a-horizon 中文意思是什麼

a-horizon 解釋
n. 名詞 【地質學;地理學】表土,上層(甲層)土壤(腐植土)。

  • a : an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • horizon : n. 1. 地平;地平線;地平圈。2. 地平儀,水平儀。3. 【地質學;地理學】地層,層位。4. 眼界,視界;范圍,見識。
  1. The results indicate that : 1. the main physical and chemical characteristics vary regularly : with rising of the altitude, there is a transition from silt > sand > clay to sand > silt > clay in the mechanical composition ; the argic horizon emerges below the altitude of 1600 meters ; the content of organic matter is enrichment, the content of organic carbon of epipedon is higher than 20 g / kg, while the content of organic carbon increases with increasing of altitude, and in the altitude of 3500 - 3700meters, the soils under the meadow have the maximum content organic carbon ; the soils appear acid - slightly acid reaction, the ph decreases appreciably and acid strengthen with increasing of altitude ; the soils higher than the altitude of 2500 meters are base unsaturated, indicating the soil leaching is strong, the ph and bs are distinct plus correlated ; the contents of sio2, al2o3, and fe2o3 of the soil body and clay are all relatively stabilization ; in the soil body, the content of sio2 is much high and cao is very little, the total contents of sio2, a12o3 and fe2o3 occupy 92 % of the mineral parts, the sequence of mineral elements is : sio2 > al2o3 > fe2o3 > k2o > mgo > cao > tio2 > mno

    研究結果表明: 1太白山南坡土壤的主要理化性質隨海拔高度的上升呈有規律的變化:隨海拔高度上升,機械組成由粉粒砂粒粘粒逐漸過渡到砂粒粉粒粘粒,海拔1600m以下出現粘化層;土壤有機質豐富,表層有機碳含量一般在20g kg以上,有機碳含量隨海拔高度升高而相應增加,海拔3500 3700m的灌叢草甸植被下有機碳含量最高;土壤呈酸性或微酸性,並隨海拔上升, ph值略微降低,酸性增強,海拔2700m以上的土壤多呈鹽基不飽和狀態,表明土壤淋溶作用較強, ph值和鹽基飽和度呈極顯著正相關;土體與粘粒中的sio _ 2 、 al _ 2o _ 3 、 fe _ 2o _ 3含量相對比較穩定,土體中sio _ 2含量較高, cao含量較少, sio _ 2 、 al _ 2o _ 3和fe _ 2o _ 3含量之和約占土壤礦質部分的92 ,礦質元素含量的順序依次為: sio _ 2 al _ 2o _ 3 fe _ 2o _ 3 k _ 2o mgo cao tio _ 2 mno 。
  2. Cat sits on shore, looking out toward horizon ; written in sky is “ star, ” below, on water, “ rats, ” a reflective anagram of the first order on “ star

    這個也太抽象了,哪看出誰是「星星」 ,誰是「老鼠」 。大概是在諷刺明星,竟然還使用了字母,沒有解釋絕對看不懂。
  3. By random chance, a particle - antiparticle pair can flit into existence straddling the event horizon

  4. Bigamy lightened the horizon of his shadowy thoughts for a moment

  5. I do not go to think whether can succeed, chose the far - away place since, then only attend to the rains and winds travel at double speed ; i do not go to think, can come to cold rain in bise after death, since the target is the horizon, staying the for world can be a figure

    我不去想是否能夠成功. .既然選擇了遠方.便只顧風雨兼程. .我不去想.身後會不會襲來寒風冷雨. .既然目標是地平線. .留給世界的只能是背影
  6. To oversee all the details yourself in person ; to be at once pilot and captain, and owner and underwriter ; to buy and sell and keep the accounts ; to read every letter received, and write or read every letter sent ; to superintend the discharge of imports night and day ; to be upon many parts of the coast almost at the same time ? often the richest freight will be discharged upon a jersey shore ; ? to be your own telegraph, unweariedly sweeping the horizon, speaking all passing vessels bound coastwise ; to keep up a steady despatch of commodities, for the supply of such a distant and exorbitant market ; to keep yourself informed of the state of the markets, prospects of war and peace everywhere, and anticipate the tendencies of trade and civilization ? taking advantage of the results of all exploring expeditions, using new passages and all improvements in navigation ; ? charts to be studied, the position of reefs and new lights and buoys to be ascertained, and ever, and ever, the logarithmic tables to be corrected, for by the error of some calculator the vessel often splits upon a rock that should have reached a friendly pier ? there is the untold fate of la prouse ; ? universal science to be kept pace with, studying the lives of all great discoverers and navigators, great adventurers and merchants, from hanno and the phoenicians down to our day ; in fine, account of stock to be taken from time to time, to know how you stand

    親自照顧一切大小事務;兼任領航員與船長,業主與保險商;買進賣出又記賬;收到的信件每封都讀過,發出的信件每封都親自撰寫或審閱;日夜監督進口貨的卸落;幾乎在海岸上的許多地方,你都同時出現了似的; ? ?那裝貨最多的船總是在澤西岸上卸落的; ? ?自己還兼電報員,不知疲倦地發通訊到遠方去,和所有馳向海岸的船隻聯絡;穩當地售出貨物,供給遠方的一個無饜足的市場,既要熟悉行情,你還要明了各處的戰爭與和平的情況,預測貿易和文明的趨向; ? ?利用所有探險的成果,走最新的航道,利用一切航海技術上的進步; ? ?再要研究海圖,確定珊瑚礁和新的燈塔、浮標的位置,而航海圖表是永遠地改而又改,因為著計算上有了一點錯誤,船隻會沖撞在一塊巖石上而至於粉碎的,不然它早該到達了一個友好的碼頭了? ? ,此外,還有拉?貝魯斯的未知的命運; ? ?還得步步跟上字宙科學,要研究一切偉大的發現者、航海家、探險家和商人,從迦探險家飯能和腓尼基人直到現在所有這些人的一生,最後,時刻要記錄棧房中的貨物,你才知道自己處于什麼位置上。
  7. A strongly placed natal vertex ( conjunct the horizon, in close aspect to a personal planet, in a critical degree or in the degree of the nodes ) can indicate more consistent results

  8. Above the crater wall, far in the distance, lays a relatively featurelessmartian horizon

  9. Thus, treatment of a russian podzol bh horizon with cold dilute hci solution resulted in the dissolution of large quantities of fa.

  10. When the escape velocity at a certain distance from the center reaches the speed of light, an event horizon is formed within which matter must inevitably collapse onto a single point, forming a singularity

  11. Her eyes fixated on a point on the horizon

  12. Now, these things were like grey clouds hovering along the horizon of a clear day. they threatened to cover and obscure his life with chilly greyness

  13. Signal processor is a important part of high frequency ground wave over - the - horizon radar

  14. Then, i design a new signal processor basing on the development of hardware and the signal process of high frequency ground wave over - the - horizon radar

  15. 6. the seasonal regularities of soil enzymatic activities ( a horizon ) are very evident, it depengds on the sorts of enzymes. the activity of saccharose enzyme, catalase are upper at spring than at autumn. but oxidation enzyme is contrary

  16. Namely : a horizon > b horizon > c horizon ; 3. the seasonal regularities of the soil contained total microbe show similitude. the totality mic - robe is more in spring than in autumn

  17. Rooms, a horizon club, executive suites, specialty suites and presidential suites the shari - la chain are renowned throughout asia for their high standards of service, quality accommodation and excellent food

  18. Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizon desire

  19. The study of the statement and extant problems in china analyzes that although china possesses a unique and rich culture resources, the people has a low awareness of the protection of the culture resources ; the distribution of the culture resources lacks competition at the international level ; the irrational distribution of the culture resources restricts the development of the culture resources. based on the above - mentioned achievements, the paper states the categories of china ' s culture markets and its consumption groups. after illustrating the statement of the market capacity of china ' s culture industry by a model, the author points out that in spite of the fast development of china ' s culture markets, the course of its development, which moves along a horizon of low level balance between supply and demand, is in a state of non - symmetry and has structural conflictions

    根據以上研究成果,本論文得出了以下基本結論:我國的文化消費由於收入水平的不同,不同的消費群體之間有著很大的差別,且區域間的文化消費不平衡,出現了由東向西的「擠壓傳遞放應」 ;我國文化產業的市場空間沒目前雖然發展很快,而且有著巨大的發展空間,但是在其發展過程中是一種低水平總體上的供求平衡,處于非對稱狀態,存在著結構性矛盾;我國居民在文教娛樂服務消費擴大的同時,其內部結構並不完全合理,這其中的消費,絕大部分是教育消費,而教育支出的過于龐大,實際上已經制約了居民的其它文化消費。
  20. This is a considerably wider spread than the trading range already experienced and suggests a huge measure of uncertainty, to a horizon of only ten months