least squares correlation 中文意思是什麼

least squares correlation 解釋
  • least : adj (little 的最高級,比較級為 less 或 lesser)1 最小的,最少的 (opp most)。2 最不重要的,地位...
  • squares : 方鋼
  • correlation : n. 相互關系,相關(性);對比;交互作用;【數學】對射,異射。 correlation index 關聯指數。 correlation mineral 對比礦物。
  1. Finally, the method of estimating power customer emission level based on binary linear regression is put forward, which make it a condition that harmonic emission is steady at the point of common coupling. combined with power system thevenin equivalent and customer norton equivalent, according to the principle of least squares method, the voltage that a customer ' s harmonic current begets at the point of common coupling can be estimated in the light of the plural correlation of network parameters

    最後,提出了基於二元線性回歸的用戶諧波發射水平估計方法,該方法在假設公共聯接點諧波發射穩定的情況下,結合系統側戴維南等值與用戶側諾頓等值的電路圖,按照最小二乘法原理,利用電網各參數的復數關系推導關于系統側諧波阻抗的二元線性回歸方程,並根據諧波阻抗的估計值求取用戶諧波電流在公共聯四川大學碩士學位論文( 2003 )接點產生的電壓降。
  2. The auxiliary signal is injected into antennas from the ports of antennas in the first calibration project for channels uncertainty. this thesis studies the least squares ( ls ) algorithm, the subspace - based algorithm and the correlation algorithm based on the mentioned project

  3. Ridge regression analysis is modified least - squares estimation. it can offer a stable forecasting when there is strong correlation between variables

  4. By least - squares fit of the measured data of speckle correlation function to the obtained quantitative expression, parameters of random surfaces can be extracted

  5. This paper analyzes the correlation of tourism and transportation in partial least - squares ( pls ) regression, especially emphasizing on the effect of international tourism on civil aviation passenger transport industry, and that of the internal tourism on railway and highway passenger transport industry as well. the conclusion is like the following, the international tourism effects most on the highway passenger transport, less on civil aviation passenger transport, and the least on railway passenger transport

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