a-energy 中文意思是什麼

a-energy 解釋
n. 名詞 〈美俚〉原子能(= atomic energy)。

  • a : an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • energy : n. 1. 干勁,活力。2. (語言、行為等的)生動。3. 〈pl. 〉 (個人的)精力;能力。4. 【物理學】能,能量。
  1. One way in which this energy can be supplied is by means of a charged-particle accelerator.

  2. Bremsstrahlung produced at an internal target of the accelerator will have a maximum photon energy equal to ea.

  3. Study of the burst energy, duration, interval and spectrum suggested that this source could be a strange star accreting matter from its low - mass companion

  4. Acoustic waves are a primary candidate for supplying the energy necessary to heat the solar chromosphere and corona.

  5. Perhaps a key adaptive advantage of the angiosperm is their ability to construct wood with much less expenditure of energy per unit weight.

  6. The dissertation shows how a series of well - performing composite adsorbents that prepared by author suitable for the features of adsorption refrigeration are gained by using water and ethanol as cryogen ( adsorbate ), which cause no harm to body and environment. the performance of the working pairs of water or ethanol with the composite adsorbents in the refrigeration through adsorption and desiccant cooling are thoroughly examined by experiments. the dissertation also examines, through energy analysis, the refrigeration efficiency and utilization ratio of the adsorption refrigeration, and analyzes the economic potential of the adsorption air - conditioning

  7. Hiding essence of life is the main physiology function of kidney, the essence in kidney is angry, be airframe life activity this, to airframe the physiology activity of each respect all is having all in all effect ; kidney advocate water fluid, basically be the aerification function that the essence in pointing to kidney enrages, to the body fluid inside body be defeated cloth and excrete, maintain the balance that the body fluid inside body metabolizes, the adjustment with rising very important action ; kidney advocate bone gives birth to pith, it is spirit of the energy in kidney has stimulative airframe to grow actually a of growth function main component, the rise and fall that the essence in kidney enrages, affect the growth of bone and growth not only, and the plentiful that also affects spinal cord and encephalon and development ; " tine is bone ", tine and bone give one cause together, the tooth also is filled by institute of gas of the energy in kidney raise, spirit of the energy in kidney is abundant, fall off the tooth is solid and not easily, if kidney is medium air of essence of life is inadequate, criterion the tooth becomes loose easily, inchoate even fall off ; kidney have one ' s ideas straightened out at 2 shade ( external genital organs and anal ), accordingly, frequent micturition, enuresis, urinary incontinence, make water little or anuria, all the aerification function with kidney is wrong about

    藏精是腎的主要生理功能,腎中精氣,是機體生命活動之本,對機體各方面的生理活動均起著極其重要的作用;腎主水液,主要是指腎中精氣的氣化功能,對于體內津液的輸布和排泄,維持體內津液代謝的平衡,起著極為重要的調節作用;腎主骨生髓,實際上是腎中精氣具有促進機體生長發育功能的一個重要組成部分,腎中精氣的盛衰,不僅影響骨的生長和發育,而且也影響脊髓和腦髓的充盈和發育; 「齒為骨之餘」 ,齒與骨同出一源,牙齒也由腎中精氣所充養,腎中精氣充沛,則牙齒堅固而不易脫落,若腎中精氣不足,則牙齒易於松動,甚至早期脫落;腎開竅於二陰(外生殖器和肛門) ,因此,尿頻、遺尿、尿失禁、尿少或尿閉,均與腎的氣化功能失常有關。
  8. Wind energy conversion system is a complicated field refers to electrical machine, power electronic, electrochemistry, material, mechanics, aerodynamics, computer, automation, aerography and etc. following the increasing demand of electric power and environmental protection all over the world, it is important to exploit the renewable and clean energy sources. this dissertation mainly aims at modeling and controlling each part of wecs and simulating the system response under different disturbances to develop a suitable controller

  9. The program will have to eradicate the agricultural misery in the north amazon region and northeast arid region, expect that the culture of short cycle is substituted by permanent cultures and try to construct a energy forest with native oil been plants in the amazon region where about 200 million hectares of deforested lands are degrading

  10. Variable air volume ? vav ? system is a energy - saving air conditioning system

  11. The country is faced with a energy crisis

  12. And a brake motor is adopted as a towing device of the elevating equipment. the speed governing of the motor is done by stepless speed regulating, which is a energy - saving frequency converting method. besides, interlock and overtravel - limit switch are used in the electric equipment to ensure the safe operation of the stage machinery equipment, in window2000 operating system, the development of the whole controlling system can be accessed with " c + builder "

  13. Smart heavy truck to open a energy saving period : cummins ism equipped delong heavy truck from shaanxi automobile debut in shenzhen

  14. How to make a energy - saving design the thesis points out following design rudder : 1. focusing on the factor climate environment, creating advantage condition and avoiding disadvantage, once which will leading to possible comfortable indoors environment conditions. 2

    對于如何進行節能設計,本文提出以下設計理念: 1重視氣候環境因素,爭取有利條件,避免不利因素,使建築盡可能順應自然,滿足人們對建築室內環境的需求,在方案最初為建築今後運行過程中的節能創造條件。
  15. A - energy is the biggest store in existent

  16. Aiming at developing a energy analysis software for petroleum produce which have scientificity, practicability, dependability, this article proceed the energy analysis of the main systems and equipments in production process of oil field enterprise, and then make it visual and utilizable through the computer program, achieve the combination of energy analysis and computer program

  17. A energy iteration method for periodic solutions to second order strongly nonlinear non - autonomous systems is suggested

  18. Time domain electromagnetic waves are analyzed in detail by defining a energy radiation parameter. the nature is as same as sinusoidal electromagnetic wave

  19. Energy - dissipation technology is a much more rational, effective, safe, economic earthquake resistant method, which develops quickly in recent years, and it is more suitable for high rise steel structure. a energy - dissipation braced frame is designed with viscous damper as energy - dissipation device. test on the frame under cyclic reversed lateral load of various frequency and displacement is carried out to check its energy - dissipation capacity and structural measures

  20. Based on the load calculating worth, the vrv unit technique parameter and the influencing factors of system efficiency, a energy - saving design project is put forward