

solution curve 解釋
  • solution : n. 1. 溶解;溶液,溶體,溶劑。2. (補輪胎用的)橡膠水;〈美國〉藥水。3. 解決,解答 (of; for; to); 解釋;(數學等的)解法,解式。4. 免除,解除。5. 【醫學】消散,消退。
  • curve : n 1 曲線;彎曲;彎曲物。2 曲線規 (=French curve);【機械工程】曲線板;【棒球】曲線球;【統計學...
  1. The relation of radius of curvature and error as well as formulas of increasing parameters on condition of constant error are diverted. the equation of the line on the center of approximate circular arc is obtained , and it can avoids the trouble that numerical solution owns possibility of no convergence and simplifies node calculation of non - circular curve

  2. Then we show an algorithm design of the elliptic curve crypto based on galois field. as a main part, the design theory and concrete solution of it are presented step by step, ic chip design method for implementation of the algorithm is described in detail

    設計完成了一種基於有限域的橢圓曲線加密演算法,主要包括適合於168bit橢圓曲線加密的有限域乘法、加法、除法器的實現; 4
  3. Phosphorus absorbed and immobilized in rhizosphere was less than that of in root zone and unroot zone. 2. the isothermal adsorption curve of each can be partition into two parts. phosphorus adsorption amount and phosphorus consistency slope in equilibrium solution are relatively higher than the slope of phosphorus adsorption amount and phosphorus consistency when fertilizer amount added increasing continuously

    土壤的等溫吸附曲線可分成兩個部分:當土壤平衡溶液濃度很低時,磷的吸附量與( x )磷的平衡溶液濃度( c )的曲線斜率較大;當施肥量不斷增加后,土壤平衡溶液濃度也會隨之不斷增加,曲線斜率變小。
  4. By this solution, a balde body model can be created by the optimization of the parametric grid of the blade body surface. some key techniques used in the solution, such as the computation of the data points on the meanline, the technology of cotinuty between the leading line and the outline of the blade body and the technology of the cross - section curve discretization, are disserated, and corresponding algorithm are presented in this paper

  5. In the first part of this paper, mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii ) couple in h2so4 was firstly applied as the positive couple to this system, i. e. redox flow cell. its chemical, electrochemical properties, redox kinetics and related parameters were characterized and discussed by rotating disc electrode ( rde ), cyclic voltammetry ( cv ), a. c. impedance ( a. c. imp ), chronoamperometry, tafel curve, and galvanostatic charge / discharge techniques. conclusions have been drawn as follows : 1. the electrochemical kinetics of mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii ) redox couple in 6. 3m h2so4 solution were studied by means of rotating disc electrode ( rde ) technique on platinum electrode

    本文第一部分首次成功地將酸性介質中的mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii )電對應用於氧化還原液流電池這一新型儲能裝置的正極活性材料,通過旋轉圓盤( rde ) 、循環伏安( cv ) 、交流阻抗( a . c . imp ) 、恆電位階躍、 tafel實驗以及mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii )單電極的恆流充放電實驗,我們得出以下結論: 1 .在旋轉圓盤電極上,不同轉速范圍,不同的極化過電位, mn ( ) / mn ( )體系氧化還原電極過程的控制步驟不同,電荷傳遞、擴散傳質可分別或聯合成為控制步驟。
  6. With the numerical solution, an internal condensation critical curve can be calculated out by condensation theory and depositing theory, on the curve, the enter water ability equal to the out water ability, which can be used as the basis to determine the occurrence of internal condensation. but the result doesn ’ t coincide with the real completely. in this dissertation, we plan to get the critical curve by practical experiment results, because that the enter water ability only relates to the condensation density and the out water ability only relate to the volume ratio of the pneumatics system

  7. The enthalpy change on dsc curve suggests that the transition is one from low - ordered state to a higher - ordered state. a stacking mood that the 4 - trifluoro - methyl - 2, 3, 5, 6 - tetrafluorophenylmserts in between two perylene - macrocycles is confirmed by theoretical quantum calculation, such an insertion effect leads to the inversion of ( 0, 0 ) and ( 0, 1 ) absorption features under low temperature and the dramatic decrease of exciton coupling, which contributes to the spectral similarity in solution and the solid state

    量子化學的計算結果支持氟取代的苯環嵌入兩個相鄰的?環之間的分子堆砌方式,使得在常溫到150左右f - ptcdi固體薄膜的紫外-可見吸收光譜的( 0 , 0 )和( 0 , 1 )性狀的強度對比發生「反轉」 ;氟取代苯環的嵌入大大降低激子耦合,使固體吸收光譜性狀與溶液類似。
  8. This paper analyses and studies the design method of optical divide ratio of two way optical distributor in star optical fiber transport network, reaches a simple method to design optical divide ratio of two optical distributor : tabulated solution method and graph method, and then analyses and summarizes the characteristic and law of function curve, the five - point conclusion are presented finally

  9. The detection limit was 0. 5 ng / ml and the calibration curve was in the range of 0 - 100 ng / ml. the within - run coefficient variations for standard samples were less than 10 %. one distinguished feature of this approach was its nearly homogeneous reaction and solution phase detection, which made the detection rapid and reproducible

    5ng ml ,標準曲線范圍為0 - 100ng ml ,檢測標準樣品的批內cv小於10 ,採用這種液相反應及液相熒光測定的方法,提高了分析速度。
  10. A method of fuzzy optimization design based on genetic algorithm is presented as a new method of parameter optimization design for dc double closed loop speed adjusting system. the method covers three steps. firstly, speed overshoot rate and settling time are chosen as performance indice according to the demand of engineering. these indice are normalized by using fuzzy membership function and then weighted to form objective function of optimization model of the system. secondly, the dynamic response curve of the system with corresponding parameters and peoformance indice are obtained by computerized numerical calculation and simulation. finally, parameters of engineering design are expanded as searching space ; and parameters of speed regulator and current regulator are taken as genes in chromosome. these genes in searching space are optimized to get best solution by way of genetic algorithm. as shown by experimental results, the parameters designed by this method are capable of significantly improving performance indice of the system, which proves that it is a practical and effective method

  11. Solution to the longitudinal tooth curve of an internal gear

  12. A nearly ideal solution like benzene-toluene shows a vapor-pressure curve that conforms very closely to the plot.

  13. Analytic solution of roll shape curve of bar straightening roll by conjugate surface theory

  14. The stability of cauchy singular integral when the integral curve has a smooth perturbation is discussed in our first partition ; we apply some results of the first partition to the second partition and solve the stability of the solution to the cauchy singular integral equation. finally, on the basis of the stability of the cauchy type integral, we study the stability of the solution to the riemann boundary value problem when the contour perturbs smoothly

  15. Using the complex potential method in the plane theory of elasticity of an anisotropic body, the series solution of finite anisotropic thin plate containing an elliptical inclusion is proposed with the help of faber series. a hybrid element with an elliptical inclusion for anisotropic materials is obtained by using the hybrid variable principle, and the element efficiency is verified by numerical examples. the state of the damage is modeled by an elliptical soft inclusion, and using the point stress criterion based on characteristic curve and yamada - sun etc. criteria, the prediction of the strength of a composite laminate with damage is set up

    首先基於經典層板理論,將復合材料層板的彈性問題化歸為均勻各向異性板來求解;採用各向異性體平面彈性理論中的復勢方法,以faber級數為工具,給出了有限大含橢圓核各向異性板彈性問題的級數解形式;利用雜交變分原理,成功導出含橢圓核各向異性板雜交應力有限元,並用算例驗證了該單元的可行性和有效性;採用含剛度折減橢圓形彈性核的沖擊損傷模型,引入基於特徵曲線和yamada - sun破壞準則的點應力判據,建立了含損傷復合材料層板剩餘強度的分析方法;通過數值計算詳細討論了各種幾何參數對損傷層板應力分佈、剩餘強度的影響,得到了一系列對工程應用具有實用價值的結論。
  16. Direct solution to fall exponent in rating curve analysis

  17. This paper develops a mathematical model for the solution to the longitudinal tooth curve of an internal gear shaver based on the simplified principle for space transmission of a helical gear pair without flank clearance, and proposes a calculating approach of the profile modification of the grinding wheel to be used for grinding the longitudinal tooth curve of the shaver

  18. By successful solution of non - linear magnetic fields and revision of the program, we can reach following conclusions : in the computation of nonlinear magnetic fields, if iteration method is used, under - relaxation is necessary when amending the permeability distribution in soft magnetic materials ; and when < wp = 5 > calculating the equivalent current density in permanent magnets, under - relaxation is not a necessity ; when searching for permeability values by interpolation method on the demagnetization curve of soft magnetic materials, if a fixed saturation point is set, around this point an abrupt change of permeability values will be obtained ; this sudden change may cause a little problem in the smoothness of magnetic field distribution ; because the magnetic circuits of microwave tubes are too complicated, in the author ' s view, to describe the working state of a magnet system, the working points of magnets can not do it properly but average energy production of magnets will serve ; as to indicate the quality of a magnet system design for microwave tubes, the efficiency of magnetic energy utilization will be a very good criterion

  19. Abstract : this article is devoted to the development hull lines fairing, analyses some cases of this topic in home and abroad, poses some technical questions of hull lines fairing and also gives the solution including the spline curve precision fairing theory, ship data series, adept more data interactive way, and the integration of lines fairing and cad / cam, etc

    文摘:本文以船體線型光順的發展方向為題,論述了國內外的發展概況,針對國內情況提出了船體線型光順的一些技術問題和解決方案,包括建立樣條曲線的精密光順理論,系列船數據庫,更多地採用數據圖形交互手段,線型光順和cad / cam實現一體化。
  20. Through constituting appropriate homotopy equation, we convert ncp ( f ) to solving the homotopy equation. without assumption of regular or non - singularity for vf ( r ) ( which is the jacobian of f ( x ) ), we prove that the homotopy equation has a bounded solution curve starting from ( w ( 0 ), 1 ), and its end point is the solution of ncp ( f )

    在不需要非線性映照f (二)的jacobian矩陣甲f (二)正則或非奇異的限制下,我們證明了所構造的同倫方程有一條從(二( 0 ) , l )出發的有界的解曲線,而其終點就是我們要求的ncp ( f )的解。