lens screen 中文意思是什麼

lens screen 解釋
  • lens : n (pl lenses)1 透鏡;一組透鏡。2 【解剖學】(眼球的)晶體。3 【攝影】(照相機的)鏡頭。4 凸透鏡...
  • screen : n 1 屏風;圍屏;屏幕;簾;幔;帳(等)。2 矮墻,隔板。3 熒光屏;【電學】屏蔽;【物理學】柵,網,...
  1. For a number of historical and technical reasons, hockney envisions a camera obscura based not on a lens but on a concave mirror ( curved inward like a shaving or makeup mirror ), which can also project an image onto a screen

    由於歷史與技術上的若干理由,霍克尼推想出一種不採用透鏡、卻利用凹面鏡的暗箱(凹面鏡是一種內凹的鏡子,比如刮鬍子或化妝時用的鏡子) ,這種鏡子也可以把影像投射到屏幕上。
  2. Through fully automatic objective measurements including infrared projecting and eye - ground imaging, and with the help of high differentiation ccd lens and 5 monitor screen, computer can calculate patients diopter objectively and accurately

  3. Aberration of electronic lens made by electron gun and aberration of magnetic deflection system made by dy are comprehensively investigated, so is the shadow mask ' s effect on electron beam landing screen error. the conclusion can be get that, because the distribution of electron beam landing screen ( distribution of luminance ) is affected by many kinds of factors, it cannot get the correct function by calculation, and should be get by measurement instead

  4. It has broad application prospect in the following fields such as microelectronics, photoelectronic devices, large screen flat panel display, field emitter array, acoustic surface wave device, photon crystal, light waveguide array, holographic honeycomb lens and micro - optical element array, micro - structure manufacture, fabrication of large area grating and grid of high resolution, photoresist performance testing, profile measurement and metrology, etc. the paper only involves the primary research of interferometric lithography

  5. This is achieved experimentally by focusing the selector aperture on the final screen using the diffraction lens, which is most accurately done after removing the objective aperture, and then ( after replacing the objective aperture ) focusing the specimen using the objective lens only

  6. Whether the 180 inversion appears in the relation between the electron - optical image, i. e. the micrograph, and diffraction pattern seen on the final screen, depends on the number of inversions that the image and diffraction pattern undergo by the lenses following the objective lens in the microscope column