球外的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qiúwàide]
球外的 英文
  • : 名詞1 (以半圓的直徑為軸 使半圓旋轉一周而成的立體; 由中心到表面各點距離都相等的立體) sphere; glo...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面) outside; external side 2 (外國) foreign country 3 (以外) besides; beyond; in ...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. In this paper, ackerman steering linkage of double - wishbone suspension is taken as the study object, choosing the splitting joint and steering lever joint to carry out the design of optimization the mathematics models are established based on the multi - body system dynamics, applying its analysis method of kinematics to study the mechanism kinetic principles owing to more spatial factors considered, and calling off many hypotheses affecting the accuracy, compared with the traditional methods, the models are better to reflect the realistic motion principles, the results are more exact and applicable moreover, the force analysis is applied to the conduct mechanism the analysis method of dynamics in the multi - body dynamics is applied to study the forces applied on every component, working out the constraint reaction force of up and down ball joints, and developing the current computation program in the end, produce the upper wishbone geometry model in the ansys software package, meshing and carrying out the fea, testifying if the intensity of the wishbone meet with the requirements

  2. For instance : the product of artificial intelligence, as the person that the production of artificial intelligence makes, he can fly, can dun land, can in too air play, help mankind to explore the universal universe besides the earth, help mankind to know more useful information ; can still promote communication and the connection between mankind and animal, can help to know future matter

    例如:人工智慧產品,如人工智慧製造出「人」 ,他可以飛翔,可以遁地,可以在太空中遊玩,幫助人類探索地宇宙天地,幫助人類了解更多有用信息;還可以促進人類與動物之間聯系與溝通,可以幫助知道未來事。
  3. There are reports that say armstrong and aldrin saw alien spacecraft when they were on the moon

  4. Lighting for outdoor tennis courts and outdoor baseball fields

  5. In an interview for a new documentary on the club, blue revolution, due to be released today, kenyon piled extra pressure on mourinho by adding that chelsea would only be considered a truly great club when they win the champions league twice in 10 years

  6. Perhaps the outer part of the moon was heated to the melting point by intense meteoric bombardment.

  7. " i think i ' m just going to relax but if i get bored there ' s always the boules, " she said of the street entertainment laid on by city hall as an alternative to swimming in the seine

    她談到市政廳提供賽納河游泳以街道娛樂項目說: "我原來只想在這里休息一下,但是當我覺得無聊時候,總能看到滾比賽。
  8. Free kick to cagliari 25 yards out after cambiasso handles a rossoblu pass

  9. Orbital swelling mimicking orbital cellulitis is also an uncommon presentation of retinoblastoma, and it does not necessarily indicate extrascleral extension of tumor

  10. If you don t have tickets, or don t want to see the cubbies lose as they re prone to do, stroll over to one of the streets next to the stadium, chat with the guys who hang around all day waiting for a ball to be hit out of the park or go sink a beer in one of the neighborhood sports bars

  11. Nor is china ' s deflationary effect on global tradable - goods prices about to end

  12. Post - newton metric inside and outside a rotating oblate ellipsoid

  13. The fourth band : the fourth band consists of exteriorized entities who are more " advanced " in consciousness than those on the bands below, and have arrived from outside the band areas to prepare for their final human experience on the earth " below "

  14. But starting with the 1995 discovery of the first extrasolar planet a gassy monster like jupiter but orbiting seven times as close to its star as mercury orbits around our sun each new find has seemed stranger than the last

  15. The measurement is complicated by the presence of a component due to fast and high-energy neutrons of extraterrestrial origin.

  16. In going through the earth's atmosphere the light from an extraterrestrial bodies suffers considerable absorption.

  17. Wang, meanwhile, said his biggest objective for the offseason is to develop alternatives to his sinker

  18. Will the solar matter genesis is returning cause any concern about extraterrestrial materials

  19. A few scientists have lately asked a curious question : if extraterrestrial intelligence is abundant, why have we not already seen its manifestations

  20. It is believed that there is life in outer space