vacillate 中文意思是什麼

vacillate 解釋
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 擺動,波動,振蕩。
2. 動搖不定,躊躇莫決。

  1. You can tell when they ' re stressed out, they ' ll equivocate and vacillate

  2. Such parents vacillate between saying no and giving in ? ? but neither response seems satisfactory to them

  3. Moreover, the die - hards have a dual character with regard to resistance to japan, and our policy is to unite with them, in so far as they are still in favour of resistance, and to struggle against them and isolate them in so far as they vacillate ( for instance, when they collude with the japanese aggressors and show reluctance in opposing wang ching - wei and other traitors )

  4. If weakness is the reason for its inability to change its attitude, why did the national bourgeoisie behave differently in 1924 - 27 when it did not merely vacillate towards the revolution but actually joined it

  5. They have no definite ideas about their work, so they constantly vacillate between " left and right " thinking, sometimes falling victim to right conservatism, their ideas lagging behind reality, sometimes rushing ahead impetuously and placing undue emphasis on quantity and speed, in an attempt to go beyond what is actually possible

  6. In diplomatic friction, a national leader to another national some negative appraisals so long as does not enter the policy - making stratification plane, the practice stratification plane, becomes the national policy, carries out, cannot vacillate two national the normal relations

  7. Be in substantially, this kind sophisticated be to rely on to prove fundamental inaccuracy to achieve be able to achieve success one way or another surely, root is decision criteria of the vacillate in arguing

  8. Don ' t vacillate about asking for assistance if you need it