拋物面法 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pāomiàn]
拋物面法 英文
paraboloid method
  • : 動詞1. (扔; 投擲) throw; toss; fling 2. (丟下; 拋棄) leave behind; cast aside; abandon
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (頭的前部; 臉) face 2 (物體的表面) surface; top 3 (外露的一層或正面) outside; the ri...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  1. The problems include catmull - clark subdivision surfaces ca n ' t precisely represent standard conicoid except paraboloid, and it ca n ' t modify the shape of limited surfaces when the original control mesh be given

    如: catmull - clark細分曲精確表示除外的常規二次曲;在給定初始控制網格的情況下,難以調整所生成曲的形狀等。
  2. An intelligent paraboloid truss antenna is designed and its dynamic model is presented by means of finite element method

  3. To investigate the practicability of a solar - direct - pumped fiber laser by using a parabolic dish concentrator, the solar power absorbed by the fiber laser and its absorption efficiency were calculated with numerical method based on the characteristics of solar spectrum in outer space

  4. A reliability experiment of thermal aging was carried out for the two types of joints, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive x - ray spectrometer and micro x - ray diffractomer were adopted to investigate the interfacial evolution behavior of joints, and kinetics model of imc formation was established. the results show that imc growth follows the parabolic law as a function of aging time at certain aging temperature, imc growth is more sensitive to the aging temperature than the aging time, the activation energy of cu - al imc growth is 97. 1kj / mol and the major forming cu - al imc are cual2 and cu9al4, the activation energy of au - al imc growth is 40. 1kj / mol and the main au - al imc are au4al and au5al2, with au2al and aual at the interfacial periphery of joints, the rate of cu - al imc growth is about 1000 times slower than that of au - al imc, and kirkendall voids and cracks are easily appeared during thermal aging in gold ball bonds while voids and cracks are absent in copper ball bonds even after aging at 200 for 2900 hours and 250 for 169 hours

    研究結果表明:金屬間化合厚度與老化時間的關系符合則,金屬間化合的生長對老化溫度比老化時間更加敏感; cu - al金屬間化合生長的激活能為97 . 1kj / mol ,老化后金屬間化合呈層狀分佈,主要相為cual2和cu9al4 ; au - al金屬間化合生長的激活能為40 . 1kj / mol ,主要相為au4al和au5al2 ,同時在界周邊區域生成了au2al和aual ;老化過程中cu - al金屬間化合生長速率比au - al金屬間化合生長速率小103數量級;金絲球鍵合點200老化96小時出現了明顯的kirkendall空洞和裂紋,但銅絲球鍵合點200老化2900小時和250老化169小時都沒有形成空洞和裂紋。
  5. Another is curvature - parabolic method according to centrifugal acceleration of the vehicle in settlement section

  6. A normal transform is introduced, and there are enough much grids in the region between the critical layer and the wall, where the variation of the disturbance is the quickest. the finite - difference of governing equations with fourth - order accuracy in the normal direction is utilized in full regions including points close the wall, and is very important for accurately discreting equations. the combination of global and local methods is implemented, and a new iterative formula is derived

  7. While carrying out the scheme, at first, the basic theory of antenna, array antenna and electromagnetic absorption, the performance parameter of antenna and parabolic antenna are deeply researched. in conformity, the characteristic and calculation of aperture field and near - to - far - field transformation for radiation pattern are detailed analyzed. second, the factors such as, the amount of the antenna elements, mutual coupling between each element, ground and the buildings on earth ' s surface, which affect the performance of array antennas ’ resultant field are stressed discussed

  8. A new waveguide made of changing a wide wall of a rectangular waveguide to a uniform curved wall is called conformal waveguide. a kind of expression of approximate solution for domain mode of the new waveguide, including symmetric, unsymmetric arc, parabolic arch, hyperbolic arch, elliptic arch, etc., is constructed by using boundary condition of mental waveguide, variational method and boundary element method. by using the equivalence principle, an approximate calculating formula for equivalent resonant conductance of a narrow longitudinal halfwavelength slot cut in the curved wall of the unsymmetric arcrectangular waveguide is derived, and the result is shown. although this solution is approximate, it can solve the problem in designing the slotted antenna of such conformal waveguide

  9. The combination of fdtd method with physical optics is also used to analyze paraboloidal reflector antenna in millimeter band. using fdtd method, we obtains precise near fields of the feed because the computing areas include all the feed structure. the current on the paraboloidal reflector can be calculated by using physical optics, and then the far field of reflector can be calculated

    在毫米波天線的分析計算中,把fdtd與理光學結合起來, fdtd用於具有精細結構的饋源及饋電波導一體計算,得到饋源的幅度和相位方向圖,以此為依據調整饋源結構,使饋源的幅度和相位方向圖為最佳狀態。
  10. Abstract : in the field of optical wireless links, concentrators that are designed by the tools of nonimaging optics can be used to collect the light radiation and are more compact and have higher collection efficiencies than imaging concentrators. hemispherical concentrators are studied by ray tracing, then for several normal nonimaging concentrators : hemispherical concentrators, compound parabolic concentrators ( cpc ), dielectric totally internally reflecting concentrators ( dtirc ), simultaneous multiple surfaces concentrators ( sms ) and inhomogeneous media concentrators ( poisson bracket ), the design methods and the performances e. g. the gain and the field of view ( fov ) are compared as well as the application suggestion

  11. The design of amorphous photonic material and photonic crystal devicements we design to make a reflecting mirror of cylinder paraboloid of an antenna by using amorphous photonic materials. we calculated the transmission of the mirror and the distribution of electric field by using multiple scattering method. the result shows that it can be used as a reflecting mirror of an antenna

  12. Then, we establish the finite element analysis models of the antenna in different structure layout, and obtain the corresponding frequencies and model shapes. finally, according to the importance of each object, we set up the model of multiple objects that aims to maximize the first natural frequency and minimize the mass. combining orthogonal experiment and variant weighting coefficient method, we formed an effective multiple objects optimized algorithm basing on the neural network and genetic algorithm

  13. Through the flume experimental research, the velocity distribution formulas for rectangular open channel have been found, including parabola form of velocity distribution on the vertical and power form of mean velocity distribution on the transverse direction ; meanwhile, the means of ascertaining correlative coefficient have been given in this paper

  14. The rotated parabolic equation method was presented to compute the bistatic radar cross section ( rcs )

  15. Numerical results are compared with that of the analytical solution, it was shown that the complexity of computation was reduced drastically without sacrificing much accuracy

  16. The experiment result discovered the grafting effect of crylic acid and acrylamide were obvious which can be proved by the sem photoes. by the ft - ir testing of the grafted uhmwpe fabric, we discovered that some new polar groups were introduced to the surface. then by the dynamic wetting experiment of the grafted uhmwpe fabric, we concluded that the wetting time was a parabola relation with the graft ratio and the wetting time of the grafted uhmwpe fabric was less than that of untreated fabric. the results showed that after the coradiation grafting, uhmwpe fiber ' s surficial nonreactivity could be improved effectively

  17. In order to utilize the atmospheric duct phenomena, and to make the electronic reconnaissance facilities more effective and the status of battlefield more advantageous, on the basis of classification of the atmospheric duct, first the model for evaluating the effective detective zone of electronic reconnaissance facility is established, then the numerical value simulation method of electromagnetic wave propagation under the condition of surface duct calculated with parabolic equation and fourier arithmetic is presented, and finally the influences of atmospheric duct on electronic reconnaissance facility is analyzed

  18. The thesis consists of two parts : a case and the case study. in the case, the general situation of water conservancy and hydroelectric engineering industry of guangdong province is introduced from three aspects of investment, engineering, and engineering enterprises. a series of tactic actions according to the market competition, which were carried out by the third water conservancy and hydroelectric engineering bureau guangdong province ( twcheb ) in the last four years, are reviewed

  19. In this paper, we use method of array signal processing, analyze the continuous aperture antenna, modify the parabolic antenna to a new antenna system that possess the functional of the searching and tracking

  20. This paper describes the conjunction relationship of the basic point of the flat surface outline on the parts and reveals the internal law of the intersections connecting with the typical curve ; the principle of the calculation and the characteristics on straight line to parabola basic points are illustrated