quadrillion 中文意思是什麼

quadrillion 解釋

  1. Building the brain ' s neural network ? a trillion ( 1012 ) neurons connected by 10 quadrillion ( 1016 ) synapses ? is a daunting task

    建構腦的神經網路是項驚人的任務: 1016個突觸,是由1012個神經元連接而成的。
  2. Lemaire then took just over a minute to identify two quadrillion, 397 trillion, 207 billion, 667 million, 966 thousand, 701 as the 13th root

    而勒麥爾只用了一分多鐘的時間就算出了這一長串數字的13次方根,答案是2397207667966701 。
  3. The technique is so sensitive that it can detect a single radioactive carbon atom hiding among a quadrillion ( one million billion ) ordinary ones

  4. Among the holy grails his team is chasing are a potential billionfold improvement in present - day calorimetry, which would allow observation of the individual heat quanta being exchanged as nanodevices cool, and a potential quadrillion - fold increase in the sensitivity of magnetic resonance imaging, which would enable complex biomolecules to be visualized with three - dimensional atomic resolution

  5. Bear in mind also that the outstanding notional stock of derivatives has soared to more than $ 1 / 2 quadrillion over this horizon, representing an extra $ 1. 7 million haystack in which to search for the poisoned needle of mathematically - abstruse, systemic risk for each and every, readily - valued, new ounce of metal brought laboriously up from the stygian gloom and into the broad light of day